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Chippewa Falls Senior High School 2014-2015.  Senior Planning Guide  Transcript  Credit Status Report  Do What You Are  Finding Scholarships/Financial.

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1 Chippewa Falls Senior High School 2014-2015

2  Senior Planning Guide  Transcript  Credit Status Report  Do What You Are  Finding Scholarships/Financial Aid Night  WEF

3 H.S. Graduation4 Year College Admission English4 credits Math2 credits*3 credits (prefer 4 credits) 4 credits at U of M schools Science2.5 credits*3 credits (prefer 4 credits) Social Studies3.5 credits3 credits Foreign LangNot requiredIt depends Phy Ed1.5 credits Health.5 credit Computer Apps.5

4 PE9 th Health½½ English9A9B10A10BLitComWritEng. Elect Soc. St.WHAWHBUS Gov/APEcon Soc. St. Elect Math½½½1/2 SciencePhy Sci Bio E. Sci Computer Apps (Credit/Test out) T1 T2 T1 T2

5 English4 years Math3 years/4 years at U of M schools (Alg. Geom, Alg II) Science3 years (Phys Sci, Bio, Chem. *Best preparation is Bio, Chem, Physics) Social Studies3 years Foreign LanguageIt depends UW-Madison, UW-EC, U of M  These are minimum requirements. All courses taken must be at a level considered college-preparatory.

6  Vary by college  In addition to college-prep coursework  Class rank AND minimum ACT/SAT score  Class rank OR minimum ACT/SAT score  If you are missing one or more requirements  UW-Two year campuses (Guaranteed Transfer Program) – pg. 12  CVTC (Liberal Arts Transfer Program)

7  Requirements depend on program  High School Diploma?  Specific high school coursework with a grade of C or better (Algebra, Chemistry, etc.)?  Background Check, CPR, CNA?  All prospective students will need to take the COMPASS or the ACT  Sign up for COMPASS at

8  College admission requirements are a MINIMUM!  You want to be prepared for college-level work so you should be taking college-prep coursework through your senior year.  Colleges will pay close attention to the coursework you have taken and may deny a student that they feel is ill-prepared.

9 Successful StudentsUnsuccessful Students Motivation Goal Orientated Determination Perseverance Self-discipline Willingness to work Lack of goals or career ideas Immature Procrastinates Preparation Academic preparation Knowledge of study and compensatory techniques Knowledge of learning style Time-management skills Lack of academic preparation Protected in high school Learned helplessness Lack of study & time management Disorganized Self- Advocacy Self-awareness Self-acceptance Assertiveness Problem-solving skills Unrealistic expectations Denial of areas of weakness Lack of communication skills Lack or problem-solving skills Lack of self-confidence

10  Myers-Briggs Personality Assessment tied to careers  Given to students in Communication class (junior year – most students)  Printed just a couple of pages… complete report available on Naviance Family Connections

11  Easiest to apply on-line.  UW-System schools:  CVTC:  Other schools – ▪ Google their website or find links from Student Services website ▪ Look for “apply now” or “admissions”  Application deadlines vary. Some as early as December 1 ▪ Good rule of thumb is to have all applications submitted by mid-November

12  UW Application  High school coursework in progress  Essay Questions ▪ Have English teacher look over your essay before submitting  Credit card number for application fee  Social Security Number

13  CVTC Application  Demographic Information  Credit card number for application fee  Social Security Number

14  ACT:  Registration Process includes uploading photo ID  October 25 – deadline is September 19  December 13 – deadline is November 7  Preparation – Best preparation is coursework taken ▪ Online Test Prep, Books, Classes, etc. ▪ “Preparing for the ACT” booklet  COMPASS:  Search “Compass” while on CVTC’s website  Given daily at CVTC’s Chippewa & EC Campus  Preparation – Best preparation is coursework taken ▪ Online Test Prep ▪ Seminars

15  High School Transcript  An “official” transcript is sent by Chi-Hi Student Services  Make request through Naviance Family ConnectionsNaviance Family Connections ▪ Directions in appendix of Senior Guide ▪ Link from Student Services Website  Colleges will want a final high school transcript. It is your responsibility to request this (at graduation practice).  ACT or SAT score  An “official” ACT/SAT score is sent directly from ACT/SAT  CVTC will have your COMPASS score  Letters of Recommendation?

16  Are they needed?  CVTC – NO  Universities & Others – it depends ▪ If they ask you to provide them, then YES ▪ If your admission is questionable, then YES ▪ Quality vs. Quantity  Give the writer at least 2 weeks  LOR Form (in appendix of guide)  Ask someone that knows you well  Ask for a couple of copies (use for scholarships?)  Student Services will send (electronically?)  Send a personal thank you note

17  Be sure you tour the campus before deciding  Most colleges have online tour registration  CVTC Career Tour - October 21  Representatives visit Chi-Hi  College and military reps already scheduled  Announced Daily  Sign up through Naviance Family Connection  Wisconsin Educational Fair – UW-Eau Claire  Tuesday, September 30: 6:30-8:30 pm  Wednesday, October 1: 9:00-11:00 am

18  Keep a record of your username/password  Make a copy of application for your record  Use a personal email address (not school’s) for college and scholarship applications.

19  FAFSA – Available January 1st  Student loans  Work-study  Grants  Scholarships  Green Sheet  Posted on bulletin board in Student Services  Posted on Naviance Family Connections  Deadlines and requirements vary!  CFASD Foundation Scholarships – Feb. 1-March 1 (approx.)  Military benefits

20  Senior Financial Aid Night  January 7 at 7:00 in the Chi-Hi Cafeteria  College Goal Wisconsin  Held in February at CVTC  Scholarship opportunity

21  Out of state tuition  Wisconsin has “reciprocity” with Minnesota  You must fill out application for “reciprocity” ▪ Not available until April  Midwest Tuition Exchange

22  Recruiters from each branch at Chi-Hi once per month  ASVAB – given at Chi-Hi December 16

23  7:00pm & 7:30pm (attend one or both)  Technical College - Cafeteria ▪ Kendra Weber  University – Auditorium ▪ Mr. Joel Helms

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