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Collection-Building Programs at the Center for Research Libraries August 19, 2010.

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1 Collection-Building Programs at the Center for Research Libraries August 19, 2010

2 CRL Presenters Bernie Reilly President Mary Wilke Member Liaison and Outreach Services Director Virginia Kerr Digital Program Manager

3 Agenda CRL Collections OverviewBernie Reilly Collection ProgramsMary Wilke –Demand Purchase Program –Scholars’ Access Program –Purchase Proposal –Shared Purchase Electronic ResourcesVirginia Kerr –LLMC Questions and answers

4 CRL Global Resources 250 academic and independent research libraries United States Canada Hong Kong

5 CRL Global Resources Supporting advanced research and teaching in the humanities, sciences, and social sciences

6 CRL Global Resources Ensuring the availability of primary sources through preservation and acquisition

7 CRL Global Resources A shared collection of 5 million books, journals, archives, documents, and newspapers

8 CRL Global Resources Communities of interest identifying and sharing information about critical and at-risk source materials

9 Collection Programs Mary Wilke Member Liaison and Outreach Services Director (773)955-4545 Ext. 351


11 Demand Purchase Program Categories eligible: Foreign Doctoral Dissertations from institutions in countries outside of the U.S. and Canada Newspapers for which CRL owns at least one day of a newspaper title (foreign or domestic) Archival material from national governments, NGOs, and other organizations and institutions

12 Demand Purchase Program Demand Purchase Requests are triggered by an ILL request. Borrowing note field in ILL request should include: “if not owned, please purchase” $2,000 limit per patron per fiscal year (including Scholars’ Access) Patron is the individual patron not the member library First-come, first-served basis as funds permit

13 Demand Purchase Examples Dissertations: Population geography of the refugee camps in the West Bank Newspapers: Jornal do Brasil: Suplemento Dominical Archives: SALDRU Clippings Collection (Southern Africa Labour & Development Research Unit)

14 Scholars’ Access Program Provide access to material that may not be added to our collection Triggered by email to Outreach Services Director Minimum cost $300, patron should acknowledge program in any published or presented results. $2,000 limit per patron per fiscal year (including Demand Purchases) Patron is the individual patron, not the member library First-come, first-served basis as funds permit.

15 Scholars’ Access Program

16 Purchase Proposal Program Collections in any format that are often too costly for individual institutions to acquire Cost $1,000 or more Not readily available through interlibrary loan from others Form a coherent unit or easily definable class Electronic resources can be nominated Nominations open from January through end of September Nominations generic username password sent to the contact at member libraries

17 Purchase Proposal Acquisitions Doctoral Dissertations from Israel in the subject matter of Jewish and Israel Studies Arab-American newspapers The German Colonial Archives Reichskolonialamt R100 時事新報 (The China Times [Shanghai]) 1911- 1949

18 Shared Purchase Proposal Program Voluntary program, those who wish pledge funds for cooperative purchase Could be sets that were not of wide enough interest to warrant purchase through the Purchase Proposal program Could be sets for which a library may not wish to wait for the Purchase Proposal Ballot Items purchased are available to all CRL members.

19 Shared Purchase Program Contributing libraries for FY2010 University of Arizona University of British Columbia University of California – Berkeley University of California – Los Angeles Colby College University of Colorado, Boulder Columbia University Cornell University Duke University University of Iowa McGill University University of Oregon Oregon State University University of Pennsylvania Princeton University Purdue University University of Washington Wayne State University

20 Shared Purchase Program Comintern Archives: Files of the Communist Party of Japan. List Price $25,080 Islam-Fiche: Readings from Islamic Primary Sources (Series I-II). List Price $3,328 Nihon shokuminchi kyoiku seisaku shiryo shusei: Chosenhen Collection of Japanese Colonial Documents on Education Policy: Korea. List Price $18,245 Women in the Netherlands East Indies. Part 2: 1912-1960 List Price $8,045 USD

21 CRL ’ s Cooperative Program Timeline

22 Electronic resources: new ways to build collections for CRL Libraries Virginia Kerr Director of Digital Resources (773)955-4545 Ext. 265

23 1. In-house digitization (digital delivery) 2. Collaborative digitization initiatives 3. Negotiated discounts for licensed content Electronic Resources: new ways to build collections

24 Collaborative Digitization World Newspaper Archive Member funded: over 60 charter contributors, plus other CRL libraries offered moderate, scaled purchase price Modules available on NewsBank platform: Latin America Sub-Saharan Africa South Asia (open trial over 8/9/10)

25 Collaborative Digitization American Periodicals from Center for Research Libraries (APCRL) CRL content digitized and distributed by ProQuest Over 300 trade and popular journal titles (3 million page goal), some from CRL members CRL discounts for purchase Digital ILL for all CRL libraries

26 Collaborative Digitization EThOS (British Library’s Electronic Theses Online Service) CRL has sponsored accelerated digitization of 400 priority titles we hold in microfilm – majority are Islamic themes Demand purchase – funding individual titles requested by researchers

27 New undertaking with Law Libraries Microform Consortium (LLMC) LLMC-Digital database: 20 million pages converted legal and government texts Access open to all CRL libraries in FY11 Collaborative Digitization: consortium partnership

28 Joint Steering Committee -- Guide identification of collections for future digitization from CRL and other repositories -- Support CRL libraries’ research interests, particularly area studies – African, Latin American, etc. -- Over 5 million pages added to LLMC-Digital annually

29 Electronic resource collection building: negotiated discounts Specialized resources often not obtained through regional consortia (news, area studies primary resources, etc.) FY10 Purchase Proposal identified digital collections, two prioritized (Mass Observation, Making of the Modern World) Discounts jointly offered with NERL in May 2010 Very favorable discount; member interest but modest take-up (titles already marketed)

30 Electronic resource collection building: negotiated discounts For FY11: gauge member interest during pre- release, leverage scaled negotiated rates for local purchase Timing keyed to product release instead of purchase ballot schedule? Two titles: Foreign Office Files for Afghanistan (Adam Matthew), Times of India (ProQuest Historical Newspapers) We will hold teleconferences to discuss options on 8/30 & 9/8 -- look for e-mail notices

31 Open Discussion Please join us for a discussion with our presenters. Press *6 to unmute your phone to ask a question, or submit your comments to the online chat.

32 CRL Contact Information Bernie Reilly, President, Mary Wilke, Member Liaison and Outreach Services Director, Virginia Kerr, Director of Digital Resources,

33 Upcoming Webinars  Subject Webinar – New CRL Digital Resources in Law and Government (LLMC-Digital) September 22, 2010, 1:00 – 2:00 p.m. CDT  General Webinars – CRL Collections and Services August 31, 2010, 11:00 a.m. –1 2:00 p.m. CDT October 13, 2010, 1:00 – 2:00 p.m. CDT Visit to

34 For More Information  Fill out our follow-up survey: Building_Programs_Survey_Aug_2010 Building_Programs_Survey_Aug_2010  This presentation will be posted at and on YouTube:  Visit  Sign up for CRL Connect:  Find CRL on Facebook

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