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Learning with Open Courses and edX The collaboration project of MIT/THU partnership lead by Tunghai Distinguished Alumni Prof. Min Chen of MIT.

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1 Learning with Open Courses and edX The collaboration project of MIT/THU partnership lead by Tunghai Distinguished Alumni Prof. Min Chen of MIT

2 The following are the discussions with Prof. Min Chen about the issue of open courses of MIT and edX.

3 1976 諾貝爾獎 1979 人民大會堂 陳 敏 (Min Chen) 1963 1963 東海大學 美國麻省理工學院 物理系教授 東海大學傑出校友 J- 粒子與膠粒子 (gluon) 的發現者

4 教育部高等教育司長黃雯玲說,她認同嚴長壽的 看法,但沒有到 2/3 那麼嚴重。黃雯玲說,的確有 些系所需要加強,但近年在教學卓越計畫等競爭 性經費政策引導下,各大學院校重視並發展特色。 對於網路學習的趨勢,黃雯玲說,教育部準備在 明年推出「磨課師」網路學習計畫,也考慮鬆綁 相關法規,未來網路學習學分將有一套認定方式, 讓學習不只是在課堂上。 另外,許多大學也開始組成聯盟,合開線上學習 課程,讓學生跨校選修。有些學校還開出預修課 程,讓已甄選上的高中畢業生,能夠早一步接觸 大學知識的殿堂。黃雯玲說,「隨時隨地、重複 學習」便是網路學習的趨勢。 1020613


6 306/14/t20130614_924267.shtml MOOC word file



9 CERTIFICATES & CREDITS What is a certificate of mastery? A certificate of mastery certifies that you have fully participated in an edX course made available through one of its X institutions. You get a certificate when/if you complete your course successfully (watch the videos and successfully fulfill the requirements, per the course syllabus). If you achieve a certificate, you should be proud. All edX courses are rigorous and successful completion is a real accomplishment. EdX students have used certificates of mastery on university or job applications, or with their employers to showcase their abilities. Today, certificates of mastery are free. This may change in the future to help cover our costs. See a sample certificate Will my university accept my edX coursework for credit? Each educational institution makes its own decision regarding credit. Check with your university for its policy. Please note: EdX does not currently offer transcripts or proof of registration for the purpose of obtaining credit.


11 Will the associated X University grant credit for my course? X Universities do not currently offer formal academic credit for edX coursework and do not certify that MOOC students have met the same requirements as matriculated students taking the original course on which the MOOC is based. How are certificates of mastery determined? Online learners who receive a passing grade for a course will receive a certificate at the discretion of edX and the underlying X University that offered the course. For example, a certificate for MITx’s 6.002x Circuits & Electronics will come from edX and MITx. If you passed the course, your certificate will be delivered online through So be sure to check your email in the weeks following the final grading – you will be able to download and print your

12 What is the difference between a proctored certificate and an honor code certificate? A proctored certificate is given to students who take and pass an exam under proctored conditions in addition to completing all the required online coursework. An honor-code certificate of mastery is granted to students who have completed all of the required coursework online and are in compliance with the edX honor code. edX honor code Note: Not all courses offer a proctored exam. A proctored exam happens in a proctored facility where students register and are charged a fee. Honor code coursework is free and available to everyone. Can I get both a proctored certificate and an honor code certificate? Yes. The requirements for both certificates can be independently satisfied.

13 Will my grade be shown on my certificate? No. Grades are not displayed on either honor code or proctored certificates. The only certificates distributed with grades by edX were for the initial prototype course. lost my edX certificate – can you resend it to me? Please log back in to your account to find certificates from the same profile page where they were originally posted. You will be able to re-print your certificate from there.

14 What's open source? Open source is a philosophy that refers to making software freely available for use and/or modification as users see fit. In exchange for use of the software, users add their contributions to the software, making it in a form of public collaboration. Before the contributions are officially incorporated within the primary source code, an oversight body typically ensures additions meet a certain standard of quality and usefulness. The edX platform will be made available as open source code on June 1st, 2013. When/how can I get the edX open-source platform technology? The edX learning platform source code, as well as platform developments from Stanford, edX and other contributors, will be available on June 1, 2013 and can be accessed from the edX Platform Repository located at

15 Enrollment for a course that I am interested in is open, but the course has already started. Can I still enroll? Yes, but you will not be able to turn in any assignments or exams that are past due. If it is early in the course, you might still be able to complete enough assignments and exams to earn a certificate. Check the course syllabus and grading policy in order to find out more. What time is the class? EdX classes take place at your convenience. Prefer to sleep in and study late? No worries. Videos and problem sets are available 24 hours a day, which means you can watch video and complete work whenever you have spare time. You simply log in to your course via the Internet and work through the course material, one week at a time. What happens after I sign up? You will receive an activation email. Follow the prompts in that email to activate your account. You will need to log in each time you access your course(s). Once the course begins, it’s time to hit the virtual books. You can access the lectures, homework, tutorials, etc., for each week, one week at a time.

16 What happens if I have to quit a course? Will I be able to take the same or another course in the future? You may unregister from an edX course at anytime, there are absolutely no penalties associated with incomplete edX studies, and you may register for the same course (provided we are still offering it) at a later time. Can I re-take a course? You may re-take edX courses as often as you wish. Each offering of a course is assessed independently. 2009/12813 What is the edX honor code? You’ll find the edX honor code here. Each course may also have specific agreements for student collaboration and discussion.honor code here Honor Code 是美國一般大學都有的,說白了,就是禁止你作弊的 system 。


18 How can I meet/find other students? All edX courses have Discussion Forums where you can chat with and help each other within the framework of the honor code. You can also “like” edXonline on Facebook, circle us on Google+, or follow us on Twitter - you'll be joining a community of others with a shared interest in edX. How can I talk to professors, fellows and teaching assistants? The Discussion Forums are the best place to reach out to the edX teaching team for your class, just post your questions. We do our best to respond as promptly as possible. Getting help and support You have a vibrant, global community of fellow online learners available 24-7 to help with the course within the framework of the honor code, as well as support from the TAs who monitor the course. Take a look at the course's Discussion Forum where you can review questions, answers and comments from fellow online learners, as well as post a question. Are the courses only offered in English? Some edX courses include a translation of the lecture in the text bar to the right of the video. Some have the specific option of requesting a course in other languages. Please check your course to determine foreign language options.

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