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The Andover Workhouse Scandal

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1 The Andover Workhouse Scandal
Coursework 2 The Andover Workhouse Scandal

2 Question One You need to say what you can see in the source and what you can learn about workhouses from this. Give 3 examples.

3 Question Two You need to say what source B is useful for.
Then say what it is not useful for. How does the provenance affect its usefulness? Finally conclude HOW useful it is.

4 Question Three Describe the sources
Write what makes source C reliable and what makes it unreliable. Write what makes source D reliable and unreliable. Conclude which is the MOST reliable and justify your decision.

5 Question Four Which bits of each source say that there WAS a scandal?
Which bits of each source show that there WASN’T a scandal? What can you add to this argument which does not come from the sources? (Text book info, www, etc.) How far do they agree that there WAS a scandal? (Similarities and differences)

6 Question Five Describe each source.
Explain what the purpose of each source was. Explain what each source is useful for. Discuss the problems of each source.

7 Question Six Use look at the workhouse life section in particular. You need to write comparative paragraphs about how life in Andover Workhouse compared to life in other workhouses. Write about things like daily routines, food, jobs, discipline etc. Use the sources AND information you find elsewhere.

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