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A person from Chile is called: chileno Capital: Santiago.

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2 A person from Chile is called: chileno

3 Capital: Santiago

4 Label: Océano Atlantico Océano Pacífico Bolivia Argentina Perú

5 Santiago Valparaíso Concepción Temuco Cordillera de los Andes: draw in Xs and label Desierto Atacama: draw oval and label

6 La bandera

7 El desayuno usually bread and cheese/jelly (manjar) or yogurt

8 El almuerzo Empanada de Pino - typical turnover filled with diced meat, onions, olive, raisins and a piece of hard-boiled egg, then baked.

9 Una merienda Humitas are made with grated fresh corn, mixed into a paste with fried onions, basil, salt, and pepper. The mixture is then wrapped in cornhusks and cooked in boiling water.

10 La cena Curanto en Hoyo - fish, seafood, potatoes, some meat, types of bread heated over red hot rocks in a hole in the ground. The food is wrapped in big leaves and then covered with dirt so that it slowly cooks over a number of hours.

11 President Sebastian PINERA Echenique El Gobierno Republic – people elect the president

12 U.S. 4 year terms No more than 2 terms Chile 4 year terms Can’t have 2 consecutive terms. Can be president more than twice.

13 Alexander Witt He is the famous Chilean film director and has given hits such as Resident Evil: Apocalypse. Also helped on Pirates of the Caribbean and Bourne Identity. Una persona famosa

14 Día de fiesta El 21 de mayo Navy Day – celebrates Battle of Iquique Locally known as Día de las Glorias Navales

15 Arturo Prat commander of Chile’s naval ship Esmeralda – Chile’s greatest hero

16 Día de Independencia El 18 de septiembre, 1810

17 El dinero #12 peso chileno US$1 = CH$465

18 This amount places Chile in third place in Latin America in terms of higher minimum wage. Minimum wage is = US$ 287 per month

19 US$ 680, applicable to 30% of the labor force (Industrial sectors, metalworking, energy, transportation and construction). US$ 490, applicable to 35% of the labor force, most of the textile area, agro-industry, mining (except copper), trade and services (including the public sector) The remaining 10% of the labor force corresponds to sectors with higher salaries.

20 Literacy Rate around % age 15 and over who can read and write

21 Los deportes El favorito : el fútbol El equipo nacional – La Roja

22 San Pedro de Atacama –an oasis in the middle of the desert, surrounded by salt lakes full of flamingos, steaming geysers and a bizarre moon valley Las vacaciones

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