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Electoral Process

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1 Electoral Process

2 Nominating Candidates Pre- Primary Candidates declare run for office Obama announces run. McCain announces run.



5 Primary Closed: Open: Runoff: Nonpartisan: Only party members Anyone can vote No majority- top two face off All candidates on same party

6 Campaigns Candidate visibility Media involvement Polling

7 Living Room Candidate: Campaign Commercials SNL “Dem Debate”- media perception and satire: SNL Democratic Debate #2 Video on new media: New Media 2.0 Email of PAC get out the vote for endorsed candidate: Move On

8 Campaign Financing Party Assistance Political Action Committees Private Donors Public Funding Personal Financing

9 Regulation Financial Disclosure Contribution Limits –$1,000 per indiv. –$5,000 per group (PAC) –$20,000 per year to a political party –$25,000 per year overall

10 Elections & Voting Types –Primary –General –Special

11 Administration –When elections are held? –How elections are conducted? –Type of Ballots Secret Ballot Absentee Ballot –Voting by Mail –Contested Elections

12 Florida 2000: Bush v Gore Florida Recount VideoFlorida Recount Video

13 Requirements Today –Property and Tax –African Americans –Women –Age –Citizenship –Residence –Registration Status

14 Campaigns & Public Good Criticisms Nonvoting –Role of The Media –Negative Campaigning –Voter Alienation –Registration Requirements –Weakened Political Parties

15 Voting Behavior –Party Identification –Issues –Candidate’s Record and Image –Voter’s Background

16 Voting behavior & CA Upcoming Governor Election

17 Benefits –Encouraging Debate –Providing Information

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