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Welcome Class of 2019 (APPLAUSE, CLAPPING AND CHEERS.)

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1 Welcome Class of 2019 (APPLAUSE, CLAPPING AND CHEERS.)

2 AGENDA  Explain Registration process for this year  Given advice for picking electives  Talk about special scheduling issues  Preview electives

3 4 Core Credits  Math, English, science and social studies  These are recommended by your middle school  Public school’s recommendations are forwarded to me  Private schools need to bring recommendations to registration

4 Core Classes continued  English and AP classes have summer assignments  These summer assignments will be posted on our web site closer to summer  You received a registration appointment in the mail  Makeup is Friday March 27 th. Call for an appointment

5 Picking Electives  Tonight is the only chance you will have to talk to elective teachers.  Depending on the Social Studies choice, your student will need 3 or 3.5 credits of electives.  Choose at least 6 credits and rank them.  I have given you a “cheat sheet” with all the electives listed  For a full class description, consult our curriculum guide on the Osceola web site

6 Strategy  Circling all the courses in which your student is interested  Rank them from most interested to least interested  Start with #1  See as many of the teachers as possible

7 Special Scheduling issues  Band – is double blocked  Marching band is two periods 1 st semester – total 1 credit  Concert band is two periods 2 nd semester – total 1 credit  If your child wants just marching or just concert band, they will need to choose two half credit classes to complete their registration.  EX: 1 st semester2 nd semesteror2 nd semester  Marching bandConcert bandArt 2d/Aerobics  Art 2d/AerobicsConcert band

8 Career Academy of Seminole  Classes are double or triple blocked  CAS is a great fit for students who want to learn career skills and are committed to completing their program coursework.  Students will learn technical and job skills that will prepare them for college and careers.  An application is required. Please talk to CAS teachers who are here tonight

9 AVID  Designed for students in the academic middle who have a desire to go to college  These students will be challenged by taking honors and advance placement coursework  Must have a strong desire to be in AVID and to work hard  Students will be taught study and organizational skills, critical thinking strategies and will receive help through the support of academic mentors.  An application is required

10 Special Programs  CTED (Center for Technology, Entertainment and Design)  Manufacturing Academy  Culinary Center of Excellence Program  Your student can only be in one of these special programs  Introduction to information technology (exception)

11 Handouts  Sloppy copy  Things to remember  Pinellas Virtual School – Course offerings and registration process  Hope – through PVS – (We recommend HOPE here at school)  Future plans

12 Preview Electives  We have provided you a map to direct you to electives  Special programs are in their rooms  All other electives are in the cafeteria.

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