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Agenda Americans for a Better Future & the Dallas Tea Party October 14, 2009 6:30 Meet and Greet 7:00 Introduction 7:05 Current Status of Healthcare Legislation.

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1 Agenda Americans for a Better Future & the Dallas Tea Party October 14, 2009 6:30 Meet and Greet 7:00 Introduction 7:05 Current Status of Healthcare Legislation 7:15 State of Our Education System Linda – Introduction and SBOE Clayr – Education in local universities Rusty – Education objectives of the Left Forrest – Education in local public grade school Linda – Discussion, including actions to take 8:00Last Thoughts 8:15 Adjourn “When the government fears the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny.” Thomas Jefferson

2 Healthcare Bill Status Senate Finance Committee voted to approve the suggested healthcare "compromise" from Sen. Max Baucus (14-9) It would not immediately create a public option, but would force most Americans to purchase health insurance. CBO said proposed plans are likely to increase healthcare costs, and that those costs would be passed to consumers, drastically raising the cost of healthcare for individuals and their families. CBO estimated cost to be an additional $829 billion, though the Senate Budget Committee estimated cost closer to $1.8 trillion. Taxpayer money would go to companies that provide abortions. Amendments to restrict funding to abortion providers failed. Texas Senator John Cornyn voted against the legislation. Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison plans to vote against the bill when it reaches the full Senate.

3 All Healthcare Bills Health Advisory Commission to set standards with limited choice Health Insurance Exchange of standard plans Non-profit Co-ops, with seed money provided by the government (so government control over co-ops) Public Option still in play Individual and employer mandates Lots of fees and taxes Redistribution of wealth More costs overall, more costs for individuals Most important cost savings ideas not included – tort reform, high deductible policies, cross state insurance Grants for medical education and promised government jobs ?

4 Action to Take on Healthcare Write, email, fax, and call as much as you can - Especially to Blue Dogs and Senators Go to “Actions to Take” Tab on Website for helpful links Participate in Dallas Tea Party protests and rallies Write letters to the newspaper


6 Curriculum in Dallas Public Schools Standards set at the State level as to curriculum content & books, with a lot of direction coming from the NEA School districts decide policy within limited guidelines from the State, and school districts follow difference approaches Lewisville gives a lot of freedom to the schools and teachers Plano is very structured and doesn’t allow deviation Schools / principals decide curriculum and books within guidelines provided to them Teachers may have some limited choice over books to use Some guidelines on what they should or should not say But they can do whatever they want in the classroom And there is no oversight over how teachers teach so they

7 State Board of Education (SBOE) and Curriculum Standards This year, teams of volunteers are working in Austin to review & rewrite social studies academic standards for Texas public schools. Bill Ames is a member of the U.S. History writing team. See the 3 articles written by Bill Ames for Texas Insider in September 2009, and also posted on our website under the Education tab. A group of educators (many who are liberal activists) have descended on Austin to rewrite U.S. history. The are revising the story of the most successful experiment in history and they are replacing it with their own negative view of America told through an overly multicultural lens of victimization and oppression of minorities and women. On 16 writing teams, a group over 100 people, Bill was 1 of only 4 Texans who represented interests outside the education establishment. However, Texas Education Code says SBOE, with direct participation of educators, parents, business and industry representatives, and employers will identify essential knowledge and skills of each subject of the required curriculum.

8 SBOE Curriculum Standards Most social studies teachers in Texas are not radical, but leftist-activist minority show up to create new standards and impose their ideology on Texas parents and their impressionable children. Two Agendas according to Bill Ames: (1) Negativism - Paint U.S. history in as negative light as possible through dwelling on the negative, even coloring overall positive events in terms of any negative effects. Teach students to grow up thinking that America is an oppressive capitalist plot to undo the working class. (2) Multiculturism - Attempt to add as much multicultural content as possible, with little regard for historical significance. In covering significant military leaders of WWII, Gen. Omar Bradley and George Patton were removed, replaced by Oveta Culp Hobby and black Colonel Benjamin O.Davis (reason given – they were “firsts”). But “firsts” Orville and Wilbur Wright were removed and an African- American female stunt pilot Bessie Coleman added. And “first” Neil Armstrong was removed.

9 SBOE Curriculum Standards Result will be to eliminate our real history. Multi-culturalism trumps historical significance. Instead of Western Civilization’s role in creating the most successful country in the world’s history, The story will be historical events told in the context of how they caused oppression and exploitation of minorities and women. Emphasis on social issues that divide, rather than on achievements and patriotic passion that unite, have led to negative descriptions of America’s finest achievements. Largely because of their size, Texas and California set the standards for curriculum and textbooks used throughout the rest of the country.

10 A Few Sample Changes in the Social Studies Standards Kindergarten – Removes children’s biography of George Washington. 1 st Grade - Removes Independence Day as a holiday, and adds San Jacinto Day. 6th Grade – Removed Christmas from list of religious holidays. 8 th Grade – Removes the phrase “describe how religion contributed to the growth of representative government in the American colonies.” High School World History – Removes John Lockes’ two treatises of Government and English Common Law. High School Government – Removes reference to the private sector as helping improve consumer products and only mentions government- assisted research. High School Economics – Changes “free enterprise system” to “capitalist” throughout the document. History Since Reconstructions – Adds political groups, only liberal ones (NAACP, LULAC, NOW and others). No conservative political groups. In General – Takes out key historical figures in favor of unknown or little known diversity figures.

11 What To Do Go to to find your SBOE rep SBOE District 12 – Geraldine Tincy Miller in Dallas SBOE District 13 – Mavis Best Knight in Dallas CONTACT THEM – Tell them that you want social studies that are accurate, that don’t try to radicalize students, that represent America as the great country that it is, etc. Be a watchdog of the press – Google SBOE Social Studies and see what comes up – write letters to the newspaper

12 Events Scheduled Evening of November 5 – Bill Ames to speak about the importance of the rewriting of Texas Social Studies Curriculum Standards (Time and Place will be posted on the website.) November 18-20 – Another SBOE meeting during which time extensive public testimony is to be considered – You can be in Austin to personally testify January 13-15 - Meeting of SBOE in Austin – Public can attend and make presentation on one day – Write your state board rep Note: Bill Ames is in Austin this week meeting with the Austin Tea Party group

13 Bottom Line There is strong participation by liberal activists – school boards, standards groups, opinion writers, etc There is strong liberal representation in TEA and SBOE There is liberal bias of the newspapers We must pay attention We must participate

14 Clayr, a recent graduate of SMU Clayr explains what she sees on University Campuses based on her experience at three local universities - TCU, SMU, UTD – and one community college - Brookhaven Community College Students are influenced by the liberal collegiate philosophies: Professorships are endowed by donors where donors can control what is being taught in the classrooms. Professors have free reign to teach what they want regardless of course topic and they are free to push their agendas (Example: In course called Intro to Sociology, professor dwelled on religion, read a lot from the Koran, and said that Jesus Christ and his followers were murderers.) Wellness classes promote the need to embrace differences, and go overboard by telling students with conservative views that they should abandon their personal values and become more well-rounded. University goes beyond supporting different lifestyles – by actively promoting an attitude of victimization for gay/ lesbian/ transgender students and providing preferential treatment. Coordinators act as advocates for students while they are away and can easily influence the viewpoints of students.

15 Rusty, retired attorney Rusty discusses his concern about what is happening in our public schools and in our universities, and the secular progressive agenda that is being carried out in the schools. Rusty reviews Rules for Radicals by Saul Alinksy, which explains the tactics being used by Progressives to transform our public schools and indoctrinate students from a young age. Rusty reviews One-Party Classroom – subtitled “How Radical Professors at America’s Top Colleges Indoctrinate Students and Undermine Our Democracy” - by David Horowitz.

16 Forrest, father of young children Forrest explains his concerns about the public schools and his reasons for pulling his children out of public schools in favor of home schooling

17 How to Make a Difference in Public Schools Try to get involved as volunteers in the State Board of Education activities Monitor activities of the State Board and protest when needed Monitor newspaper reporting and Op-Eds, and write opposing letters to the newspapers Monitor standards of your school district and schools Volunteer to work in schools GET INVOLVED!

18 How to Make a Difference at University Level Get involved in universities in administrative or advisory positions TEACH! Consider getting teaching positions, even if part-time and in night schools Volunteer with student groups on campus and promote community even Recruit young people on college campuses GET INVOLVED!


20 What is Our Position on Education We want learning that prepares our children for productive employment in today’s global competitive and technological environment We want pay for performance – free up the principals to evaluate and reward teachers based on student achievement We want teaching that is factual, and not burdened with political correctness and overdone diversity We want transparency and accountability for teachers and administrators We want parents to have the ability to select schools that are right for their children, and not be trapped in a failing school We want Charter schools We want parents to have input at the local level as to what is age appropriate education

21 EVENTS ON THE HORIZON 1.Government takeover of student loans – banning private student loans and enabling government to decide who should get loans and for what career choices 2. Bank Pay Regulation – for all employees in all banks over $1 billion 3. Net Neutrality – to enable the government to control the Internet 4. Card Check – to give unions advantage in forming new unions 5. Cap and Trade vote coming soon 6. Mandatory Civil Service to be proposed - for 3-4 years for ages 18-25 7. Legalize illegal aliens so they can have healthcare 8. Bailouts for newspapers ??? 9. New World Economic Order being proposed at G20 10. Decision on troop strength & potential new strategy in Afghanistan 11. Governor races in New Jersey and Virginia, vote is on Nov 3 12. Amendments to Texas Constitution on ballot Nov 3 See League of Women Voters -

22 LAST THOUGHTS Need to get more involved in power structures and positions of influence – school boards, school standards panels, teaching positions, city council, other local government Look for true conservatives to serve as leaders – Send suggestions for Faces for the Future – Let your friends and associates know Hold another working session to write letters Making a Difference Visit Working to complete See Lots of Links, Healthcare, Education Other tabs under development What’s New on home page and each topic tab Each Tab – Our Position, What’s New, Recommended Reading

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