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UTSA College of Education & Human Development Undergraduate Teacher Certification Program.

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1 UTSA College of Education & Human Development Undergraduate Teacher Certification Program

2 Fitness to Teach Program Admission Requirements Live Text Field Experiences Restricted Courses TExES Exams Student Teaching Scholarships Contact Information Agenda

3 Fitness to Teach Must be read prior to applying to the Teacher Certification Program Fitness to Teach Policy addresses: –Academic Requirements –Personal and Professional Requirements –Cultural and Social Attitudes and Behaviors –Physical Skills –Emotional and Mental Abilities Policy can be found at

4 Admission Requirements Cumulative GPA must be a 2.5 or better Have Junior Standing with at least 9 hours completed at UTSA Core Complete Purchase Live Text (please bring copy of receipt and key code to COEHD Advising Center)

5 Admission Requirements Passing scores on THEA, ACCUPLACER, Asset, Compass, SAT or ACT AssetCompassAccuplacerTHEA Reading 418178230 Math 383963230 Writing 405985220 Essay 666

6 Admission Requirements Earn a C or better in WRC 1023 Earn a C or better in a public speaking course (WRC 1013, COM 1043, COM 1053, COM 2113, or COM 2123) Complete a Teacher Certification Program Application in ASAP Submit authorization for a Texas Dept. of Public Safety Criminal Background Report Complete ALPS test

7 Admission Requirements: ALPS Take the ALPS exam –Offered to help students determine their Spanish Language skills –Assesses and identifies how much Spanish development a student needs before going on to BBL approaches coursework Contact BBL Department for more information

8 Live Text An electronic assessment and portfolio system required for teacher candidates. Provides user-friendly web-based tools for assessing, and measuring teacher candidates’ professional development throughout their program. Also offers students a digital workspace to create assignments, journals, lessons, and e-portfolios that can be shared with future employers.

9 Live Text Continued Cost of LiveText for $98 Account is good for 5 years Students will be required to attend LiveText Orientation Students can go to /livetext_support/ for LiveText support, orientation dates and FAQs. /livetext_support/

10 Field Experience Field Experience (field work) is time spent in an educational setting, usually a public school, in addition to regular class hours Field Experiences allow students to: –Develop teaching skills in the context of a school setting –Develop an understanding of the needs of diverse learners

11 Field Experience: What does it require? Each student is required to complete a minimum number of hours of observation or participation per class, per semester For Example: oReading courses: 20 hours oCurriculum and Instruction courses: 25-30 hours oEarly Childhood Education courses: 10-20 hours oOther courses: refer to course description for details Criminal background checks required

12 Restricted Courses Must have all prerequisites completed AND be admitted to the teacher certification program Restricted courses require advisor clearance and be obtained online by following the instructions found at ments/OnlineInstructionstoRestrictedCourses.pdf

13 Restricted Courses Contd. EC-6 will be required to take “Blocked Courses” Require concurrent enrollment Designed to allow students to spend extended periods of time in one school setting

14 Field Experiences and Restricted Courses Plan carefully to make sure all prerequisites are met Check course descriptions in the current catalog to determine course prerequisites Build in travel time before and after field-based courses

15 Criminal History Background Check Every student is required to fill out a criminal background check at the time of course registration. Please visit to get the form and for more information about criminal background checks. If you have ever been arrested, it is very likely that the arrest(s) will appear when your background check is run. To learn more about how arrest(s) on your record can impact your ability to become a certified teacher, please visit UM%201(1).pdf UM%201(1).pdf COEHD courses that involve field experience require that a criminal history check be conducted before students are allowed to participate in or obtain class credit for field-based assignments.

16 Students are encouraged to complete all practice tests, reviews, and TExES exams the semester before student teaching Information for practice exams, review sessions and state exam registration procedures can be found at: For more information, contact the TExES Testing Office at 210-458-5849. TExES Certification Exams

17 1.A placement for student teaching requires attendance at a mandatory meeting ONE long semester in advance 2.Requirements and guidelines for student teaching and application information will be discussed and disseminated at meeting 3.Deadlines:  Spring Semester – October 1  Fall Semester – February 15 4.All coursework should be completed before student teaching Student Teaching

18 Student Teaching Contd. Student teaching is a full- time commitment and working while student teaching is highly discouraged Student will be assigned to a school and cooperating teacher Monday-Friday for the entire semester If you anticipate the need for financial assistance, contact COEHD Student Services at least 2 semesters before you student teach

19 COEHD Scholarships and Services Visit COEHD Scholarship webpage for assistance Services offered: –Guidance in finding and applying for scholarships –A ‘Scholarship Alert’ E-mail –Essay writing assistance Be aware of application deadlines

20 Contact Information Degree/Program Questions: 458-4424 (1604) or 458-2550 (DT) Field Placement Questions: Gina Davis 458-6128 Student Services/Scholarships: Francesca Bronder 458-4021 TExES Exam Questions: Cherie Weiss 458-5849 Student Teaching Questions: Janet Scott 458-5420

21 Congratulations!!! If you would like a printout of this tutorial, please visit ission_to_teacher_certification/ ission_to_teacher_certification/ Close this window and return to ASAP Take the brief quiz Apply to the Teacher Certification program

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