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Geography coursework LO: to understand how to write up your Introduction and method.

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1 Geography coursework LO: to understand how to write up your Introduction and method

2 Purpose of investigation A definition of the question or issue to be investigated, including the location of the fieldwork investigation.

3 Task question: Why does land use vary along a transect from the edge of the CBD to the outskirts of an urban area? What mini hypotheses do you need to help you answer this question?- Look at page 15 for guidance Use page 39 to write it out



6 Look at page 8 in the planning book- write down the list of things you think you will include in your introduction to reach 6 marks- you can later use the tick box to ensure you have covered all the points

7 Setting the scene…geographical theory See page 16 and 17 of workbook- write the background theory on page 17



10 The location of the study (page 18/19) -You always get more marks for either hand drawing a map or annotating a map from the internet -Note from chief examiner regarding our location (as we cannot go to the very edge of the urban area)…. “That sounds like a great idea and should give them plenty of scope for the study. In the introduction they have to discuss the location of the study area and this would give the students a chance to explain why they go from the CBD to the park and not right to the edge.”


12 Purpose of investigation 1) What is your task question? 2) What is the specific question or issue that you want to investigate which is linked to the task question? Can you list your aims from it? 3) What images do you intend to use to show the location of your site, and where will you find them? 4) You will have the opportunity to research your chosen area in groups, before writing your report individually. Either by yourself, or in groups, list five sources of information (e.g. websites, information booklets, leaflets found whilst on fieldwork) that you want to use to find the information for your purpose. Remember to be specific. 5) Note down some annotations that you can use with your maps and images in this section. Remember: What is the difference between an annotation and a label? 6) Note down why the specific question that you developed in response to Question 2 above is important, and explain how it helps to answer the big question set out in Question 1 above- Link to geographical theory

13 Methods of collecting data A description and explanation of the methods of data collection to be used, How, why (linked to hypotheses), where, when, what equipment, how many people etc.... JUSTIFY everything! Consider now your data presentation. What data will make for effective data presentation techniques? (43-81) Use page 40-42 to plan your methods


15 Peer assessment Read the answer on page 33 of the workbook. Rewrite the answer to obtain top marks.

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