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Stanislaus County CARES Plus Information Session.

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1 Stanislaus County CARES Plus Information Session

2 What is CARES Plus Builds on CARES Focuses on Quality and Retention of Early Educators Improves Young Children’s Learning and Development Outcomes Increases Teacher Effectiveness and Qualifications Focuses on Classroom Assessment Scoring System (CLASS) Provides Stipends, Reimbursements, Incentives, Trainings, Education 2 Year Program

3 What is CLASS? The Classroom Assessment Scoring System™ (CLASS™) is an observational tool that provides a common lens and language focused on what matters—the classroom interactions that boost student learning. –focuses on effective teaching –helps teachers recognize and understand the power of their interactions with students –aligns with professional development tools –works across age levels and subjects

4 Who is Eligible? Teachers who work directly with infants, toddlers, preschoolers –Family Child Care Home providers –Center based public or private child care programs Administrative staff who directly supervise teachers

5 Who is Eligible? Has worked for a minimum of 9 months during the year –Minimum of 15 hours per week Works in a facility that is licensed or license exempt Earns less than $60,000 Working in Stanislaus County Cannot apply for or receive AB212 funds

6 Program Requirements CORE Program Requirements 1.Meet with a CARES Plus Advisor and Submit a Professional Development Plan 2. Introduction to CLASS Web Based Training 3.Looking at CLASSrooms (LAC) Self Reflection Guided Study 4. CLASS Observation Tool 5. Self Directed Training on Second Hand Smoke 6 units leading towards an AA or BA degree –Must apply for financial aid –Complete with a grade C or higher May be selected to participate in First 5 California study



9 Previous AB212 AB212 Environment Rating Scale Trainings No STATE PARTICIPANT

10 CLASS Trainings Yes Environment Rating Scale Trainings Previous AB212 AB212 No STATE PARTICIPANT

11 Stipends and Reimbursement Reimbursement –Up to $600 for actual costs incurred for 6 units at a Community College leading towards an Associate of Arts Degree –Up to $3000 for actual costs incurred for 6 units at a four year college leading towards a Bachelor of Arts Degree Stipend –$400 for completing CORE Requirements –Additional $100 for returning in Year 2

12 Timelines July 1 – Application packets released July 30 – Application packets due August 12 – Participants selected and notified August – CARES Plus Advisor contact information released September 30 – Baseline CLASS Assessments completed (preschool only) October 31 – Meet with CARES Plus Advisor

13 Timelines April 30 – Complete CORE requirements May 15 – 2 nd CLASS Assessment completed (preschool only) May 30 – Complete 6 units and meet with CARES Plus Advisor June 15 – Stipends and reimbursements processed

14 CARES vs. CARES Plus Previous CARES –3 units of College Level Coursework at an Accredited College –Environment Rating Scale Attend training Complete Self-Assessment on ITERS/ECERS New CARES Plus –6 units of College Level Coursework at an Accredited College –CLASS Tool Complete Web-based training Have a CLASS Assessor visit your classroom twice a year to complete the assessment

15 CARES vs. CARES Plus Previous CARES –Meet with a CARES Advisor once a year and complete a Professional Development Plan –Stipends based on Child Development Permit held New CARES Plus –Meet with a CARES Advisor twice a year, complete a Professional Development Plan and (preschool teachers only) focus on two dimensions of CLASS to improve –Stipends based on completing the CORE requirements –Reimbursements based on actual costs for coursework leading to an AA or BA degree


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