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3 MISSION “It is the mission of Portland Christian Schools to educate students in the truth of God’s word in every area of instruction and activity, so that their lives may be transformed by the renewing of their minds.”

4 THE IMPORTANCE OF THE “WORD” JOHN 1:1-2 “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was with God in the Beginning.” Theology – 101 Jesus is the Word in the flesh. The denial of Jesus' message is the denial of Jesus.

5 THE WARNING TO MISSIONARIES 1 Timothy 6:20 – 21 “ Timothy guard what has been entrusted to your care. Turn away from godless chatter and the opposing ideas of what is called knowledge, which some have professed and in so doing have wandered from the faith.”

6 RESEARCH BAD NEWS! Only 44% of born again adults are certain of the existence of absolute moral truth. (Barna) WORSE NEWS!!!! Only 9% of born again teenagers are certain of the existence of absolute moral truth.

7 WHAT AMERICANS CAN’T BELIEVE  For the purposes of the research, a biblical worldview was defined as believing that absolute moral truths exist; that such truth is defined by the Bible; and firm belief in six specific religious views. Those views were that Jesus Christ lived a sinless life; God is the all- powerful and all-knowing Creator of the universe and He stills rules it today; salvation is a gift from God and cannot be earned; Satan is real; a Christian has a responsibility to share their faith in Christ with other people; and the Bible is accurate in all of its teachings.

8 THE PORTLAND CHRISTIAN WAY!!!  The Good News!!!!!! Portland Christian has core values centered on these truths.  CORE VALUES – POLICY 1.6.4  All Board, Administration, Faculty and Staff must be able to demonstrate that they understand and model a biblical world and life view and are committed to the spiritual, academic, physical, emotional and social development of each student.

9 THE STUDENT OUTCOME?  Students will be taught to develop a biblical world and life view and challenged to live according to biblical standards.  Critical thinking skills will be taught so that students will have the tools to evaluate their current culture and climate in light of God’s word.  Each student shall be encouraged to love the Lord their God with their whole heart and mind to the end that each one be compelled to reach out in love to others both at home and the world. **(Parent/Student Handbook)

10 COUNSELING AND STUDENT SUPPORT JR. HIGH & HIGH SCHOOL Mrs. James- Dean of Students, Jr. High & High School  College and Career Planning  Academic Progress Monitoring  Testing (MAP, PSAT, AP, SAT, and ACT)  Course Selection and Scheduling  General Student and Classroom Support Mrs. Moxley- Director of Student Support, Jr. High & High School  Problem Solving and Conflict Resolution  Behavior Management and Support  Crisis Intervention  Support for Students with Learning Differences  General Counseling and Student Support

11 Student Academic Support  Tutoring: Tutoring is available after school from 3:00-4:00 each day for high school students, and each day except Wednesday for Jr. High students. Teachers are available to help with homework or re-teach concepts when needed. Students should sign up with a teacher for this arrangement.  Learning Lab: The Learning Lab is an academic support class taught by Mrs. Humphrey and Mrs. Schroder. The class provides a variety of supports that are based on the needs of the student. The focus in this class is on organizational skills, homework completion, skill deficits, and general student support. The lab is also open and available to students after school.  After School: Each day after school students can study in the library until 4:00. Students need to sign in at the library and sign out when they leave. The librarians supervises the students at this time. Another option is for students to check into the student recreation room with Mrs. Mauk. Here, students play pingpong, socialize, and just hang out together. If a Jr. High student stays after school and would like to leave campus, they need a note or phone call from their parent.

12 Student Enrichment  Advisory: Once per week students have a 50 minute class that is not part of their regular academic schedule. There are several goals of the advisory program that include; spiritual mentorship, academic support, and school culture enhancement.  Chapel: Students participate in chapel weekly. Jr. High and High School have separate chapel programs with student lead worship and a variety of speakers.  Jr. High Club Time: One time per week Mrs. Moxley meets with the Jr. High Students for “Club Time.” The focus of this time is to enhance student understanding of school expectations, and also to support a positive cultural within the Jr. High school program.

13 PC Junior High Courses  STEM Courses: *Science- Life, Physical, and Earth Sciences (integrated into each year of classes) *Technology- Computer Science, Keyboarding, Advanced Computers, Yearbook *Engineering-Gateway to Technology from Project Lead the Way ) an important component of the science class (grade 7 and 8), includes Design and Modeling, Automation and Robotics, and other specialized units *Math-Math 1…Math 2…PreAlg…Alg. 1… Geometry….Alg.2  Electives: semester and full year options (1 section 6 th grade & 2 sections 7 th /8 th ) *Choir, Spanish, Drama, Computers, Art, Photography &Yearbook, Band, Physical Education, and Learning Lab  FULL High School Credit Options for 8 th grade: Spanish 1, Alg. 1, Geometry, Alg. 2  Enrichment Opportunities: Art Club, Ski Club, Spring Musical, Fall Play, Pep and Concert Band, Athletics (basketball, volleyball, track/cross country, soccer, football), Student Council, and Chapel Worship Team

14 HIGH SCHOOL COURSEWORK  Did you realize that PCHS… -requires students to take an Engineering course as a science credit; -awards both a Standard and a Scholar diploma; -has over 60 colleges and universities visit each year to meet with students; -administers the PSAT test on site each fall to 9 th -11 th grade students; -has PSAT and SAT scores average well above Oregon and National results. -has an International Student Program with students from 10 different countries -has an arrangement with Warner Pacific College for students to earn college credit while taking select AP (7) and Honors (2) classes =TOTALS 32 credits!!! -historically has had 80% of graduates matriculate to a university, while 20% attend a community college (many then transfer to a 4 year college). -graduates are accepted at top universities: Univ. of Washington, George Fox Univ., Biola Univ., Univ. of Oregon, Oregon State Univ., Seattle Pacific Univ., Univ. of Portland, Pepperdine, Azusa Pacific Univ., Baylor Univ., Willamette Univ., SUNY, Portland State Univ., Pacific University, Washington State, and MANY MORE!

15 PC High School Course  STEM courses: **Math course progression: PreAlg…Alg. 1… Geometry….Alg.2…Advanced Algebra….Honors Alg. 2…Honors PreCal…AP Cal AB….AP Cal BC **Science/Engineering courses: Principles of Engineering, Biology, Health and Anatomy, Chemistry, Honors Physics, AP Biology, Introduction to Engineering Design **Technology courses: Computer Graphics and Animation, Computer Science, Advanced Computers (varied programs), Yearbook/Photography  Varied levels of English courses available to meet student needs and interests  4 Honors Courses: English 9 and 10, Physics, and PreCalculus  7 AP Courses: English Lit and Comp, English Language and Comp, Biology, Cal AB, Cal BC, US History, and Government  Electives-Full Year or Semester: Visual Arts, Performing Arts (choir and band), Physical Education, Languages, Speech and Debate, Technology, Learning Lab

16 2013-14 SAT Results College Bound Seniors NOTE: A perfect score (composite) on the SAT is 2400. A perfect score on each section is 800. Total PCHS (domestic) students tested= 36; Total ISP tested=16


18 FAMILY LINK Http:// Http:// Online “Course Requests” will be done here! Choose any item under STUDENT. To register for a course select Course Request. Class grades can be found by selecting Current Progress. Term grades can be found by selecting Report Card. Follow the directions at the top of the page once “course request” has been selected from the left side bar. Students should select from the listed available “courses” for advisory second semester. Once selected, the choice is saved and it will be added to the student’s schedule for the following semester.

19 Upcoming Events and Information:  Spring sports- sign up late February  5 th grade visit day Feb. 20, 10:30 am-1pm  College Day, Feb. 7, 10 am- All parents and students  Jr. High end of the quarter party, March 18 after school  Annual Art Show, April 11  Spring Musical, Annie, April 23-26  Look for ways to volunteer and become a part of the community: office, school store, kitchen, athletic events, parent committee, Moms In Touch, and more!

20 Contact Information  Principal Jim Hill ext. 259  Dean of Students Sherri James ext. 252  Director of Student Support Misti Moxley ext. 256

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