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Saffron Walden County High School Year 11 Ahead Evening.

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1 Saffron Walden County High School Year 11 Ahead Evening

2 How can we ensure that students achieve their personal best? A Culture of Achievement -Ethos -Confident but not complacent -Rewarding effort Supporting Success -Form Tutors and tutorials -Mentoring and targeted support -Academic and Pastoral Liaison

3 How can we ensure that students achieve their personal best? Assessment - Coursework Catch ups - Most completed Spring Term Preparing for Examinations - Revision - Mock Exams - Learning Skills Preparing for the Future - EWB lessons to consider and apply - Careers appointments

4 Key Dates – Autumn Term 04/11Reports timetable collapse 14/11Sixth Form Open Evening 14 – 22 /11Language orals w/b 18/11Year 11 Reports Issued 20/01 onwardsMock Exams 2/ 12Deadline for Sixth Form Applications

5 Key Dates – Spring Term 27/01 onwardsSixth Form Guidance Discussions 09/01Year 11 Parents Evening w/b 13 /01Languages writing exam w/b 24/02Progress Check 1 issued w/b 24/02Language orals w/b 21/04Progress Check 2 issued

6 Key Dates – Summer Term 12/05 – 20/06Provisional period for GCSE exams w/b 23/06Year 11 into 12 induction 27/06Year 11 Ball 21/08GCSE Results Day!!

7 Attendance Absolutely vital in Year 11; controlled assessments, revision and exam planning Attendance below 85% discussed with Educational Welfare Officer and classed as Persistent Absence Please do not book holidays in school time and avoid unnecessary absence.

8 RPA From summer 2013, young people will be required to continue in education or training until at least the end of the academic year in which they turn 18. This does not have to be in school. Full-time education, such as school or college An Apprenticeship Part-time education or training if they are employed, self- employed or volunteering for 20 hours or more a week. le/participation/rpa

9 Saffron Walden County High School Sixth Form Ms H. Cox, Director of Sixth Form

10 Why think about post -16 progression now? It’s important to have plans for post 16 progression. The plans will depend on forecast GCSE grades. This is the same wherever students apply, here or elsewhere. If students apply here (and we hope they will) they have the following options:

11 10 A*- B or more ~ students could select 4 A levels of their choice. 5 A*- B ~students have a limited choice of 4 A level subjects. 5 Cs ~ students have a more limited choice of subjects and will choose fewer A levels fewer than 5Cs ~students will probably be choosing level 2 qualifications (GCSEs) Not achieving Cs in Maths and English language~ students will be doing re-sits

12 The better the GCSE performance, the more options students have!

13 Application process End September: 6 th form assembly Start November: Sixth Form prospectus available 6 th form students in tutor time Thursday 14 th November: Sixth Form Open Evening

14 Application process 27 th January to 14th February 2014: Guidance discussions for Sixth Form 28 th March 2014: Offers of places in Sixth Form- may be deferred 2nd December 2013 : Deadline for applications to Sixth Form

15 What can you do in the meantime?  Find out what ‘A’ Levels are needed. for particular careers, for courses or employment routes- eg Informed choices and university and careers websites  A careers interview arranged via Mrs Potter.  Consider their strengths- course-work versus exam performance. How does this match to particular courses in the 6 th form.  Investigate what the A level courses are all about content and assessment. The prospectus and parental handbook are on the web site.




19 YEAR 11 MATHEMATICS 2013-14 Mrs Jane Watts Acting Director of Mathematics

20 Year 11 Mathematics NO COURSEWORK Assessed by examination at the end of the course – different sessions for different sets Higher/Foundation Levels Both have a calculator and non-calculator paper Equipment

21 Three key events January mock – full analysis sent home Feb half term – after school revision starts March – “re-mock”; another full analysis sent home

22 Revision Classes Revision classes run by the mathematics department staff will run after school. Different grades are on different nights. Parent mail will tell you what is on and when. Classes open to all but some students who really need to attend are specifically invited.

23 Resources Revision Guides and Work books (approx £3-5) will be available from the Maths resources room. The Shared Network /Maths for Student contains lots of resources and information Copies of past papers and answers will be available nearer to the examination My Maths

24 Ideal site for practising skills Plenty of questions on each topic –worksheets can be downloaded Can be used at home as well as in school –each student has a unique log-in and password Automatic assessments

25 YEAR 11 ENGLISH 2013-14 Miss Helen Loizou Acting Area Co-ordinator of English

26 The removal of speaking and listening: Speaking and Listening will no longer represent 20% of the overall English / English Language GCSE qualification. The English Language exam in the summer of 2014 will now be worth 60%. Speaking and Listening will remain on the syllabus and your child will be awarded a separate Speaking and Listening qualification.

27 Implications: We will dedicate more time to the teaching of the Unit 1 exam, and students should do the same at home when revising. Students who were hoping to pick up marks via speaking and listening will instead need to focus on their reading and writing skills.

28 2 GCSE route: GCSE English Language and English Literature English Language: Completed: Creative Writing Controlled Assessment – 15% Novel Controlled Assessment – 15% Spoken Language Study Controlled Assessment– 10% Still to do: Unit 1 Exam – 60% English Literature: Completed: Shakespeare and the Literary Heritage CA – 25% Still to do: Unit 1 Exam (Modern Prose/Drama) – 40% Of Mice and Men or To Kill a Mockingbird along with either Lord of the Flies or An Inspector Calls Unit 2 Exam (Poetry) – 35% Poetry Across Time and Unseen Poetry

29 Key dates: 1x English Language exam: 3 rd June 2 x Literature exams: 20 th and 22 nd May Mocks: Literature mocks will take place in January. A Language mock will happen in March. Feedback from all mocks will be sent home.

30 1 GCSE route: English Unit 1 – Exam – 60% Unit 3 – Understanding and Producing Creative Texts – 5 Controlled Assessments – 40% (we’ve already completed one of these) Controlled Assessments will take place towards the end of each half term, and then the exam will be on 3 rd June. A first mock will take place in March, followed by a re-mock in April. Feedback will be sent home.

31 Resources Keep reading! Newspapers, websites, leaflets, autobiography, travel writing. GCSE Bitesize has been updated for new specification. Revision guides will be available to buy from school. Past paper questions online – AQA website: –English Language 4705/ English Literature 4710 –English 4700 Copies of past papers and sample answers will be available from class teachers nearer to the examination. Revision sessions will be organised prior to the exams and details sent home via parent mail.

32 Improve your English grade! Strategies to help your child achieve his/her potential.

33 YEAR 11 SCIENCE 2013-14

34 A personalised curriculum DARWINFRANKLINSTEPHENSON Biology Chemistry Physics Core Science Additional Science Applied Science BTEC 11AB1 11AB2 11AB3 11AB4 11AB5 11AB6 11AB7 11DE1 11DE2 11AB8 11DE3 11Sk1 11Sk2

35 DARWIN course Already studied: B1, C1, P1 in year 9 B2, C2, P2 in year 10 To do:- Study extension units B3, C3, P3 Revise all previous work Complete a minimum of one Controlled Assessment in each subject

36 DARWIN assessment All subject assessment consists of FOUR units, each contributing 25% to the overall mark. Hence a minimum of 3 controlled assessments, internally marked 9 exams in the summer (13 th May-23 rd June) also mock exams in January (and April) end of topic tests

37 FRANKLIN course Exams taken: B1, C1, P1 plus controlled assessments GCSE Core Science qualification awarded 2013 To do:- Additional Science units P2 (started last term), B2 & C2 a minimum of one Controlled Assessment

38 FRANKLIN assessment Additional Science consists of FOUR units, each contributing 25% to the overall mark. Hence a minimum of 1 controlled assessment, internally marked 3 exams in the summer (6, 10 and 12 June) also mock exams in January (and April) end of topic tests

39 STEPHENSON course BTEC Applied Science Students to complete one qualification- 75% coursework, 25% exam To do: complete coursework units (2, 3 and 4) complete unit 1 and revise for exam

40 STEPHENSON assessment Grades: Level 1(D) Level 2 Pass(C) Level 2 Merit(B) Level 2 Distinction(A) as long as ALL the work is completed 3 coursework units internally assessed 1 exam (November 14 th, re-sits possible) - mock exam before half term

41 Resources Mock exams and tests Past exam papers and on-line exams and mark schemes Revision websites GCSE revision guides and workbooks to buy BTEC revision guides and workbooks to buy Revision sessions after school and prior to exams After school Controlled Assessment sessions and BTEC coursework catch-up (optional and compulsory)

42 Year 11 RPE 2013-14 Mrs Una Brunwin Head of RPE

43 Majority of students in year 11 are taking full course Religious Studies GCSE (WJEC), a mixture of ethics and philosophy, a new exam for us this year. Two exam papers, no coursework. 12 th May and 4 th June. January mocks Revision guide issued to all students including all past questions. Revision classes Very important that students keep up with current affairs to inform their opinions and illustrate the topics studied e.g. medical ethics, conflict, punishment, sex and relationships, religion in society.

44 Saffron Walden County High School Year 11 Ahead Evening “What parents do with their children at home through the age range, is much more significant than any other factor open to educational influence.” DFE Research report

45 B1 11 Cresswell B2 11 Canning B3 11Wilde B4 11 Marshall B5 11 Lock B6 11 Talbot B10 11 Gosden B11 11Smith B12 11 Mackay B13 11Bell Rooms for Form tutor presentations

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