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Indian Institute of Architects

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1 Indian Institute of Architects
Online Voting System Indian Institute of Architects

2 Initial steps Once the process of finalizing candidates (for all posts of the election) is completed, the IIA Head Office uses the back-end administration system and, Creates a ballot Activates the ballot As soon as the ballot is activated, the back-end administration system sends s to all active members

3 The

4 What a member does #1 On receiving the , a member will click on the link The link will open up in the web-browser, taking the member to the log-in page on the IIA website

5 IIA website log-in page

6 What a member does #2 The member must enter their username & password in order to access the ballot Once the member enters their username & password, the ballot page is shown

7 The ballot page

8 What a member does #3 On the ballot page, the member must cast his vote Example To vote for Ganesh for Vice President post, click on selection next to his name

9 What a member does #3 Example
To vote for Dwarika and Purushottam for Secretary post, click on selection next to their names And so on, till selection is done for all posts in the ballot

10 What a member does #3 Once done, click on the “Cast your vote” button at the bottom of the page

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