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Belfast Model School for Girls. Context of School 40% free school meals 18 feeder primary schools Range of feeder primary schools Support Mechanisms.

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1 Belfast Model School for Girls



4 Context of School 40% free school meals 18 feeder primary schools Range of feeder primary schools Support Mechanisms Examination results Number of pupils returning to 6 th year

5 Journey to Specialism

6 4 year community plan (ICT) (30%) Primary Schools – Carrs Glen, Forthriver, Springfield, Our Ladys, Holy Family, Currie Post-Primary Schools – Boys’ Model (KS3, KS4 & KS5 developments) St Cecilias, Derry - Sharing of Good Practice in ICT/Performing Arts, Shimna College, Newcastle Sharing of Good Practice in ICT/Modern & languages. Park School & The Lindsay School. Community Associations – Ballysillan Blue Houses, FASA, Falls Community, Shankill Women’s Centre, Barnardos.

7 Positive impact ADDED VALUE Collaboration with parents and other agencies raising the value of educational attainment in the community. VLP – Work at home (coursework / homework etc) through web-link & parental input. Complement the work of Extended / Full service school in the community sector.

8 Belfast Model School For Girls’ Full Service Extended Pilot

9 What is a Full Service Extended School? ‘one that provides a range of services and activities, during and beyond the school day, to meet the needs of its pupils, their families and the wider community.’

10 Children and Young Peoples Funding Package ‘To reduce underachievement and improve the life chances of children and young people by enhancing their educational development and fostering their health, well being and social inclusion through the integrated delivery of the support and services necessary to ensure every child has the best start in life.’  Being Healthy  Enjoying, Learning and Achieving  Living in Safety and with Stability  Experiencing Economic and Environmental Well Being  Contributing Positively to Community and Society “The 10 year Children’s Strategy”

11 Renewing Communities Eliminate child poverty by 2020; Support lone parents; Raise education levels, including literacy and numeracy Tackle economic inactivity Remove barriers to employment for those at risk of exclusion e.g. people with disabilities. 1.8 FULL SERVICE SCHOOL DEMONSTRATION PROJECT A Pilot Project; clearly demonstrating how community access, full health and social services provision and childcare can come together in a full service school.

12 Full Service Extended School Pilot Why the Belfast Model Schools?  Pupils come from areas of Social Deprivation.Deprivation  The feeder primary schools service the same community.  The new build will incorporate community provision.  Progression from Communities in Schools Programme.

13 Extended Schools in Northern Ireland Multi-deprivation index 890 (Least deprived) 1 (Most deprived) Whiterock 1Number 1 Shankill 2 Number 2 Shankill 1 Number 7 Ballysillan 1 Number 92 Ballysillan 2 Number 272 Ballysillan 3 Number 264 *

14 Stages of development Coordinators appointed in both schools. Project Initiation Document formulated and submitted to DENI. Audit in early November; Parents, Staff, Pupils and Community. Full Service School Action Plan written and agreed. Steering and Operational Teams established. Implementation January 2007.

15 Over-arching targets  Attainment Attendance Literacy and Numeracy Readiness to Learn Behaviour Progression Collaboration Cluster Primary and 5 Nursery schools. A parent forum Work with current 25 Community providers. Transition Transition Teacher - employed to plan and deliver a transition programme. 15 Primary Schools are to be included in this transition programme.

16 Full Service School Alternative Education Programme Family Counselling Music Programmes (Primary Rock) Barnardo’s Parenting Classes Parenting Coordinator BIFHE Classes Transition residentials 6th Form Mentoring Support Attendance Officer Pupil Support Unit Easter Revision Classes Coursework Clinic Sentinus Summer Scheme Transition teacher Health Outreach Parenting Room Year 8 Reading Support Student Voice Transition Family / Community Pupil

17 WHO ARE OUR PARTNERS Pupils Parents Staff Community Feeder Primary Schools Local Post Primary Schools Community and Voluntary Organisation Neighbourhood Partnerships CEPs Statutory Organisations


19 SENCO / Behaviour Modification Coordinator Pastoral VP Head of Year / Pupil, Parent / Carer Educational Psychology SPSS EWO Social Services Park Outreach Form / Subject Teacher Learning Mentors Structure prior to extended partnership working

20 SENCO / Behaviour Modification Coordinator Pastoral VP Head of Year / Pupil, Parent / Carer Educational Psychology SPSS EWO Park Outreach Form / Subject Teacher Learning Mentors FSES Coordinator Family Link Coordinator Family Attendance Coordinator Support / Partners After extending partnership working PLUS Social Services Transition Teacher

21 Support/Partners ISSUEPARTNER Self harmStreetbeat, RAYS, PIPS Anger ManagementAlternatives ParentingParents Advice Centre, Barnardo’s, BELB. Health AdviceOne-Stop-Shop, Heartstart, Health Promotion Agency, Mandy Martin, School nurse and dental service, HAZ, Health and Well-being forums. Self esteem and at risk behaviour Strength-to-Strength, Extern, PSNI, Youth Justice Service, Belfast City Council, Pathways, Include Youth Drugs AwarenessSHARPHE, SOLVE, FASA, Jackie Burke

22 ISSUEPARTNER Learning SupportBMC, EGSA, Opportunity Youth, Summer Scheme, Easter Booster classes, Coursework Clinic, Year 8 Reading Support, BELB Youth Service, LINK Centre, Pupil Support Unit. Mental HealthStreetbeat, Trust Mental Health Team, CALMS, LAMP. Young CarersLynne Nelson, Sue Cushan (Trust) Sexual HealthHYPE, SAMS, Surestart, Brook. CitizenshipShelter, Stormont, Neighbourhood Partnerships, CEP’s

23 Michael White: Director of Education: Aberdeenshire The provision of welfare and counselling services in schools would free teachers to concentrate on teaching and learning. Teachers would no longer have to be drawn into a social worker role.”

24 ISSUEPARTNER Counselling (Deals with all issues mentioned PLUS bereavement and body image issues). New Life Counselling School Counsellor Streetbeat Contact Youth Everton Complex One Stop Shop Opportunity Youth CRUISE WAVE RAINBOW Stress and Trauma Centre School PartnershipsTransition Teachers are working in all of our feeder primary schools.

25 ADVANTAGES OF PARTNERSHIP WORKING Develops a process/structure that encourages the creation of successful educational opportunities for pupils as well as opportunities to address broader community issues. Eg: drugs, teenage pregnancy etc. This must be a two way process. Professional advice and expertise is utilised. Enables networking to take place so useful partnerships can be established. Trust between these partnerships is essential. SLA’s need to be in place. Employment of a Co-ordinator facilitates this. Encourages interagency working between voluntary and statutory sector organisations to create a more integrated approach. Provides an opportunity for after school and community based activities. Provides a population for awareness rising of community activities, advertising of events, piloting of community initiatives etc. Development of a Community Newsletter/board/Website/VLE so all information is up-to-date and relevant.



28 “The purpose of a school is to help a family educate a child” Don Edgar, The Patchwork Nation WORKING IN PARTNERSHIP FACILITATES THIS

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