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Introduction to DARS For CSCD Majors: Linguistics Speech-Language-Hearing.

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2 Introduction to DARS For CSCD Majors: Linguistics Speech-Language-Hearing

3 Important Note Sample DARS will be shown in the slide show for explanatory purposes. They are NOT real DARS, although they will obviously resemble real DARS, but they are only models used to teach students how to access and interpret DARS.

4 Temple website with information about DARS, Temple’s Degree Audit Reporting System

5 Website info continued

6 Locating your DARS. Go to TUPORTAL. Click on STUDENT.



9 Fictional DARS: Linguistics BA

10 What clicking on graphs shows you 73 complete 49 unfulfilled 3.77 33 complete hours 3 unfulfilled hours 23 complete hours21 unfulfilled hours This fictional student completed 73 credits. She needs 49 more credits to reach 122 total credits required for a degree in CHP&SW. Her DARS(below) show that she is currently taking another 5 courses that are not yet completed and so not yet counted.

11 Status of Gen Ed Requirements The GREEN font and check marks show requirements that have been completed.

12 The RED font and X mark indicate requirements that have not been met.

13 To get more complete information from your DARS, CLICK ON “Open all sections.” It almost always makes sense to do this instead of looking at the summary view Click here

14 This shows the Gen Ed requirements and the courses used to satisfy those, as well as the grades earned. The green ink color and check marks mean that the requirements have been completed

15 More Gen Ed completed [no audio for this slide]

16 The red font and the X mark mean that the requirement has not been completed. Science 1 was completed but not Science 2 – but note that the student is pre-registered (RG) for Science 2 in Summer 2. See options for completion here and on the next slide.

17 Requirements of the Major The major has not been completed (RED X) although some courses have. The student is pre-registered or currently in (RG) others (see term listed next to course). Options for completion are shown.

18 Then all courses taken at Temple are listed in sequential order. Transfer coursework is also listed. The arrow in this figure shows the courses the student is currently taking. When figuring out how many credits are still needed for the degree, we want to consider the credits for the current courses, which are not shown here.

19 Coursework is also listed semester by semester with grades and GPA for each semester and the number of credits taken in each semester.

20 DARS for a fictional Speech-Language- Hearing Major With all sections opened This student has completed Gen Ed (see GREEN BAR). But has not completed the major (SEE PINK and GREEN BARS).

21 No audio for this slide See the Gen Eds that are checked off


23 No audio for this slide

24 This slide is the beginning of the detailed listing of the major requirements, showing which requirements (and specific courses) were completed and which were not.



27 Then comes a sequential listing of courses, starting with any coursework taken before the student entered Temple.

28 When DARS gets complicated!

29 Fictional Complicated DARS Be careful when you count credits IF you earned a C- or below in course required for the major. When a student earns a grade of C- or below in a course required in the major, that course cannot count toward the major. Still, the university will count the credits (on the assumption that the student might change majors) until such time as the student repeats the course.

30 So, if student earns a C- or below (though not F) in Speech Science, for example, she will earn 4 credits. But, when she takes it again and passes, she will NOT get 4 more credits and can never use the 4 from the previously failed course to satisfy this major.

31 Questions? Talk to your academic adviser Talk to Dr. Krakow ( You need to know where you stand in relation to the requirements for graduation BUT you do not need to figure this out on your own!

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