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CTEC2902 Advanced Programming in Visual Studio (ASP. NET + C#

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1 CTEC2902 Advanced Programming in Visual Studio (ASP. NET + C#
CTEC2902 Advanced Programming in Visual Studio (ASP.NET + C#.NET + ADO.NET) Tugrul Esendal CTEC2902 Adv Programming

2 CTEC2902 Advanced Programming
The story so far… You Studied Visual Studio & C#.NET fundamentals Want to learn more, specifically Objects and classes Database applications Let’s carry on CTEC2902 Adv Programming

3 CTEC2902 – Content Classes and Objects use …
Stuff you should know already Classes and Objects use … Data types & variables (+ assignment) Functions (with parameters) Selection & loop commands Database Applications need … Objects Built-in ADO.NET classes Your own classes (to be developed) 3-tier structure New material CTEC2902 Adv Programming

4 Is this you? CTEC2902 Adv Programming

5 Key to success - engagement in your studies
Learn a little bit regularly; e.g., every week Repeat what you have learnt Build current knowledge & experience on what has gone before Beg, borrow or download examples, BUT Understand what the code is doing DO NOT just copy and paste State your source if downloaded/borrowed code appears in your solution (otherwise, you may be accused of cheating) Do not miss labs, because The only way to learn is by practice You can get answers to tricky questions – like error messages You can get feedback on your work CTEC2902 Adv Programming

6 Assessment Phase tests > short, paper-based, in class
Activity Marks available Phase test 1 20 Phase test 2 Phase test 3 CW assignment 40 Phase tests > short, paper-based, in class Coursework > development of a database application ASP.NET + C#.NET + ADO.NET + SQL Assessments will cover year 1 and year 2 topics CTEC2902 Adv Programming

7 Coursework Assignment
A fully functional database application Complete documentation Design, testing, user guide, etc. Project management issues Academic component A working software system Demo of final system CTEC2902 Adv Programming

8 Topics for Semester 1 Topics for Semester 2 Data table structure
Rows & columns Individual data items Connect to a database Objects & classes Get data out of database SQL in stored procedures Parameters in stored procedures Display data on screen List box management HTML View data in Explorer, Word, Word Pad, etc. Ongoing: functions, parameters, data types, selection and loops Topics for Semester 2 Maintain data in a database INSERT UPDATE DELETE Create own classes (3-tier architecture) Constructors Properties Methods Implement the coursework assignment Coding Testing Demo your solution Show what it does Explain how it does it Answer questions CTEC2902 Adv Programming CTEC2902 Adv Programming 8

9 CTEC2415 Object-Oriented Programming
Remember to revise the material you studied last year CTEC2902 Adv Programming

10 CTEC2415 Object-Oriented Programming
Have a successful year and Enjoy yourselves CTEC2902 Adv Programming

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