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Aims To learn how to write coursework To write our introduction.

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1 Aims To learn how to write coursework To write our introduction

2 I am going to talk you through how to tackle a coursework question from start to finish. You will complete subsequent coursework much more independently… so pay attention!

3 TASK Write down five reasons why coursework is important –1 –2 –3 –4 –5

4 Things to remember about coursework IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBLILTY Write the question at the top of the answer Hand it in on time –It will allow me to mark it and add suggestions –It will still be fresh in your mind –It’s very easy to get behind quickly Get someone to proof read it for you before handing it in Save it somewhere safe

5 PEE Structure your answers clearly. Using point, evidence explain is a good mechanism for doing this –REMEMBER the Evidence is the most important part and the part which will get you the highest grade. Make sure you squeeze as much meaning as you can from each point.

6 Structure Have clear sections Use good connectives to add cohesion to your essay

7 Connectives TASK –If you are starting a new paragraph on a similar subject, write down three connectives that you could use “Similarly…”

8 TASK –If you are starting a new paragraph with an alternative point of view to the previous paragraph, write down three connectives you could use “On the other hand…”

9 The question What Cinematic Techniques Make the Chase Scene of ‘Casino Royale’ Effective? Highlight the key words

10 The introduction What information do you need to give your reader in your introduction? –W–What you are going to be writing about –A–Address the question –N–No analysis

11 This introduction would be ok… The director of Casino Royale, Martin Campbell uses a variety of cinematic techniques. These include signs, stereotypes, sounds and camera angles. The film fits into the action genre and is typical of the genre because it has chase scenes, explosions and a clear hero at the centre of the story.

12 But this would be great… Casino Royale was widely regarded as one of the best Bond films yet produced. Part of the reason for this success was Martin Campbell’s innovative direction throughout the film, and especially in the opening chase scene. During this scene he uses a variety of cinematic techniques that combine to make it dynamic, memorable and wholly in keeping with the James Bond genre. His subtle use of signs and stereotyping combined with a wide range of different camera angles as well as exciting diegetic and non-diegetic sound result in a high impact opening that sets up the rest of the film for the audience.

13 Now it’s your turn

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