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Course Orientation.  Coordinator--Scott Lymer  Counselor—Lisa Cocio  English Specialist—Tammy Soelberg  Math Specialist – Crystal Theaker  Science.

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1 Course Orientation

2  Coordinator--Scott Lymer  Counselor—Lisa Cocio  English Specialist—Tammy Soelberg  Math Specialist – Crystal Theaker  Science Specialist – Levi Melton  Social Studies Specialist – Dustin Waters  Special Education Liaison—Christine Burke  Office Staff ◦ Trish Wright -Administrative Assistant ◦ Tammy Worhack - Registration Coordinator ◦ Raquel Malmskog - Administrative Secretary ◦ Betsy Chase – Attendance Specialist

3 Difficulties and solutions with online learning include: Self DisciplineNo “live” teacherLack of accountability Solutions Log-In Daily (Plan to spend about 3 hours per week on each course) Communicate with your teacher often and attend tutoring if you have questions Follow the course calendar and due dates

4  Global Academy Tutoring Hours: ◦ Monday and Tuesday—1:00 pm-4:00 pm ◦ Please contact Global Academy to make a tutoring appointment ◦ Tutoring sessions typically last 30 minutes ◦ Students are welcome to visit the lab during testing hours to work on classes and ask questions.

5  Curriculum Website:  Username: ID#.GPS ◦ Example: 12345.GPS  Password: Refer to your Orientation Letter ◦ You will be prompted to change your password when you first log-in to the course. ◦ Make sure to write your username and password on your Global Academy card

6  Your homepage will contain the following information Current grade Click on each one for further detail Course progress: Percent and pacing Global Academy and Course Announcements All active courses Click on course name to access curriculum

7 When you rest your cursor on the curriculum name, your course name and teacher name will appear Click on your course name to enter the course content

8  Once you’ve clicked on a course name, you will see your curriculum  On the following screens, you will learn how to: ◦ Navigate through the course outline ◦ Access assignments and quizzes ◦ Submit assignments and quizzes ◦ Contact your teacher

9 Course Outline

10 After you have finished a page in a unit, click the arrow button to move on

11 Some videos will have multiple parts. Click on the arrow buttons to move through the videos

12 Vocabulary Lists

13  Within your course, you will have both homework and quizzes that will need to be uploaded for grading  You must submit coursework the following way: ◦ 1. Open the assignment

14  You need to copy and paste the assignment into a Word document.  Complete the work within that word document and save it using the following format: ◦ File name: activityname.yourname  Example: poeticanalysis.joeschmoe

15  The only way coursework will be accepted is through the following procedure: ◦ Upload your homework through the message system Select your course Select the activity you are submitting Select your teacher Upload your work here Subject must be “Coursework Submission”

16  Homework, Quizzes, and other work will not be accepted in any other way, including, but not limited to: ◦ Faxed ◦ Outside email accounts ◦ Hard copy ◦ Scanned

17 Assignment Due Dates

18  Important Facts about your Due Dates ◦ Please note that the due dates on the calendar are guidelines  Do not hold all work until the deadline. Turn in work as you complete it in order to stay organized.  You may still submit homework after a due date has passed. These dates are recommendations for course pacing. If you follow these recommendations, you will be on track to finish the course on time. ◦ Each course has an end date. You must take the final BEFORE your end date has passed. Extensions will only be granted for specific extenuating circumstances.

19  Your online learning course is designed to promote success by requiring mastery of each assignment or quiz before you may move on in the course  Mastery is defined as a score of 60% or better on each quiz/assignment  Each quiz/assignment can be reset by the student one additional time if mastery is not met  If mastery is not met the second time, the student will need to email the instructor and provide copies of completed study guides ◦ Instructor will determine if student needs to repeat unit or may move on with current score

20  Finals Testing ◦ All students must take their finals at Global Academy. Please note that final exams must be taken prior to the course deadline. ◦ Testing Center Hours  Monday-Thursday 1:00 pm-4:00pm  Please bring the following items to testing ◦ Photo ID ◦ Permission to test email from instructor ◦ 4x6 handwritten note card with any useful course notes ◦ Calculator (for math courses)

21  Please be aware that you must pass the final exam with a score of 60% or better to pass the course, regardless of your grade on previous coursework  Prepare for the exam: ◦ Use study guides and course notes to study for the final ◦ Be sure to contact your teacher often to get any questions answered ◦ Bring a 4x6 handwritten note card with any important notes for your exam



24 Please select the teacher you are wanting to contact. If you just have a general question, you may type in the message box and then hit send.

25 If you have a question about a specific assignment, please follow these steps: 1.Check submit homework 2.Select the teacher, course and activity you have a question about 3.Type your question in the message box

26  Your email messages need to remain courteous and appropriate—you are still held to the Gilbert Public Schools Code of Conduct at Global Academy.  If you are disrespectful to any of the Global Academy staff, the administrator will be notified and the privilege of taking Global Academy courses may be revoked.

27  Did u grade that 1 st hw that I sent u?  I ALREADY SENT YOU MY PROJECT!!!!!!!!  Umm, yeah, I didn’t finish that assignment, lol…  Btw, I didnt understand the part about fractions and stuff. HELP!

28 Dear Mr. Lymer, I am having some trouble understanding the last quiz for World Studies One. Can you please look at my study pages and let me know if I am missing any important information? Thank you for your help. Sincerely, Judy Smith

29 This will show all assignments and due dates This will show current grade

30  If you have any additional questions about your course, please contact your teacher or the Global Academy/Online Learning Office at (480)507-1476

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