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Torbay Retail & Tourism (TRTB)

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1 Torbay Retail & Tourism (TRTB)
©The Mosaic Partnership Please do not use, reproduce or distribute without written permission BID Task Group Session

2 Current UK Position 240 Successful BID Ballots 41 Unsuccessful Ballots
9 out of 10 reballots 46% Turnout 74% vote in favour 100,000+ businesses £300m investment 20% additional income

3 What is a BID? An arrangement whereby business get together, decide what additional improvements they want to make, how they are going to manage and deliver those improvements and what it will cost them. This all goes into a business plan which is voted on by all those who would have to pay. The BID can last for a maximum of 5 years and must be able to demonstrate how it has benefited businesses who have funded it.

4 ADVANTAGES OF THE TTRB 5 years of funding security
Time to plan properly More control by the levy payers Everyone business contributes (no free loading) Chance to think big and do things differently Chance to access more joint funding opportunities

5 Tourism bids (and Retail etc)
Location BID Budget (5 Year Total) No of Total Businesses ‘Tourism’ Businesses & Exemptions Ballot Result Bournemouth Coastal BID £3.2m 2073 774 73% by Num 73% by RV Dartmouth BID £1m 883 743 63% by Num 77% by RV Greater Yarmouth BID £2.5m 4468 1464 70% by Num 90% by RV Torbay £5m - £7.5m 5037 3331 n/a

6 The current proposal – ttrbid
Why? – Public funds for discretionary services reducing Strong links between leisure, food & drink & retail Eating Out & Shopping top 2 activities for our visitors Bigger fund can be generated than working separately Businesses will decide how the levy collected is invested Current feedback puts emphasis on promotion & marketing

7 Is TBID & BID Legislation Different?
Exactly the Same Legislation as BIDs The BID Area Defining the Levy Payer Setting the Levy

8 Project leader – mo aswat
Independent Project Leader & director of the TTRB Chairman of the new TTRB Task Group BID development specialist Recent success in securing a TBID for Great Yarmouth

9 About The Mosaic Partnership
Advised over 100 Locations on Place Management from Chicago to Chippenham 65 BIDs Developed in UK including the only TBIDs 3 Solely Tourism BIDs Part of the UK National BIDs Pilot Set Up Place Management & Authored Singaporean BID Legislation Extensive Knowledge of Europe & US Visioning, Strategy and Place Branding

10 Partnership working Torbay Council funding the development of the TTRBID Working in partnership with: Torbay Town Centre Company English Riviera Tourism Company Tourism, Leisure, Retail, Food, Drink businesses

11 The Mosaic BID Development Programme
FOUNDATION PHASE DEVELOPMENT PHASE CAMPAIGN PHASE Partnership Review Develop Database & Information System Feasibility Study - Financial Analysis - Consultation & Issues - Regulations Guide Resources & Costs Project Support Detailed Market Research/Consultation Baseline Agreements Operating Agreement Staff & Board Organisational Model Voluntary Contributions Financial Projections Business Plan Ballot Arrangements Marketing & Communications Campaign Tracking/Polling/Response Establishment Support

12 Torbay (Tourism & Retail)
Study Area ScenarIOS Scenario Size Total RV 1.5% levy (pa) Torbay (All) 5037 £98m £1.47m Torbay (Tourism & Retail) 3331 £68m £1m Torquay BID 615 (480) £16.5 (£15m) £247,500 Paignton BID 500 (380) £8m (£7.1m) £120,000 Babbacombe BID 300 (230) £3.5m (£3.2m) £53,000 Brixham BID 350 (250) £3.5m £(3m)

13 Key Findings & Recommendations
Tourism & Retail BID offers new opportunity One Overall Management Entity with Separate BIDs/Organisations Below. Relationship between TTRB & BIDs Legal/Contractual £1m BID Levy (£600K Central, £400K Area Specific) Marketing & Promotion Key Priority

14 Key Dates Item Details Date Feasibility Study Completed September 2014
Project Support Project Team, BID Task Group, Communications & Design Support October 2014 Consultation Factsheet, Surveys, Face to Face, Business Meetings, Newsletters, Alteration Proposals January 2015 Draft Business Plan Full Consultation February 2015 Key Documents Operating Agreement, Baselines, Delivery Model, Full Business Plan March 2015 Campaign Campaign Rollout May 2015 Ballot Period Postal Vote/Month June 2015 Launch BID Approximate 2-3 Month Set Up Period September 2015

15 Tourism & Retail BID Sectors In Sectors Out Advertising Car Parking
Communications Ambulance Station Energy Cemeteries Entertainment & Leisure Community Centres Food & Drink Education Holiday Accommodation (Caravan Park) Factories Holiday Accommodation (Chalet Park) Fire Station Holiday Accommodation (Guest House) Health & Medical Holiday Accommodation (Self Catering) Office/Commercial Hotel Schools Marine Storage Public Convenience Workshop Public House Warehouse Retail Transport

16 TRTBID Area Breakdown 3331 businesses & organisations (biggest in the country) £68m Total RV 54% Tourism, 46% Retail by Number & RV Top 300 RV Total is £43m (£645K Levy) Bottom 300 RV Total is £500K (£7.5K Levy) Levy structure yet to be decided

17 Existing BIDs 65% part of existing BID:
41% Babbacombe, 41% Torquay, 18% Paignton 24% rate the current BID as a success, 40 indifferent, 36% as poor We all need to recognise that we have a challenge ahead if we are to succeed in securing a YES vote in the new TTRB ballot Strong support for the TTRB from the tourism sector

18 Next Steps Formation of BID Task Group
Project Staff (Mosaic) to be recruited Communications & Design Work Sector/Area Based Workshops Review of Existing Partnerships & Projects Alteration Ballots/Contractual Relationships

19 Role of the TTRB Task Group
To bring together skills & experience. To allow us to consider and make decisions that reflect as accurately as possible the priorities of the businesses on the ground. To provide credibility and relevance when asked who is developing the BID process. To provide an independent, collaborative forum and provide distance from parochialism and agendas/tension

20 Representation on the new Task Group
Broadly represents the sectoral breakdown of the BID area All distinct geographical areas represented Key Interest Groups & Stakeholders Existing BIDs BID Task Group members to be direct Levy Payers or equivalent financial contributors as much as possible

21 Current Make Up of new TTRB Task Group
Institute of Directors Torquay Chamber of Commerce RICC Torbay Development Agency Torbay Business Forum A large hotelier A large retailer Transport Torbay Council Media Torbay Town Centres Company Existing BIDs English Riviera Tourism Company Torbay Tourism Association Brixham Chamber of Commerce Torbay Self Catering Association British Holiday and Home Parks Association Torbay Attractions Marketing Group FSB

22 Mosaic’s Role…. Make Final Selection of Task Group Chair
Develop Appropriate Working Groups Review & Adapt

23 Role of the Task Group…. Provide overall guidance for the Mosaic three phase process, timeline, budgetary spend and propriety Provide overall guidance for communications and information and promotional material Oversee the achievement of the key milestones set out in the three phase process Responsibility for building relationship with and nurturing set business or interest group Identify the projects and services for the BID to deliver, and apportion costs of the levy accordingly Decide upon the most effective method of levy application given the priorities resulting from the consultation exercise with businesses Be responsible for identifying and securing appropriate additional/voluntary funding to supplement any BID levy raised. Reassess the study area and level of business involvement if necessary. Agree as to any exemptions or discounts from payment of the levy Support the proposal document/business plan with personal and professional testimonials Actively drive the BID campaign sufficiently to ensure the best chance possible of achieving a ‘Yes’ vote Give their time to support the BID development and campaigning work (minimum 1 hour per week)

24 To sum up TTRB offers us all an exciting new opportunity
TTRB fund will allow us to compete with other big resorts TTRB will bring us altogether for the first time Let’s just get on with it and do it and vote YES We have no plan B!

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