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Progressive Legislation

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1 Progressive Legislation
Chapter 18 Section 2 Progressive Legislation

2 Summarize the Progressives’ views on regulating business.
Progressives sought government regulation to protect workers’ rights and business competition. They opposed government control Except in the cases of companies that supplied services like water and electricity

3 Social Welfare Program
Progressives believed that government ought to increase its responsibility for the well-being of people Social welfare programs would help insure a minimum standard of living Unemployment benefits Accident and health insurance Social security for disabled and elderly

4 Municipal Many of the earliest Progressive reforms were made at the city, or municipal, level

5 Give examples of government reforms and social welfare programs at the municipal and state levels during the progressive era. Municipal- public baths in Detroit; free kindergarten in Toledo State- workers’ accident insurance, child labor legislation

6 Home Rule A system that gives cities a limited degree of self-rule
Allows cities to escape domination by state governments controlled by political machines or by business or rural interests

7 Direct Primary An election in which citizens vote to select nominees for upcoming elections

8 Initiative A process in which citizens can put a proposed new law directly on the ballot in the next election by collecting voters’ signatures on a petition

9 Describe the effect of each of these reforms: a. )home rule; b
Describe the effect of each of these reforms: a.)home rule; b.)direct relief; c.) initiative. Home rule- frees cities from domination by state governments Direct primary– voters, not party leaders, choose candidates Initiative- voters introduce a bill, then vote on it in the next election

10 Referendum A process that allows citizens to approve or reject a law passed by the legislature

11 Recall Procedure that permits voters to remove public officials from office before the next election

12 Holding Company A firm that buys up stocks and bonds of smaller companies In doing so, it creates a monopoly Railroads tended to do this

13 What reforms did Theodore Roosevelt achieve under his square deal?
Antitrust activism; railroad regulation; transforming Interstate Commerce Commission into first regulatory agency; Pure Food and Drug Act; Meat Inspection Act; protecting the environment

14 Choose 2 constitutional amendments passed during the Progressive Era and explain how they expanded the role of government in citizens’ lives. 16th Amendment- Congress could create an income tax 17th Amendment- direct election of senators 18th Amendment- Prohibition 19th Amendment- Women’s suffrage

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