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Year 9 Information Evening Tuesday 2 nd October 2013.

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1 Year 9 Information Evening Tuesday 2 nd October 2013

2 Year 9 Support Team Mr Fuller Assistant Principal – KS3 Achievement Mr Whittle Year 9 Manager Mrs Wright Y 8 & 9 Student Support & Child Protection Manager Mr Smith Assistant Principal – KS3 Mrs Marsden POD Administrator

3 Worship Miss J Houghton Christian Youth Worker

4 Year 9 English – Areas of Study Writing Skills Reading Skills Speaking & Listening Study of a novel: Of Mice and Men

5 Regular Communication Assessments every half term Target setting/ reflection on learning Regular open dialogue with students Parents’ Evening

6 Course outline External exams 60% Controlled assessment 40% English Language GCSE

7 After year 10 Year 11 August 2015 Year 10 English Language GCSE Achieves grade C or above Literature GCSE Achieves grade D or below English GCSE

8 How to help your child o Ensure that your child completes English homework on time and to the highest standard he or she can o Talk to your child about what they are studying in English and ask if you can support and/ or help them

9 KS3 Progress and Beyond Key Stage 3Key Stage 4 Level 4Level 5Level 6Level 7LevelDCBAA* Key Stage 3Key Stage 4 Level 4Level 5Level 6Level 7LevelDCBAA* 4c4b4a5c5b5a6c6b6a7c7b7a8

10 KS4 Personalised Curriculum

11 Staff Management It’s about aspiration… … But not about overstretching

12 Courses GCSE’s – predominantly exams BTEC courses – coursework focus ASDAN – vocational coursework focus

13 Process Parents EveningDiscuss progress KS4 Curriculum EveningFind out about different subjects Submit FormIndicate preferences Timetable builtAcademy mechanics Subject proposalsLetter and one to one meeting ConfirmationTimetable put in to operation

14 Parental Advice How does your child learn? What are your child’s strengths & interests? Are they good at retaining vast amounts of content? Do they write well under pressure? Do they enjoy researching and building project work? Do they need a little more support in English or Maths in order to secure their target grades?

15 6 th Form

16 Attendance leads to success! Do you know the level of your child’s attendance? What does good attendance mean?

17 90% Attendance? 1 School year at 90% attendance = 4 whole weeks of lessons missed! 90% attendance over 5 school years = half a school year missed!! Research suggests that 17school days missed a year = 1 GCSE grade drop (DfE) The greater the attendance the greater the achievement.

18 Absences New government guidelines which we are obliged to follow No authorisation will be given for holidays taken during term time. Trigger point hit if pupil absent 10 sessions in a term / 20 absences in two terms

19 Parental Information

20 ipad Scheme Have you been able to return your forms?


22 Celebration of success Merits Certificates Rewards Trip Day Form Raffle: – Half termly – Individual forms – 1 entry for each demerit free week – 1 prize per form (voucher/credit towards reward trip)

23 Important Dates in the Calendar Data Capturew/c 14 th October 2013 w/c 9 th December 2013 w/c 3 rd March 2014 Parents Evening 14 th November 2013 KS4 Curriculum Evening 2 nd December 2013 Careers Roadshow 22 nd January 2014 Exams Week w/c 1 st May 2014 Reports w/c 30 th June 2014

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