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In each of the following categories please vote for ONE male and ONE female winner To be awarded at the Senior Cookout.

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1 In each of the following categories please vote for ONE male and ONE female winner To be awarded at the Senior Cookout

2   April 9 – 13, 2012  Dress Up Days:  Monday: Kindergarten Day  Tuesday: Favorite Famous Character Day (Superhero or Cartoon or Television or Movie or Music)  Wednesday: Senior Shirt Day  Thursday: Early 90s Day  Friday: Hippy Day Senior Week 2012


4  Best Hair 1Tyrone Randy 2Isaac Lopez 3Jonathan Burnette 4Terrell White-Barrino 5Armando Salgado 6Yosunie Pulido 7Jazmine Hudson 8Stephanie Bahena 9Ebony Segal 10Jasmine Brown 11Christina Beltran 12Gezela Ramos 13Janet Nguyen

5  Most Attractive 14Reeve Vandersaar 15Fili Zavala 16Hootie Cabbell 17Boris Relja 18Ricardo Robles 19Devonte Thornton 20Zach Johnson 21Ilse Rodriguez 22Jamirya Weatherly 23Yuleni Romero 24Diana Nunez

6  Biggest Flirt 25 Saquante Rosser 26 Logan Alexander 27 Deonte Brown 28 Jacari Edmonds 29 Gael Pesina 30 Fili Zavala 31 Evan Phillips 32 Gezela Ramos 33 Sequoyah Brown 34 Essence Trice 35 Marianna Lavender

7  Most Conceited 36 Nick Fluker 37 Maurice Boney 38 Devonte Thornton 39 Gustavo Gomez 40 Brandon Brown 41 Saquante Rosser 42 Nelson Hernandez 43 Aking Ismael 44 Patrice Brown 45 Vahnessa Jourdan 46 Judith Juarez 47 Se'Keria Cody 48 Laquinda Morris

8  Craziest Laugh 51Corey Clay 52Ladi Olorunfemi 53Valtesia Tyler 54Chay King 55Jazmine Hudson 56Diana Nunez

9  Most Likely to Skip Class 57Isaac Lopez 58Alex Diaz 59Jose Robles 60Jerry Daragay 61Ron Brown 62Conner Phillips 63Oscar Vega 64Jahnell Harden 65Jafara Brand 66Lauren Brown 67Nanda Carter 68Jacqueline Jaimes

10  Weavalicious and Best Dreds 69Herbert Brabson 70Tavores McCormick 71Rashod Holmes 72Trino Brown 73Chez Bush 74Jafara Brand 75TK Clemons 76Vahnessa Jourdan 77Dominique Taylor 78Patrice Brown 79Tinicee Nimah

11  80Devonte Thornton and Ebonee Allen 81Evan Phillips and Jamirya Weatherly 82Terrell White-Barrino and Jamirya Weatherly 83Kaleb Alexander and Jafara Brand 84Randy Nim and Wendy Guzman 85Jahmari Townes and Jacara Lewis-Kimble Cutest “Would Be” Couple

12  Biggest Gossip 86Saquante Rosser 87Corey Clay 88Rashod Holmes 89Ebonee Allen 90Octavia Monsanto 91Valtesia Tyelr 92Tierra Furgeson 93Anteria McCullen

13  American Idol Rejects 94Ben Pham 95Wayne Aljoe 96Bernardine Elechi 97Valtesia Tyler 98Jafara Brand 99Vahnessa Jourdan


15  Most in need of Anger Management 1Alex Diaz 2Alex Mealing 3Terrell White-Barrino 4Ben Pham 5Corey Clay 6Jazmine Hudson 7Ebonee Allen 8Kathy Edwards 9Jacara Kimble 10Tierra Ferguson 11Damia Andrews

16  Most Sarcastic 12Aking Ismael 13Evan Phillips 14Brandon Brown 15Ernesto Almonte 16Uriel Gonzalez 17Octavia Monsanto 18Gerica Scott 19Jazmine Hudson

17  Chatterbox 20Corey Clay 21Evan Phillips 22Desmond James 23Kha Huynh 24Wayne Aljoe 25Jada Brice 26Kathy Edwards 27Cierra Wilson 28Shareeka Miles 29Octavia Monsanto 30Tierra Ferguson

18  Mr and Mrs Heartless 31Devonte Thornton 32Gustavo Gomez 33Saquante Rosser 34Nick Fluker 35Michael Oliver 36Jordan Moore 37Kathy Edwards 38Jazmine Hudson 39Ebonee Allen 40Sheree Jones 41Jahnell Harden 42Jacqueline Jaimes

19  Most Likely to be Famous 43Nyiakki Height 44Devonte Thornton 45Evan Phillips 46Saquante Rosser 47Corey Clay 48Se'Keria Cody 49Octavia Monsanto 50Chay King

20  Macho Moocher 51Wayne Aljoe 52Romeo Hargett 53Ernesto Almonte 54Conner Phillips 55Deshaun Braxton 56Ladi Olorunfemi 57Will Leiva 58Debbie Pierre 59Sequoyah Brown 60Shareeka Miles 61Maria Gonzalez

21  Most Likely to turn up at the Club 62Corey Clay 63Herbert Brabson 64Devonte Thornton 65Desmond James 66Brittney Watkins 67TK Clemons 68Jafara Brand 69Sheree Jones 70Essence Trice 71Se'Keria Cody 72Neferteri Nelson 73Laura Saunooke

22  Best Swag 74Terrell White-Barrino 75Scott Onouha 76Brandon Marion 77Darrell Bartie 78Evan Phillips 79Desmond James 80Isaac Lopez 81Jacara Kimble 82Chay King 83Ilse Rodriguez 84Se'Keria Cody 85Yosunie Pulido 86Sheree Jones 87Shabrea Hopkins

23  Life of the Party 88Corey Clay 89Evan Phillips 90Herbert Brabson 91Devonte Thornton 92Jonathan Burnette 93Se'Keria Cody 94Jacara Kimble 95TK Clemons 96Essence Trice 97Anteria McCullen 98Sierra Davis 99Jafara Brand 100Neferteri Nelson


25  Most Likely to trip up the stairs 1Corey Clay 2Abisai Pena 3Nanda Carter 4Courtney Myles 5Chex Bush 6Debbie Pierre 7Ajane Cotton

26  Best Person to take home to Mom and Dad 8Evan Phillips 9Boris Relja 10Corey Clay 11Saquante Rosser 12Miguel Montoya 13Chay King 14Jamirya Weatherly

27  Most Gullible 15Hootie Cabbell 16Denzel Wilson-French 17Jose Rojas 18Ebony Segal 19Katie Condon 20Debbie Pierre 21Jahnell Harden 22Kristy Kouy 23Deanna Rivera 24Betsabe Morales

28  Best Shoulder to Cry On 25Evan Phillips 26Deshaun Braxton 27Omar Salem 28Romeo Hargett 29Lauren Smith 30Chay King 31Octavia Monsanto 32Anteria McCullom 33Shanora Jones

29  Most Likely to Fall Asleep in Class 34Mass Mboob 35Reeve Vandersaar 36Jahmari Townes 37Zach Johnson 38Kha Huynh 39Roberto Molina 40Lauren Smith 41Britney McKelvin 42Nanda Carter 43Bintou Demba

30  Best Car 44Alex Delgado 45Corey Clay 46Chay King 47Uriel Gonzalez 48Sheree Jones 49Michael Cruz 50Tyrone Randy

31  Captain Clueless and his Space Cadet 51Wayne Aljoe 52Deshaun Braxton 53Jacari Edmonds 54Yoany Delgado 55Jafara Brand 56Debbie Pierre 57Chez Bush 58Shareeka Miles 59Lauren Smith

32  Worst Car 60Lauren Smith 61Brandon Lowe 62Herbery Brabson 63Jamirya Weatherly 64Reeve Vandersaar 65Nick Fluker

33  Partners in Crime 66"The Circle" 67"The Skippers" 68Sierra Davis and Shareeka Miles 69Ron Brown and Jacari Edmonds 70Reeve Vandersaar, Justin Post and Ryan Jones 71Jamirya Weatherly and Jafara Brand 72Se'Keria Cody and Jazmine Hudson

34  Most Laidback 73Mr. Lewis 74Coach Rouse 75Ms. Redolfi De Zan 76Ms. Sisk

35  Most Likely to Help You Graduate 77Ms. Thaler 78Ms. Pittman 79Mr. Lewis 80Ms. Gray 81Ms. Yeomans

36  Most Sarcastic 82Mr. Lewis 83Ms. Glenndening 84Ms. Stewart

37  Easiest to Distract 85Mr. Lewis 86Ms. Gelston 87Ms. Yeomans 88Ms. Pitman

38  Most Likely to be Remembered after You Graduate 89Ms. Thaler 90Mr. Lewis 91Ms. Yeomans 92Ms. Sisk 93Mr. Washington

39  Most Likely to Keep You After The Bell 94Ms. Heard and Mr. Carlson 95Mr. Lewis 96Ms. Yeomans

40  Funniest 97Mr. Washington 98Mr. Lewis

41  Grinch Who Stole My “A” 99Ms. Yeomans 100Dr. Hall

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