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School Psychology at The University of Montana Missoula.

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1 School Psychology at The University of Montana Missoula

2 What do School Psychologist do? Assess for learning, emotional and behavioral difficulties that may impact school functioning Consult with other school professionals on ways to intervene with individual students Intervention Implement systemic programs and change Implement prevention efforts Staff, parent, and student education Advocacy of their learning and mental health needs

3 When Do Children Need A School Psychologist? Learning difficulties Behavior concerns Problems at home or with peers Fears about war, violence, terrorism Any mental health issues that affect school functioning ADHD, Depression, Anxiety, PDD’s, ODD, CD, etc., etc. Coping with crisis and trauma Poverty, violence, or life changing events

4 Where do School Psychologists Work? With an Ed.S.: Public and private schools (81%) May serve one school or an entire district School-based health centers Community or state agencies With a Ph.D.: Clinics and hospitals Private practice Universities (academia)

5 Job Outlook: VERY Promising! One of the top ten “best careers” in 2007 by US News and World Report Increasing Demand for Public School based positions Job opportunities are predicted to develop at a higher than average rate in foreseeable future Many current practitioners will retire in next 10 years Additionally, academia is currently experiencing a shortage of Ph.D. level School Psychologists

6 Applying to a Graduate Program GRE: Graduate Record Exam Undergraduate transcripts Letters of recommendation Personal statement(s) Practice or research interests

7 Choosing a Training Program Decide on Ph.D. or Ed.S. Career Goals Determine your specific interests Consider faculty research Size of program NASP and APA accreditation Location The School Psychologist Program at the University of Montana is the only one offered in Montana

8 Specialist (Ed.S.) vs Doctorate (Ph.D.) Ed.S. 2 years of coursework 1 year/1200 hour internship Ph.D. 4 years of coursework 1 year/1200 hour internship

9 Do I need to Major in Psychology? Degree in ed/psych is not necessarily required, but you… Should have basic background in psychology, education, or child development May need to do some coursework before starting grad school (e.g., prerequisites) Emphasize your skills

10 More Information Brochures about The University of Montana’s School Psychology Program up front E-mail Dr. Machek is a U of MT School Psychology faculty member Juliana is a second year EdS student and MASP student representative Chris is a first year PhD student in the program Other faculty and student contact info can be found on our website: asp Check out for more information

11 Thank You! We hope to hear from you!

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