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CWCS-Coursework Completion System Project Overview/Update CWCS Team Member-District Liaison: Jan Haven.

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1 CWCS-Coursework Completion System Project Overview/Update CWCS Team Member-District Liaison: Jan Haven

2 Outline 1.Where We Have Come 2.Right Here, Right Now 3.Where We Are Moving 4.Moving for The Customer 5.Building the Momentum 2

3 Purpose of CWCS CWCS (Coursework Completion System:  An extension of the Individual Student Enrollment System (ISES) CWCS intended to capture:  data on all K3 –12 students  The courses a student takes (using standard codes)  The teacher(s) teaching the course and  Other characteristics of the section and course 3

4 So…? Learned lessons from previous roll-outs Got the right people with the right background around the table Gave districts a voice Closed the communication gap Executed a plan Reflected and revised 4

5 CWCS Phase 1 (SY2010-11) Pilot I and II: January/February (8-10) districts Dry run training with pilot districts First collection period March – May 2011 for –first quarter, semester, trimester Second collection period May - August 2011 –second or third quarter, semester, trimester –annual 2010-11 course data 5

6 Training for CWCS Success

7 Training- Boots on the Ground 7 CESALocationAMPMDate 2Madison9.00 - 12None24th Feb 4West Salem8:30 - 1212:30 - 44th Mar 6Oshkosh8:30 - 1212:30 - 47 th Mar 2Madison8:30 - 1212:30 - 49 th Mar 1Waukesha8:30 - 1212:30 - 415 th Mar 10Chippewa Falls8:30 - 1212:30 - 428 th Mar 7Green Bay8:30 - 1212:30 - 45 th Apr 14 total workshops March 3 rd to present 12 three and one half hour on-site workshops -528 on-site participants -from Administrative Assistants to District Administrators

8 2 webinar trainings held by DPI staff -97 webinar participants Trainings on deck -CESA 5 and 2R Charter Schools 8

9 Survey Says… Feedback from training participants –1,…,4 Scale: Agree/Disagree 9 QuestionsGrade Total Average of Effective Use of Visual Aids3.4 Total Average of Handouts organized and prepared3.5 Total Average of Found resource material useful3.5 Total Average of Time spent appropriately on each topic3.2 Total Average of Instructors Demonstrated knowledge of content 3.6 Total Average of Instructors Demonstrated willingness to meet participant needs 3.5 Total Average of I was fully present and actively participated3.4 Total Average of Co-participants were actively involved and supported in the learning process 3.4

10 Support and Alternative Learning- Working for you DPI Help Desk Customer Support for Questions and User Issues 10

11 CWCS Landing Page – User Friendly 11

12 Training –Recorded Web Conferences –Posted Presentations –Web Tutorials – in the future –User Guide 12

13 Progress Report Right Here, Right Now

14 Progress 14

15 Progress 15

16 Progress 16

17 Locking Down 17 DistrictWSWCTLock Date 1295-Darlington Community109036504/02/2011 2184-Glendale-River Hills95120803/29/2011 4543-Prairie du Chien Area201681403/29/2011 1085-Chilton177375403/25/2011 1218-Crandon62136203/24/2011 3094-Linn J627120703/22/2011 5306-Shell Lake133157803/22/2011 5817-Twin Lakes #466027803/18/2011 1141-Clintonville243884603/14/2011 4368-Pittsville606104904/05/2011 5439-South Milwaukee962615504/05/2011 Locked defined as: Performed when all the data for that school/district has been submitted, validated and found to be error free Number of schools locked: 106 Number of districts locked: 11/442 (2.48%)

18 We Are Listening… Application Development: Putting the Pieces In Place Example –Emergency Fix: a. An emergency fix is being implemented today to support HTML formatting for report viewing in Firefox 3.x. b. An emergency fix is being implemented to correct an issue with teacher last names. These errors were created by the system pulling suffix (Jr., Sr., Dr., etc.) information in the last name field. This fix will go into effect next Monday, March 21. 18

19 Communication

20 Weekly Communications Since January 28,2011 to March 25, 2011 Now Bi-weekly and As Needed

21 WSLS – ISES – Discipline – CWCS Collection Windows WSLS CWCS CW 1 CWCS CW 3 ISES CD/YE Phase 1 - School Year 2010 - 2011 Phase 2 - School Year 2011 - 2012 ongoing 3/14–5/23 CWCS CW 2 Summer School (NA) 9/16 8/1–10/17 10/1–11/30 CWCS CW 1 6/1–8/31 8/1–11/30 Discipline 3 rd Friday ISES CC 1/15–4/30

22 Process Check CW1 data collection closes on May 23 rd, 2011 Suggested Benchmarks for week of April 11 th : (Completed or participated in trainings) –Completed district course mapping process to Wisconsin Course Codes (NCES) –Uploaded the latest version of SIS software –Extracted section/course/teacher data file(s) from SIS system –Uploaded section/course/teacher data file(s) to DPI CWCS If completed section/course/teacher file have uploaded successfully aim for: –Extracted section/student/completion data file(s) for upload from SIS –Uploaded student data file(s) to DPI CWCS 22

23 Next Steps: CWCS Phase 2 (SY2011-12) Planning sessions beginning mid April 2011 with modification regarding –optional data fields to required –NCES prior to secondary course codes –teacher role –eliminate PI-1215 Course Offerings Report 23

24 Our Customers

25 The Customer CWCS Focus: –A customer-centric approach; a dedication of the entire team with a commitment to the user –Everyone matters in the delivery of product and service with CWCS 25

26 The Customer 26 Dr. Evers’s Quotable Quotes from our Customers: “Knowing you are willing to support me.” “Assurance from DPI staff to assist districts!” “The help being offered and knowing we need help. The willingness to work with the vendors and people entering CWCS. The handouts are great.” “The three presenters today did a great job. Keep putting these kinds of people out to lead us!” “I love the idea of connecting new users with more seasoned users so they can be mentored.” “The opportunity to ask questions and network.” “Keep the communication coming in all forms…the more frequently I read, view or participate…the more I get it!” "

27 TOGETHER as a team we WILL make the difference for ALL LEARNERS across Wisconsin! ONWARD! Thank You! 27

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