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Personal Graduation Plans & Programs of Study Chaparral Star Academy 2014-15.

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1 Personal Graduation Plans & Programs of Study Chaparral Star Academy 2014-15

2 PURPOSE The purpose of this presentation is to provide you with a brief overview of the various sections of both the Personal Graduation Plan (PGP) and the Program of Study (PoS)

3 This section describes the “Foundation Plan” coursework, which is required if a student wishes to receive a high school diploma. At the end of the 8 th grade year, a student choses an endorsement, but can choose to graduate on only the Foundation plan after his/her sophomore year.

4 This section describes the a student’s high school coursework if he/she were to graduate with an endorsement. Graduating with an endorsement is strongly recommended by the state and is expected and encouraged of all Chaparral Star Academy graduates.

5 This section describes the distinguished coursework, which a student who is university-bound would find beneficial. The distinguished coursework is recommended to all students, as it best prepare a student for being a competitive applicant to a 4-year university. As long as a student earns an endorsement, takes Algebra II and 4 years of a science, he/she can graduate distinguished.

6 If a student earns an industry-recognized (typically one in his/her program of study), it will be listed here.

7 This section is for assessment data & GPA/Class Rank. This information will not be updated on the Personal Graduation Plan for Chaparral Star Academy. However, it is available on the student’s transcript, which can be requested at any time during the year.

8 This section lists the personal assessment results for determining interest, ability & work ethic. This assessment was not given to 2013-14 8 th graders, but may be made available for the class of 2018 when it is administered to current 2014-15 8 th graders.

9 This section is the actual coursework plan for the 4-year track. This section will be updated every year and will serve as a tool for determining course selection during annual scheduling.

10 This section lists various diagnostic information, including whether or not a student is labeled as dyslexic, limited- English Proficient, Gifted/Talented, Special Education or any other pertinent information when looking at a student’s graduation plan.

11 This section lists various college readiness results. Even though a state STAAR exam doesn’t exist for Algebra II & English III for graduation, CSA will be using the state- supplied test to determine “college readiness.” More details will follow during the student’s junior year. PSAT information is updated after the student takes the assessment in his/her junior year. SAT & ACT information are updated as scores are received.

12 This section is used if a student receives some form of accelerated instruction (AI) due to low performance on a respective beginning-of-year assessment.

13 To monitor a student to for “at-risk of no graduating,” administration monitors numerous aspects, including course grades, assessment scores, teacher input, parent input and attendance.

14 This section states what the educational expectation are of the parent. Chaparral Star Academy has the expectation for every student to graduate distinguished and attend a 4- year university.

15 This signature section displays parent/legal guardian involvement in the creation of his/her child’s personal graduation plan and program of study. It also acknowledges that the parent/legal guardian understands the importance of a student graduating with an endorsement & distinguished, the Texas automatic college admissions ruling and eligibility for financial aid.

16 Program of Study The following slides will explain the sections of the Program of Study

17 This portion of the Program of Study (PoS) explains to which career cluster the chosen PoS belongs. It also gives a brief overview of the career cluster.

18 This portion states the title of the PoS (e.g. Science and Mathematics) and the endorsement chosen (e.g. STEM).

19 This portion lists various careers associated with the chosen PoS, along with codes that are associated with the O’Net online interest profiler.

20 This portion lists the student’s name, grade & the school’s name.

21 This portion lists the coursework plan associated with the Program of Study, divided by core courses & career-related electives.

22 This section lists various suggestions from the state in regard to extended learning experiences related to the student’s PoS.

23 This section lists various opportunities students have at CSA to earn college credit. Students can earn college credit by earning a necessary score on an AP exam. We currently offer the following AP courses: Chemistry (AP), English III (AP), English IV (AP), Spanish IV (AP), Calculus AB (AP), World History (Ap) & US History (AP). Students can also earn college credit by taking dual enrollment courses at ACC once he/she has earned 12 credits.

24 This section lists on-the-job training that can happen in a career related to the chosen PoS and certificates that a student can earn. These experiences may be started and/or completed as part of the high school experience. Students may earn all or part of these certificates as part of the high school experience.

25 This section describes opportunities that students will have in a career related to the chosen PoS based on his/her level of postsecondary education.

26 This section describes career opportunities that students will have related to the chosen PoS

27 This section describes various professional organizations that students can join that are related to the chosen PoS

28 ANY QUESTIONS? If you have any questions about PGPs or PoSs, please contact Mr. Barnett at the front office by phone (512) 989.2672 or by e-mail at

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