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1 ANSI/EIA - 748 - A - 1998 STANDARD Earned Value Management Systems Proposed Changes Discussion January 31, 2007 NDIA Program Management Systems Committee.

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1 1 ANSI/EIA - 748 - A - 1998 STANDARD Earned Value Management Systems Proposed Changes Discussion January 31, 2007 NDIA Program Management Systems Committee Walt Berkey Telephone 301.897.6262; Email NDIA ANSI-EIA-748 Revision Jan 31 2007

2 2 AGENDA Path to Completion PMSC Ground rules SSTC Meeting – January 22, 2007 PMSC December 26, 2006 Review Baseline Release to GEIA GEIA & ANSI Ballot Comment Resolution

3 PATH TO COMPLETION PM PMSC Kickoff (January 31-February 1, 2006) PMSC Member inputs (March 31, 2006) PMSC Revision focus areas (May 3, 2006) GEIA Project Notification (MAY 26, 2006) ANSI/EIA 748 revisions drafted (July 31, 2006) PMSC/Stakeholder distribution (August 5, 2006) PMSC review & comment (August 15 & 16, 2006) PMSC socialization release (August 28, 2006) PMSC review distribution (December 26, 2006) PMSC concurrence (JANUARY 31, 2007) GEIA SSTC release for ballot (FEB - MAR 2007) SSTC ballot comment resolution (APR - JUN 2007) ANSI Review by industry Members (MAY - JUL 2007)

4 4 ANSI/EIA 748 Revision – PMSC Ground Rules  PMSC February 1, 2006 Meeting Unanimous consent that if push came to shove we would reaffirm with no changes. The guidelines do not change very often and should do so through a very controlled process. We must keep all revisions at the “standard” level: it is not a DID, or policy, or a “how to” level. It applies generically all types of effort.  PMSC Revisions Work Team Sections to be revised by GEIA: Cover Page, Notice, and Foreword EVMS Guidelines (section 2) – NO REVISIONS Clarification revisions applied to sections 1, 3, 4 & 5 Revisions are to be word replacement, deletion or insertion to existing content; not added sentences or paragraphs. New material should append to existing content.

5 5 ANSI/EIA 748 Revision – GEIA SSTC Ground Rules  PINS: Project Initiation Notification System Form dated May 26, 2006 was processed by GEIA to ANSI on June 1, 2006 Project Intent: Revise current standard to updated terms Designation: EIA-748-B  GEIA SSTC Meeting – January 22, 2007: Clean copy in word format required; GEIA maintains baseline SSTC members requested copy in advance of ballot distribution SSTC members recommended a ballot of only the “changes” GEIA ballot is 30 day cycle; SSTC Committee Chairs Comment resolution results in publication by GEIA ANSI ballot is 60 day public comment cycle

6 6 ANSI/EIA 748 Revision Baselines DateBaseline Revisions 8/28/2002 ANSI/EIA-748-A-1998 is the approved baseline 7/31/06 Work Team completed recommendations for 13 identified topics (Rev 2) reviewed at PMSC meeting August 15 and 16, 2006. PMSC meeting members/attendees approved recommended revisions to be incorporated by the revisions work team. 8/28/06 PMSC released August 28, 2006 Baseline for stakeholder socialization (Rev 3 included all revisions approved by PMSC August 15 & 16, 2006) 11/8/06 PMSC meeting/attendees reviewed stakeholder socialization comments and recommendations incorporated by the revisions work team. Government EVM Working Group comments were discussed and the PMSC concluded they should each be reviewed for consideration 11/21/06 Government EVM Working Group comments were each addressed for incorporation into the ANSI/EIA 748 baseline (Rev 4). Also, included were the wording agreed to with NASA for Section 5.2 and a note added to the introduction on the usage of the word ‘program’ in this standard 12/26/06 PMSC baseline (Rev 5) provided for review prior to January PMSC meeting member/attendee approval for submission to GEIA. This baseline contains all Rev 4 updates plus Introduction revisions to reflect GEIA requirements.

7 7 PMSC Work Team Ambassadors responsible for stakeholder socializations August – October 2006 Keith Krazert – Federal Agencies No revisions required Mike Martin – Tommy Watts, NASA  Six comments provided – Section 5.2 wording completed Debbie Tomsic – DoD EVM Working Group (includes Intelligence Agencies) o Gov/Industry EVM WG – six revisions discussed  Gov EVM WG – 47+ comments provided - Completed

8 8 PMSC Baseline Rev 5 Identified Problem 2.6 Common Terminology Recommended changes: - Program Budget: “Contract Budget Base”  NASA Comment: Change to “For contracted effort use Contract Budget Base and for organic application use Program Budget Base”  Review Comment: Expand to address CBB and OTB relationship Solution: Remove the reference to CBB; use original wording PROGRAM BUDGET - The total budget for the program including all allocated budget, management reserve, and undistributed budget.

9 9 PMSC Baseline Rev 5 Identified Problem 3.3.3 EVM Flow Down An organization will apply its own established process to ensure flow down of earned value management to internal organizations and to subcontracted work. Major or critical organizations with work flow down should be required to comply either with the provisions of this standard or other appropriate requirements. Reporting requirements should be consistent with program risk, size, complexity, and other factors including contract clauses and provisions. *  Review Comment: Original paragraph last sentence needs to be retained to address Capital Programming Guide (Program Baseline), DoDD 5000.1 (IPPD), DoD SYSTEMS ENGINEERING FUNDEMENTALS (IPTs & IPPD) and industry IMS and CPR data integration, analysis, and reporting implementations supporting Program Management and CDRL reporting. Solution: Retain sentence which was deleted to remove the word “contractor”. * Supplier and internal data can be integrated with its customer’s data using a common integrated program process for total program performance analysis and reporting.

10 PMSC ANSI/EIA 748 GEIA and ANSI Comment Resolution Walt Berkey, SSTC Interface, Lead Dan Butler, NDIA PMSC Vice-Chair Keith Kratzert, Federal Agency Representative Bob Loop, NDIA PMSC Chair Debbie Tomsic, OUSD Representative

11 11 The journey continues! Twelve months and counting NDIA PMSC BASELINE – GEIA RELEASE

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