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Welcome to. THE TOPIC last year it was about WHO are you?

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1 Welcome to


3 last year it was about WHO are you?

4 this year it is about WHERE are you?


6 Living in Southern California!

7 8 Reasons Why Art in LA Is the Way it is

8 8. Sun David Hockney

9 7. Surf-Skate-Street Shepard Fairey

10 6. Sprawl Ed Rusche

11 5. Schools April Greiman

12 4. Settlers SPARC Murals

13 3. Space Craig Kauffman

14 2. Simon Simon Rodia

15 1. Stars Will Connell

16 So, respond to Life in Los Angeles (metro-area)

17 Guest Speaker

18 Dr. Eileen Wallis Eileen V. Wallis was born and raised in Los Angeles. She received her MA from Cal State Sacramento and her PhD from the University of Utah. She is the author of "Earning Power: Women and Work in Los Angeles, 1880- 1930." She current teaches in Cal Poly Pomona's History Department where she offers classes on the history of Los Angeles, California, the American west, and U.S. Women's History.

19 California Myth-reality-myth Dr. Eileen V. Wallis, History Department








27 Robert Ord’s survey of the pueblo of Los Angeles, 1849.




31 Huntington Beach, 1940

32 “Migrant Mother,” [Florence Owens Thompson] Nipomo, CA, 1936. Imperial Valley—People in Camps, 1935.




36 Disneyland as it appeared in 1955.

37 Disneyland in 1970.



40 And now a word from ASA about the POTLUCK and PRIZES!


42 1. If you have a studio class this quarter, you are required to participate

43 2. If you are an art major, not in a studio class you CAN participate

44 3. If you know of someone who is NOT able to make it to either the kick off meeting, please alert them of the project

45 4. If you are not able to be here for the hanging due to work or an internship, you must find someone who is willing to check your work in and hang your work for you

46 5. Your work can be in any media you wish – including motion and video

47 6. Your work can be any size you wish – however it must be mounted or presented in a professional manner

48 7. Your work must be ORIGINAL – from scratch. You can not use prior projects

49 8. You must check in with your completed work on Wednesday, January 26 from 1pm to 4pm

50 9. Work can not be checked in after that time so do not be late

51 10. Work is to be hung in designated areas of Building 13 with a REMOVABLE adhesive. (in other words do not mar the walls) And do not disturb the white tiles in the ceiling if you are hanging things

52 11. Video, Motion Graphic and Website work will be displayed in Room 1235

53 12. Work can NOT be hung in the elevator vestibule on the ground floor

54 13. Work can not be hung on the glass doors in and out of this building

55 14. You will be given 2 stickers with a number to identify your work- One sticker should go on the back of your work One sticker should be stuck on the wall close to your work

56 15. All work MUST be taken down at 7pm, January 26th

57 16. HOLD ON TO YOUR WORK! Faculty will be selecting works for a BEST of SHOW for next Spring. Artists that are selected will be notified to submit their for this show So make sure you maintain your work and do not destroy it If it is a time sensitive piece, please document it fully.

58 17. You will be given 1 ballot to vote for 1 piece during the judging times 4pm – 7pm

59 18. If your work is being submitted by someone else, your ballot will NOT be given to them but held should you show up late If you do not come at all, you can not vote

60 19. All ballots must be turned in by 7pm – no late ballots will be counted

61 20. Have a good time and be expressive And enjoy this experiment

62 In LA Art Anything/Everything is Possible

63 2012


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