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3rd Transnational Meeting: AGRONATUR Project. índex 1.Information and Sensitization actions. 2.Informative Pamphlet 3.Collaboration Agreements. 4.The.

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1 3rd Transnational Meeting: AGRONATUR Project

2 índex 1.Information and Sensitization actions. 2.Informative Pamphlet 3.Collaboration Agreements. 4.The Pilot Course Dissemination of the Pilot Course Selection of the Trainees 5.Adehsion to already existing network 6.Tourism Training Database 7.Innovation in the Rural Realm 8.Participation in other events 9.Contact with Social Communication: Project Agronatur

3 Information and Sensitization Actions  In December 2008, 3 different seminars of 2 hours of duration each one, were carried out to different target groups. We invited 2 people to collaborate with us in the information actions, a professional of risk in tourism activities and a professional of the Canal de Castilla. The groups were: 1.Unemployed people who participated in an occupational course. 6 people. 2.Owners and workers, who work in the tourism sector ( hotels, rural houses, restaurants..), women of the rural mean associations, 30 people 3.Public entities, in relation with the tourism world ( tourist office workers, aedl ( agents on employment and local development), handicap associations, 23 people

4 Information and Sensitization Actions II 4.In May we carried out another information and sensitization action. This time it was addressed to technicians of different departments of Diputación, who participated in different programs. 11 people participated in it. 5.The next one was addressed to unemployed students who participated in an occupational course of tourism, 13 people participated this time To sum up, 83 people attended the information and sensitization actions, an average of 16,6 people per session.

5 Information and Sensitization Actions III  During the seminars, we spoke about the Agronatur project, about Active Tourism and about the situation of the sector in the province of Palencia  All the collegues of the Development Department have disseminated information about Agronatur and Active Tourism in workshops when they were dealing with people.  In each sesion the assistents signed in a signature sheet, later the most of them filled the questionary and we have also photos of the participants. (pdte revisar)

6 Information and Sensibilization Actions IV

7 Information and Sensibilization Actions V Some medias published news about the actions: Diario Palentino and its Digital Version El Norte de Castilla and its Digital Version Web Portal Palencia Web Newstin Web Diputación de Palencia Radio

8 Informative Pamphlet The first informative pamphlet :  Digital Version  Printed paper version The second informative pamphlet:  Digital version, ( you can watch it in Agronatur website and Diputación de Palencia website, we have also printed some copies, so people can read it in the Diputación library)

9 Collaboration Agreements 8 collaboration agreements have been signed: 2 of them were signed previous to the Rumanian transnational seminar 1.Adecco Canal, Association dedicated to the tourist promotion of The Canal de Castilla. 2.Acatur. Tourist consultation with experience in planning, developing and managing of tourist products and destinations. They also execute tourist formation After that, we have signed several agreements: 3.Ankus. Training company, specialist in leisure activities supervisor and sport activities.)

10 Collaboration Agreements II 4.Asociación Pueblos Ribereños del Canal de Castilla, Association which promote the development of the villages situated in the surroundings of the Canal 5.ASAJA-Palencia. Agricultural association, they defend the agricultors´ interests, specially the ones of the young farmers and give them formation and information 6.Asociación Rural de Iniciativas Palentinas. This association has as main objective, the development:, educational, cultural, economic and social of the province of Palencia.

11 Collaboration Agreements III Collaboration Agreements III (pdte revisar) 7.Agent´s Network of Employment of the Canal de Castilla, their work consist in giving information and helping entrepreneur, to make easier the company creation around the Canal. 8.UPD ( unity of promotion and developing), A intervention unit in the territory, which support to the workshop programs and to the new employ potentials in the area.

12 Collaboration Agreements IV Through the project we have had ofently contact with the companies, to make diffusion about the activities:  Mails  Letters  Personal contact  Telephone contact

13 The Pilot Course Dissemination  Previous to the beginning of the course An announcement in the local newspaper “ Diario Palentino” from 7 th March to 13th March In the Diputación Webpage Radio: Ser and Cope Articles in different newspapers: Diario Palentino March 3 and its Digital Version Mails to the ADELs of the province, to the companies, which we´ve signed the collaboration agreements, to people who assisted to the information and sensibilitation actions. Mails from the formation company to the young people of its Database

14 The Pilot Course Dissemination II  During the pilot course, several newspapers were interested in the development, Diario Palentino, 23/03/09 El Norte de Castilla, 23/03/09 Norte de Castilla Digital, 23/03/09 Palencia Siete, edition from march 2 till april 2 Diario Palentino Digital, 23/03/09

15 The Pilot Course Dissemination III Examples of the Dissemination:

16 The Pilot Course Selection of Trainees  Once We had made the diffusion, 45 people were interested in participating in the pilot course. We selected 22 people to participate in it, to get a high quality results. The pupils belonged to the target group defined by Agronatur: Women of the rural realm Handicapped people Young people who have passed the primary education Farmers who have left the agriculture

17 The Pilot Course Selection of Trainees II NºNombreApellidosF. Nacimiento Nº DNI Nº tfnoLocalidadCPDirecciónMailEstudios RealizadosDesempleadoDiscapacidad 1JuliánAlonso Herrán 28/06/ F Villamuriel de Cto Ordesa G Mediox 2RosarioBermudez Curiel 15/08/ y Monzón de Campos Mayor RLx 3 SorayaCaballero Lerones04/06/ C Nava34004Jardines 7 -2ºC lic Artex 4CarmenCiruelos Gil 24/11/ E Palencia Plza Santa Barbara 5 MaríaCuesta Infante01/02/ Y Osorno La Mayor34460Concentración Parcelaria 30-2ªA Turismox 6Rosa del PilarDuque Martín 21/02/ T Palencia 34001Mayor 97 1º 3ºD FP G superiorx 7 FélixGómez París15/01/ S Herrera de Pisuerga34400Corredera 28 FP G superiorxX 8NatividadGonzález Fernández 17/04/ Palencia Plaza Rabi Sem G Medioxx 9YolandaGonzález Ortega 04/03/ H Palencia Pastores 44 agronomo x 10 Ana IsabelGutiérrez Antolín09/03/ D Paredes de Nava34300Luis Najera 20 x 11 RaquelHeras Fernández16/02/ A Osorno La Mayor34460Conde Garay 2 -1ºA Turismox 12 Jesus MaríaMateos Sánchez08/06/ C Grijota34192Camino la Treinta 7 Ingeniero Indus 13Mª del CarmenOrtego Reyes 08/07/ V Palencia Agustina de Aragón 2 Artrx 14 RaquelPan Martín18/06/ J Abia de las Torres34091Viuda de Medina lic Hªx 15Mª JosePérez Alamo 25/05/ V Palencia Antonio Alamo Salazar Publicidadx 16 EugeniaRodríguez Glez06/02/ L Villamuriel de Cto34190Mayor 29 -1ºC FP G MedioXX 17GuadalupeRuiperez Marcos 24/12/ z Palencia Bellas artes 18 NoemíSánchez Tomás25/07/ M Venta de Baños34200Pablo Picasso 2 -3ªA Lic. Artex 19MónicaSerrano Payo 24/04/ Palencia Manuel rivera 7 FP G Mediox 20Jose Antonio Soto Rebollar02/09/ D Palencia34004Casas del Hogar 43 EGBxx 21Mª AngelesToribio Hernando 09/07/ B Herrera de Pisuerga avda américa 22RaquelVillarubia Román 11/06/ J Palencia Pº Victorio Macho 54 DataBase

18 The Pilot Course Documents The assistants: They refilled a Participation form, thanks to it, we have a complete database of the trainees Each day, they signed the signature sheet At the end of the course, teachers and pupils filled the Agronatur questionary One month later, we send them the follow up questionary, and they delivered us.

19 The Pilot Course Documents II Planning Participation Form

20 ThePilotCourse Documents III The Pilot Course Documents III Questionary Certificate

21 The Pilot Course Documents IV At the end of the course we have elaborated:  Conclusions of the course, for the Agronatur Website  Memory  Evaluation Report

22 The Pilot Course

23 AdhesiontoexistingNetworks Adhesion to existing Networks  We are processing the adhesion to the Inland waterways network, to let people know the Agronatur Project and keep in contact with waterways and tourism.

24 Innovation in the Rural Realm: Active Tourism Innovation in the Rural Realm: Active Tourism (pdte revisar) We´ve developped an Active Tourism Manual, in it, we have included a part about the situation of the active tourism in the Canal de Castilla: possibilities, resources, law, analysis of the market (offer and demand). 63 pages. we have distributed the manual with a CD of the Manual to: Training Companies (21) Active Tourism companies (11) Collaboration Agreements companies (6) Tourism Office and Public entities (3) Participants in Active Tourism Pilot Course (22) People interested in developing new active tourism companies We keep in distributing guides

25 Innovation in the Rural Realm: Active Tourism II

26 Tourism Training Database II

27 Tourism Training Database Tourism Training Database (pdte revisar) A database was created where people interested in improving their knowoledges, have had the possibility on getting all the information about tourisme courses. In 2008 there were 20 courses about tourism and In 2009, they are due 39 courses in the province of Palencia, the most of them dedicated to specialist in tourism activities Rock climbing, spelunking, abseiling…) Except 4 courses ( 2 vocational training and 2 mixed training program) the rest had a short lenght, around 15 hours

28 Participation in Others Events March 13 th was the Vocational Training fair in Palencia. People from all the province attended the fair to get information about all the studies of the Vocational training in the province. We were there to inform and disseminate the Agronatur Project.

29 Contact with Social Communication: Project Agronatur Newspapers: Diario Palentino:18/09/08 ;12/01/09 Norte de Castilla: 31/10/09 Gente Palencia: sep/08 Carrión: oct/08 News Web: Gente Digital: 03/02/09 Blog: Vuelta al Origen 12/12/08 Noticias de comunidad 17/09/08 Web Pages:

30 Contact with Social Communication : Project Agronatur IIl

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