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NERC ATC STANDARDS Update Aaron Staley, PE Oct 2013.

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1 NERC ATC STANDARDS Update Aaron Staley, PE Oct 2013

2 Agenda PSA on Voting Current Standards Process to date Proposed Standard Views expressed are my own and are not sanctioned comments by OUC, NERC or the Standard Drafting Team.

3 Public Service Announcement: Vote! Voting is critical If in doubt Abstain

4 If you have a concern Good: Respond to the ballot Better: Join Moda Plus list Best: Attend SDT meetings

5 3 Steps to voicing a concern The Issue –Be Brief, be clear Suggest Standard language –Clarifies concern –Suggests a solution Rationale (Optional) Use punctuation (1), (R1.2-a)

6 NERC ATC Standards MOD 001 ATC MOD 004 CBM MOD 008 TRM MOD 028 Area Interchange MOD 029 Rated System Path MOD 030 Flowgate

7 Development So Far Jan – June 2013: informal team Summer 2013: SAR and Initial Ballot Aug-Sept: SDT review comments Oct: Successive Ballot (currently)

8 Team Concerns Protect Reliability Clear route to evidence Proving Negatives Do not penalize voluntary cooperation Minimize administrative burden Respect regional differences

9 Informal Standard Development Ad Hoc Group discussed –Experiences with existing standards –FERC Directives –Paragraph 81 –Independent Review comments… Jan – April: Revised Existing May – July: New Mod 001

10 The Standard R1: Determine TTC/TFC R2: Determine ATC/AFC R3: Disclose CBM R4: Disclose TRM R5: Response to questions R6: Sharing Data

11 Missing Requirements? Retired Requirements –Administrative –Instructive/Definitions NAESB –Market based requirements

12 Review Standard

13 Final Thought Contact Ryan Stewart to join MODA Plus – Remember to VOTE! Remember to tell us if you like something!

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