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Assemblies 04.05.12 and 05.10.12 Advice on coursework.

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1 Assemblies 04.05.12 and 05.10.12 Advice on coursework

2 Your coursework Many qualifications have a coursework element, which is sent off for marking; Examples include Standard Grade, Int 1, Int 2, Higher and Adv Higher English; Can be a project, a portfolio, or one or more essays The marks you are awarded contribute to your final grade

3 Your coursework Must be your own work You are allowed to do research: you may read textbooks, reference books, papers, and watch documentaries, and use the internet However, when you take notes, make sure they are either in your own words, or if you wish to use the words from a source, you need to put them in quotation marks, and say what the source was.

4 Your coursework Do the following things: 1. Meet deadlines, so your teacher sees your work as it develops 2. Say what your reference sources are 3. Check your work to see that it contains either your own wording, or quotations which are clearly indicated

5 Your coursework Do not do the following! 1. Pretend that work is yours when it is not 2. Copy work from another source. This can be identified. 3. Give others access to your work. 4. Include anything which may be seen as offensive, abusive, or discriminatory.

6 Your coursework REMEMBER Any suspected case of plagiarism, collusion or use of offensive material will be investigated. A range of penalties are decided by SQA, up to and including losing all of your awards. You sign a declaration to say that you understand this and that you are submitting all your own work.

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