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New Employee Orientation

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1 New Employee Orientation
Office of Human Resources University of Maryland University College Regular Status Employees and 12 Month Collegiate Faculty 1

2 OHR Benefits Information
Clare Murray – Total Rewards Specialist Morvena Bourne – Total Rewards Associate _______________________________________ Address - Office of Human Resources, Administration Building, 2nd floor, 3501 University Blvd., East, Adelphi, MD 20783 Phone: Fax: Website: 2

3 Transcript Request When applicable Office of Human Resources
Official transcript must be submitted within 30 days of your employment date Have your sealed transcript mailed directly to: Office of Human Resources Attention: Talent Acquisition Administration Building, 2nd floor 3501 University Blvd., East Adelphi, MD 20783 (301) 3

4 (Please allow approximately 2 pay periods for processing.)
Direct Deposit Mandatory for all state employees May directly deposit funds into any regular checking account at one banking institution Eligible for membership with the State Employee’s Credit Union (SECU) - (May set up a payroll deduction to have funds transferred to SECU account. Only instance where you can have funds going to more than one banking institution.) If you have any questions regarding Direct Deposit contact or call (Please allow approximately 2 pay periods for processing.) 4

5 Leave Accruals: Based on full time status of 40 hours per week (Prorated for less than 40 hours per week) Exempt Non-Exempt Per Pay Days/Hours (per pay period) Sick Leave 15 / (4.62) Annual 22 / (6.77) 10 / (3.08) Personal 3 / (24hrs per year) 3/ (24hrs per year) *Holiday 14 yearly You can only carry over up to 50 days (400 hours maximum) of unused annual leave to the next calendar year. There is no limit to the amount of sick leave that may be accrued. Non-Exempt regular status employees cannot use annual leave during their six month probationary period. Exempt regular status employees have a one year probation period, but it does not affect the ability to use leave. *15 Holidays during an election year. 5

6 Tuition Remission Employees receive up to eight credits per semester
May attend any of the USM institutions Semesters include Spring, Summer and Fall Spouse/ Dependents of Regular and 12 Month Collegiate Faculty employees are eligible for remission towards their first undergraduate degree after the employee has worked for 2 years 100% of course load at UMUC per semester 50% of total course load per semester at other USM institutions Spouse/ Dependents can attend other USM institution only if major is not offered at UMUC. Tuition is not subject to taxation for employees enrolled in graduate-level coursework, with the exception of any amounts exceeding $5,250 per calendar year.   For spouses and dependents taking graduate-level coursework, the employee is subject to taxation for the entire amount.  If you exceed the IRS taxable limit, or your spouse or dependent takes graduate courses, you will be responsible for any applicable taxes. 6

7 Spouse/Dependent Scholarship
UMUC is offering limited scholarships to help cover the cost of one undergraduate or graduate-level coursework per semester for spouses and dependent children of eligible employees. Non-exempt and Exempt No waiting period Visit the link below to obtain the necessary forms and additional information 7

8 Retirement Enrolling in a retirement plan is mandatory for non-exempt and exempt regular status employees and 12 Month Collegiate Faculty Non-exempt employees must enroll in the Employees Pension System with the Maryland State Retirement Agency Exempt regular employees must choose between the Employee Pension System or the Optional Retirement Plan (ORP) 12 Month Collegiate Faculty must choose between the Teacher’s Pension System or the Optional Retirement Plan (ORP) You must have your selection and completed enrollment forms ready for submittal on your first day in order to be placed on payroll 8

9 To speak with a SRPS Retirement Benefits Specialist:
MSRPS – Employees Modified Pension System Mandatory participation for regular non-exempt employees; Optional for regular exempt employees and 12 Month Collegiate Faculty Mandatory 7% employee contribution 10 year vesting period (length of time required in order to receive state contribution) MSRPS manages the assets of the pension trust for all participants Full health benefits subsidy after 25 years of creditable service for employee and eligible dependents (pro-rated after 10 years creditable service, for example 12 years of service prorated at 12/25 of health subsidy) Eligible for retirement at age 65 with 10 years eligible service or Rule of 90 (age plus eligible service must equal 90) To speak with a SRPS Retirement Benefits Specialist: or 9

10 Retirement (continued)
Optional Retirement Plan (ORP) – Available only to Regular Exempt Employees and 12 Month Collegiate Faculty No Employee Contribution No vesting period State Contributes 7.25% of salary to plan of employee’s choice Contributions made over 20 out of 26 pay periods each year Employee selects a vendor and determines the investment allocations Full health benefits subsidy for employee after 25 years of state service, must have 25 years to receive subsidy for dependents 10

11 ORP Retirement Plan Websites
Optional Retirement Plan vendor sites: TIAA-CREF FIDELITY INVESTMENTS 11

12 Retirement – Factors to Consider
If you select the Optional Retirement Plan, that is an irrevocable decision; you cannot later switch to the Pension System. Exempt Status and 12 Month Collegiate Faculty Members that select the Pension System may switch to the Optional Retirement Plan within one year from your date of eligibility date (Hire Date or Transfer Date). If you switch from the Pension System to the Optional Retirement Plan, this may result in a change in eligibility for the State health benefits plan and subsidy at the time of retirement. Time spent in one plan does not count towards eligible years of service in the other plan. 12

13 Supplemental Retirement Annuity
Supplemental Retirement Annuity (SRA) All employees eligible to enroll at any time Employee contribute specified dollar amount per pay period Variety of Pre-tax and Post-tax savings programs Employee selects a vendor and manages how funds are invested Vendors are TIAA-Cref Fidelity Investments Maryland Supplemental Retirement Plans Plans include 401(k), 403(b), 457(b) = Pretax and a selection of post-tax Roth plans Visit the following link to obtain additional information: 13

14 Health Benefits Enrollment
Benefits Enrollment Time Limit (Health, Dental, Prescription, Life, AD&D) You have 60 days from your hire date to enroll in benefits Eligible as of your hire date Effective date either the 1st or 16th of the month You will be notified via of your effective date A retro-active adjustment to cover premiums prior to official effective date can be processed at your request Bi-weekly payroll deductions *Forms can be sent via inter-office mail to the Total Rewards Unit at the Administration Building, 2nd floor. 14

15 Health Benefits PPO POS EPO CareFirst BlueCross Blue Shield
May choose any physician at time of services, will dictate out of pocket expense. National In Network POS May choose an in-network physician but have the option to choose out-of-network services, must choose a PCP, referrals required Regional In Network EPO Covers In-Network benefits only, no referral needed with certain plans, may need to choose a PCP National Network CareFirst BlueCross Blue Shield United Healthcare Aetna 15

16 Health Benefits All medical plans include vision benefits
Mental health and substance abuse coverage PPO and POS plan members managed by APS Healthcare Inc. EPO plan members managed by health plan vendor. 16

17 Prescription Benefits
Express Scripts ( Separate from Medical Insurance Covers cost of approved prescription drugs subject to nominal co-pays Co-Pays (1-45 Days) $10.00 Generic Drugs $25.00 Preferred Brand Name Drugs $40.00 Non-Preferred Brand Name Drugs Home Delivery Co-Pays (46- to 90-day supply) $20.00 Generic Drugs $50.00 Preferred Brand Name Drugs $80.00 Non-Preferred Brand Name Drugs 17

18 Dental Benefits DPPO DHMO
May choose any dentist but choice determines out of pocket expense See benefits booklet for fee schedule Must choose a primary dentist and receive all services in-network United Concordia 18

19 Life Insurance MetLife Term Life Insurance Unum Term Life Insurance
Minimum Policy available $10,000 Coverage in increments of $10,000 $50,000 coverage no medical review required Maximum coverage $300,000 Enroll as new hire or during open enrollment Dependent Life – $5,000 increments, up to 50% of employees coverage, max. $150,000 Portable Accelerated benefit – 50% of the face value Must complete a designation of beneficiary form Unum Term Life Insurance Minimum Policy available $10,000 Coverage in increments of $10,000 $50,000 coverage no medical review required Maximum of 6x your salary or $750,000 Enroll anytime with medical review Dependent Life - $10,000 increments, up to 100% employee amount or $150,000, up to $20,000 without medical review Portable Accelerated benefit – 50% to $750,000 Survivor support financial counseling services Must complete a designation of beneficiary form 19

20 Accidental Death/Dismemberment & Long Term Disability
AD & D Administered through MetLife Provides a benefit in the event of accidental death or dismemberment for employee and/or family Available in increments of $100,000, $200,000 or $300,000 Must complete a designation of beneficiary form Long Term Disability Administered through Unum An Income Protection Program Maximum Income Benefit equal to 60% of employee’s salary up to $8,000 per month Must choose 90 or 365 day elimination period 20

21 Long Term Care Long Term Care Administered through Prudential
Insurance that covers expenses of care received either at home or in a facility when assistance with activities of daily living is needed Available to the employee and spouse, parents, siblings, adult, children, in-laws and grandparents To enroll visit their website at (Group Name: maryland, Password: marylandltc) 21

22 Website:
Flex Spending Flexible Spending Accounts Administered through ConnectYourCare Health Care Reimbursement Account or Day Care Reimbursement Account Redirects part of employee pay before Federal Income or Social Security Taxes are computed Allows for payment of health care expenses with tax free money Website: 22

23 Flex Spending Example With FSA Without FSA $490 Annual pay $35,000
Pre-tax contribution to FSA -$1,500 -$0 Taxable Income =$33,500 =$35,000 Federal income and Social Security taxes -$7,362 -$7,852 After-tax dollars spent on eligible expenses Spendable income =$26,138 =$25,648 Tax savings with your FSA $490 23

24 Weather & Emergency Updates
To get weather and emergency updates for all UMUC locations, please visit the UMUC Weather page ( or call SNOW. Sign up for MyAlerts ( UMUC MyAlerts will send notifications of emergency and weather-related closings to your cell phone, and more. 24

25 Contact Information Direct Deposit, W-4 , Tuition Remission, and Name/Address Changes HR Service Center – Payroll, Timesheet, and Leave Payroll Department Health and Retirement Benefits Department Employment Verifications Visit or call ; UMUC’s employer code 14819 Security Technical Support, PeopleSoft, Help Desk Visit 25

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