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Cerritos College Biology and Chemistry Student Meeting

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1 Cerritos College Biology and Chemistry Student Meeting
Department Jeff Bradbury Linda Waldman Biology Department Matt Covill

2 Biology and Chemistry Departments
Connie Boardman Matt Covill Scottie Henderson Susan Lepere Michelle Navarro Chace Tydell Chemistry Jeff Bradbury Christine Romer Cheryl Shimazu Linda Waldman Rena Lou Mervat Zewail

3 Topics of Discussion Courses and Course Sequencing
Transfer Consideration Special Opportunities

4 Courses Pre-requisites Times Offered Proper Sequencing

5 Commonly Required Courses for Biology and Chemistry Majors*
* Requirements vary by major and university. Mathematics through two semesters of Calculus* (Math 170 (4) and 190 (4)) Chemistry 111 (5) and 112 (5) Chemistry 211 (5) and Chemistry 212* (5) Chemistry 205* (4) Biology 200 (5) and Biology 201 (5) Biology 202* (4) Microbiology 200* (5) Physics 201 (4) and 202* (4) or Physics 101 (4) and 102* (4)

6 It All Begins with MATH! Math 80
Intermediate Algebra Math 80 1. The Beginning Point! How to get there? 3. Where are you now? Assessment

7 The Mathematics Progression
Math 40 (Pre Algebra) Math 60 (Algebra I) Intermediate Algebra Math 80 (or 80a & 80b) Trigonometry (Math 140) Pre Calculus Math 150 Calculus I Math 170 Calculus II Math 190 Math 70 Geometry


9 Chemistry Course Progression
Math 80 Chem 110 Chem 111 Chem 112 *Chem 211 Chem 212 Chem 205 * Suggestion: Take English 103 or Philosophy 106 before Chem 211

10 Biology Course Progression
ZOO BIO BOT 120 BIO 200* BIO 201** BIO 202 *** MICRO 200 *CHEM 111 must be taken prior to or concurrent with BIO 200. **CHEM 111 must be taken prior to BIO 201. ***CHEM 211 must be taken prior to or concurrent with BIO 202

11 Biology & Chemistry Sequentially: DON’T DO THIS!

12 Biology & Chemistry Combined: a better way to do it

13 Biology & Chemistry Combined: recommended way to do it

14 For General Education Information See your Counselor!!!!
Important Considerations: Begin taking your math and science courses early. Take general education and math/science courses together.

15 Thinking Ahead To the Next Step
Transferring Gaining Experience Making yourself a good transfer applicant

16 Transferring The Process Admission

17 The Process Lower Division G.E. and Major Coursework
Introductory and Foundational Courses Cerritos College Upper Division G.E. and Major Coursework Advance and specialized Courses Transfer University

18 Getting Admitted Considerations: Grade Point Average
Fulfillment of Lower Division Major Requirements Essay Rigor of coursework “Extra-Effort”

19 What is “Extra-Effort” ?
Undergraduate Research—e.g. Bridges to Baccalaureate Honors Societies—e.g., Phi Theta Kappa Scholars’ Honors Program Volunteer Work Internships—clinical care extender (cce) Relevant paid work experience Project Hope Student Clubs

20 CSULB Bridges Program Paid Summer Internship Perform your own Research
No Experience Necessary Special Opportunities to alumni Regular Workshops on Cerritos Campus Tuesday November 1st, 11:00 S124 For more information contact: Matt Covill: Linda Waldman:

21 Link-Up: Student Organizations
Chicanos/Latinos for Community Medicine (CCM) 2nd and 4th Tuesdays, 11:00, SS138 Applied Science and Technology (ASET) 2nd and 4th Thursday, 11:00, S102 Environmental Club 1st and 3rd Tuesday, 11:00, S101 Pre-Med Club Meets 1st and 3rd Tuesdays, 11:00, PS8

22 Project HOPE HOPE = Health Opportunities and Pipeline to Education
Exists to Remedy a Critical Need Creating a supportive environment in which students with diverse backgrounds are given the tools to help them succeed in their pursuit of their educational goals in healthcare or science.

23 Program Activities Introduction to credit college courses
Targeted counseling and student support services Academic support, tutorials, study skills, and workshops Exposure to health careers through community service Presentations on health professions an college pathways Field trips to 4-year universities Opportunity for summer UC and CSU internships/programs Family support, and more…….

24 Benefits to Student You Get: Linked up/Connected Information
Motivation Support Attention Sense of Community

25 What Else Can I Do ? Ask questions
Counselor Faculty Students who Transferred Transfer Center-trips to colleges Obtain College Catalogues or research their websites Contact the Academic Advisors for Transfer Students at the universities you are considering attending Visit campuses

26 What Can You Do With a Science Degree?
Teacher TRAC

27 UCI

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