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Student Teacher Orientation for Spring 2015 Applicants Dr. Karin Nolan.

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1 Student Teacher Orientation for Spring 2015 Applicants Dr. Karin Nolan

2 Introductions  Dr. Karin Nolan, Coordinator of Field Experiences CFA  All of you: Our Future Student Teachers  Name  Major Area  What is your ideal student teaching placement (e.g., high school choir, Art in a K- 8 school, etc.)?

3 Contact Information  Dr. Karin Nolan  Office: Harvill Bldg, Rm. 126B (KNOCK!)  Office Phone: (520) 626-5656  Mailbox: MUS 109  Email: (best)  Website: field-experiences

4 Congratulations!  Student teaching is the most important step in your arts education career  Placing you in a fantastic program with a master teacher will ensure a rewarding student teaching experience.

5 Two Priorities for Placement  Communication with your major professor about your specific needs and placement.  Getting all of your materials before the deadlines.

6 Placement Process  Go to our website for information and all forms: us/ us/office-of-field-experiences

7 Step 1: Fingerprinting  Students must possess a current, accurate IVP fingerprint clearance card in order to student teach.  If you already have a fingerprint clearance card, make a photocopy of it to submit with your application.  If you haven’t been fingerprinted yet, plan to go to the next fingerprint service at the College of Educ. room 257:  Look at their website calendar for dates and times, usually twice a month:  Bring $10 (any way is fine) for the person taking your prints (Eagle Fingerprinting) and a $67 (cashiers check or money order only made out to: Arizona Department of Public Safety). You also need to bring your Drivers License (or other state or federal photo ID).  Takes approximately 2 months to receive your card in the mail; your card expires after 6 years.

8 Step 2: Schedule a meeting with your Advisor & Prof ASAP  Complete the paper application and sign it  Schedule a meeting with your academic advisor to fill out your coursework checklist  Then, schedule a meeting with your major professor to complete the coursework checklist.

9 Step 3: Read the Standards and Sign the Contract  Read pages 25-39 in the Student Teacher Guidebook from our website, and then sign the contract from your application packet.Student Teacher Guidebook

10 Step 4: Perfect your Résumé  With your application and coursework checklist, you will also submit a professional résumé on nice paper.

11 Step 5: Turn In Application Packet Prior to Deadline  Your application, coursework checklist, professional standards contract, and résumé, and photocopy of fingerprint card are due on Sep 19, BEFORE 5PM to my mailbox, MUS 109.

12 Recap  Get fingerprinted or make photocopy of fingerprint card  Meet with your academic advisor to sign the Coursework Checklist  Meet with your major professor to fill out the Coursework Checklist  Complete the application and sign standards contract  Perfect your résumé and print a hard copy  COMPLETE APPLICATION IS DUE BY: Sep. 19 th before 5pm to my mailbox, MUS 109

13 Placement Process  Recommendations come from your major professors and then I verify that the teachers/principals want a student teacher.  You are sent an email with your Potential Student Teaching Assignment, Agreement Form, and Clearance Forms (if placed in TUSD or Sahuarita). This may not end up being your final assignment.

14 You then have 2 weeks to…  Call your assigned potential cooperating teacher within 2 days and arrange a time as soon as possible to meet and observe him/her teach.  Observe the cooperating teacher teach, and if all agree to the student teaching placement, you need to have the teacher and principal sign the Agreement Form.  Drop-off the Agreement Form and Student Teacher Clearance Forms (if placement is TUSD or Sahuarita) by the due date listed on the Agreement Form.

15 Other important things…  Plan to take the NES tests this semester – enter the dates on your Coursework Checklist  Must pass AZ/US Constitution Test or Class  Start planning for finances for student teaching semester  Institutional Recommendation (IR) is only good for a year after graduating, so plan to get certified right after student teaching, even if you plan to move.

16 Dates to Add to Calendar  9/19/14 before 5 PM: Drop Off Completed Student Teacher Application Packets to my mailbox in MUS 109.  12/11/14 from 2-4 PM for Professional Development Conference, Part I in MUS 114A.  1/13/15 from 3:00 PM-5:30 PM for Professional Development Conference, Part II in MUS 114.  April TBA from 10 AM-1 PM for Career Advisement Session and Educ Career Fair.

17 Questions???

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