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Honors at Valencia Two Options Honors Track Honors Classes.

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2 Honors at Valencia Two Options Honors Track Honors Classes

3 Honors Tracks  Campus Based  Intensive Honors Experience  Combines Curricular & Co-curricular Experiences  Graduate as a Seneff Honors College Scholar

4 Honors Classes  More flexibility  Honors version of general education classes  A.A. or A.S. degree  Graduate with Honors Certificate

5 Honors Tracks  Interdisciplinary Studies (West)  Leadership (Osceola)  Undergraduate Research (East)  Jeffersonian (Winter Park)

6 Interdisciplinary Studies Track West Campus The interdisciplinary studies track has a humanities-style, multicultural curriculum that features team-taught courses focusing on a wide range of subject matter – from history to science, from art to philosophy.

7 * Gordon Rule Humanities FALL, YEAR 1 IDH1110 (6 credits) ENC1101 + Humanities Classical Age SPRING, YEAR 1 IDH1111 (6 credits) ENC1102 + Natural Science Classical Age through the Enlightenment FALL, YEAR 2 IDH2120 (6 credits) Humanities* + Social Science Enlightenment through Modernism SPRING, YEAR 2IDH2121 (6 credits) Humanities* + Natural Science Modernism to the Present IDH 1112 = Hum + Hum* Each Fall Interdisciplinary Studies Track

8 Leadership Track Osceola Campus The leadership track explores different styles of leadership and encourages students to become agents of change in the college and in the community. The track also includes a strong service component.

9 SLS2261H – “Honors Leadership Development” (3 credits) SLS2940H – “Honors Service Learning” (2 credits) At least two of the following courses (6 credits) SPC1608H – “Honors Fundamentals of Speech” ENC 1101H – “Honors Freshman Composition I” ENC 1102H – “Honors Freshman Composition II” Any Honors Gordon Rule writing course At least one of the following courses (3 credits) POS2041H – “Honors U.S. Government” INR2002H – “Honors International Politics” AMH2010H – “Honors U.S. History to 1877” AMH2020H – “Honors U.S. History 1877 to Present” SYG 2000H – “Honors Intro to Sociology” PSY2012H – “Honors General Psychology” Additional honors coursework (9 credits) Leadership Track Osceola Campus

10 Undergraduate Research Track East Campus The undergraduate research track is designed to introduce students to the process and practice of academic research and is especially suited for students who plan to go to graduate or professional school.

11 Undergraduate Research Track  IDH2911, “Honors Research Process” (2 credits)  Individual Honors Study Plan (12-15 credits)  IDH2912, “Honors Project” (1 credit)  Additional Honors Coursework (6-9 credits)

12 Jeffersonian Track Winter Park Campus (Fall 2013) The Jeffersonian Track is designed to provide highly-motivated students a well-rounded general education curriculum with thematically- integrated courses. At Winter Park, the focus is on creating opportunities for students to become active, global citizens.

13 Jeffersonian Track  SLS1501H, “Honors Seminar” (1 credit)  Thematically-integrated honors courses (12 credits)  Additional Honors Coursework (9 credit)  IDH2028H, “Honors Capstone” (1 credit)

14 Honors Tracks  Can choose any track  Two-day class commitment on campus  Attend co-curricular activities on campus  Take other classes at any campus

15 Benefits of Honors Tracks  Scholarships  Early course registration  Use of Honors Resource Centers  Study abroad spring trip  Other co-curricular opportunities

16 Applying for Honors Track  Apply through Atlas  More detailed process  Letter of recommendation  Writing sample  Eligibility  Decisions in 2-3 weeks

17 Applying for Honors Track PRIORITY DEADLINE: March 15 DEADLINE: July 19

18 Honors Classes  Application (no deadline)  Benefits  Smaller classes (average class-size 15 students)  Can take IDH classes  Honors advisors  Graduate with honors distinction  Honors Student Advisory Committee  Start with classes and apply later for track

19 Enhanced Transfer  Honors-to-honors transfer  Honors-specific transfer scholarships  Phi Theta Kappa  Transfer Fair

20 Honors on Facebook

21 Questions? Email: Phone: 407-582-1373

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