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C ERTIFICATION IN B EHAVIOR A NALYSIS Florida International University Department of Psychology.

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1 C ERTIFICATION IN B EHAVIOR A NALYSIS Florida International University Department of Psychology

2 A BOUT B EHAVIOR A NALYSIS The field of Behavior Analysis grew out of the scientific study of principles of learning and behavior. Two branches Experimental Analysis of Behavior: A natural science approach to the study of behavior as a subject matter founded by Skinner. Applied Behavior Analysis: This science in which tactics derived from the principles of behavior are applied to improve socially significant behavior.

3 A BOUT THE B EHAVIOR A NALYST C ERTIFICATION B OARD (BACB) The Behavior Analyst Certification Board is a nonprofit corporation established in 1998 to meet professional credentialing needs identified by behavior analysts, governments, and consumers of behavior analysis services. The BACB adheres to the national standards for boards that grant professional credentials. Certifications from the BACB are national.

4 W HAT IS A B OARD C ERTIFIED ASSISTANT B EHAVIOR A NALYST AND B OARD C ERTIFIED B EHAVIOR A NALYST ? Board Certified assistant Behavior Analyst (BCaBA) is a certification conferred by the Behavior Analyst Certification Board (BACB) A minimum of a bachelor’s degree is requried

5 WHAT DOES A BCaBA DO? Conducts descriptive behavioral assessments Interprets results from assessments Designs ethical and effective behavior-analytic treatment plans for clients Oversees implementation of programming in familiar cases (e.g., similar to those encountered during their training) Teach others to carry out interventions once the BCBA has trained the BCaBA BCaBAs must be supervised by a BCBA

6 S KILLS R EQUIRED TO W ORK AS A BC A BA BCaBAs must be able to work in a variety of settings comfortably dealing with people with behavior problems. Must be a team player (many times behavior analysts are part of treatment teams) They must be good observers, detail- oriented, compassionate, and possess excellent written and communication skills.

7 WHERE DO BCaBAS WORK? Most BCaBAs work in settings such as: Clinics Private family homes Group homes Foster homes Residential facilities Assisted living facilities Schools Hospitals

8 J OB O PPORTUNITIES Board Certified assistant Behavior Analysts are in demand BCaBAs can work as consultants or employees BCaBA consultants in Miami are typically paid approximately $25 to $35 an hour. BCaBA employees in Miami are typically paid a salary of approximately $30,000 to $40,000 a year

9 H OW DO I BECOME CERTIFIED ? You need to meet three requirements to become ELIGIBLE to take the BCaBA certification exam. 1. A bachelor’s degree from an accredited university 2. 180 hours of coursework in behavior analysis 3. 1000 hours of independent supervised fieldwork Upon completing the requirements for the certification exam, you must apply to take the exam, and then pass the exam to become board certified.

10 BACB C OURSEWORK R EQUIREMENT The applicant must complete a total of 180 classroom hours of instruction in behavior analysis. These hours must be allocated as per the BACB requirements in specific content areas: A.A. Ethical & Professional Conduct – 15 hours B.Concepts & Principles of Behavior Analysis – 45 hours C.Research Methods in Behavior Analysis – 15 hours D.Applied Behavior Analysis – 90 hours E.Discretionary – 15 hours

11 FIU U NDERGRADUATE B EHAVIOR A NALYSIS C OURSE S EQUENCE The FIU behavior analysis course sequence is approved by the BACB as meeting the course content requirements for the certification: EAB 3002: Introduction to Experimental Analysis of Behavior (3 credits) EAB 4794: Theories and Principles of Behavior Modification (3 credits) EAB 3765: Behavior Analysis of Child Behavior Problems (3 credits) EAB 4798: Single Case Methods (3 credits) PSY 4931: Senior Seminar in Behavior Analysis (2 credits)* * Only the “Behavior Analysis” section counts toward certification For more information visit

12 W HO TEACHES THESE COURSES ? As per BACB requirements, all courses are taught by Board Certified Behavior Analysts. The behavior analysis faculty include: Dr. Maricel Cigales, Ph.D., BCBA-D, Program Director Dr. Anibal Gutierrez, Ph.D., BCBA-D Dr. David Lubin, Ph.D., BCBA Adam Ventura, M.S., BCBA Sara Richardson, M.S., BCBA Alejandro Dominguez, M.S., BCBA

13 BACB F IELDWORK R EQUIREMENT Applicants must complete 1000 hours of Supervised Independent Fieldwork in behavior analysis. The distribution of Supervised Independent Fieldwork hours must be at least 10 hours per week, but not more than 30 hours per week, for a minimum of 3 weeks per month. Applicants must be supervised at least once every 2 weeks for 5% of the total hours they spend in Supervised Independent Fieldwork. A supervisory period is two weeks. Applicants may not start accumulating experience until they have begun the behavior analysis coursework.

14 BACB F IELDWORK R EQUIREMENTS Total hours required1000 % of supervision of total hours 5% Total number of supervision hours 50 Frequency of supervisor contact Once every two weeks

15 BACB F IELDWORK R EQUIREMENT How do I find a site to accumulate my fieldwork hours? There are several agencies in Miami that have created paid internships to meet the BACB fieldwork requirements. Can I have multiple supervisor? The BACB encourages applicants to have experiences in multiple sites and with multiple supervisors.

16 BACB F IELDWORK R EQUIREMENT What activities are appropriate for Independent Supervised Fieldwork? Conducting assessment activities related to the development of behavioral interventions Designing, implementing, and monitoring behavior analysis programs for clients Overseeing the implementation of behavior analysis programs by others Other activities normally performed by a behavior analyst that are directly related to behavior analysis (e.g., researching the literature related to the program)

17 BACB F IELDWORK R EQUIREMENT Where does supervision occur, and does it need to be documented? The supervisor (i.e., BCBA) must observe the applicant engaging in behavior-analytic activities in the natural environment at least once every two weeks. The supervisor must provide specific feedback to applicant on his/her performance. Half of the supervision meetings can be via webcam or in small groups. Supervisors are responsible for providing documentation for each supervisory period on a feedback form provided by the BACB.

18 W HEN CAN I TAKE THE EXAM ? Exams are administered four times per year. Go to for details. Exams are computer-based and offered at various testing sites. Upon meeting all of the requirements for the certification exam, you need to schedule your preferred exam administration

19 BACB INFORMATION For more information regarding behavior analyst certification, visit:

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