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Leaders in Asset Management 1 ASTM Standards and Property Management Leaders in Asset Management.

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1 Leaders in Asset Management 1 ASTM Standards and Property Management Leaders in Asset Management

2 2 ASTM International What is it? ASTM International is one of the largest voluntary standards development organizations in the world. Target Membership Anyone Founded In 1898 to address frequent rail breaks in the railroad industry.

3 Leaders in Asset Management 3 ASTM International Dues: $75.00 / individual, $400 organizational Current Membership:33,000 from 135 countries Committees: 141 Product: 12,160 + standards as a voluntary consensus standards development organization

4 Leaders in Asset Management 4 ASTM International Complies with National Technology Transfer and Advancement Act of 1995 (Public Law 104-119) and OMB Circular A-119, and Annex 4 of the Triennial Review of the World Trade Organization’s Technical Barriers to Trade Agreement (WTO/TBT).

5 Leaders in Asset Management 5 ASTM International Mission Statement To be recognized globally as the premier developer and provider of voluntary consensus standards, related technical information, and services that promote public health and safety, support the protection and sustainability of the environment, and the overall quality of life; contribute to the reliability of materials, products, systems and services; and facilitate international, regional, and national commerce.

6 Leaders in Asset Management 6 ASTM Committee E53 BAEBoeing Booze Allen HamiltonDAU DCMADeloitte DHSDoD DOEGeneral Dynamics Georgia Tech Research InstituteGSA HHSHoneywell International membersJohns Hopkins APL Lockheed MartinMetalcraft NASANorthrop Grumman NPMARaytheon SAICStanford University State of IllinoisUS Army Corps of Engineers Utah St. Univ. Research FoundationVA

7 Leaders in Asset Management 7 ASTM Committee E53 Made up of Property Professionals, 80% are also NPMA members Doing good things for Property Professionals

8 Leaders in Asset Management 8 ASTM Standards You’ve heard the hype- but how does it really happen?

9 Leaders in Asset Management 9 ASTM Standards All you need to start is an idea… Is there a need? Is there an interest?

10 Leaders in Asset Management 10 ASTM Standards Check the ASTM website. Is there something similar already published or in the works? (, Technical Committees / Committee E53/ List of Subcommittees and Standards )

11 Leaders in Asset Management 11 ASTM Standards

12 Leaders in Asset Management 12 ASTM Standards

13 Leaders in Asset Management 13 Committee E53 If not, which subcommittee would it fall under? E53.01 Process Management E53.02 Data Management E53.03 Financial Management E53.04 Reutilization & Disposal E53.05 Property Management Maturity E53.06 Terminology E53.10 ISO Asset Management Activity E53.90 Executive Subcommittee

14 Leaders in Asset Management 14 ASTM Standards Contact the Subcommittee Chairman, a member of the Executive Subcommittee or the Staff Manager for discussion. If no standards exist, or none are in the works get ready to form a task group.

15 Leaders in Asset Management 15 ASTM Standards Task Groups Do NOT have to be ASTM members Ideally between 6-12 people to start (may be more, may be less) Choose individuals who are proactive, responsive and dedicated

16 Leaders in Asset Management 16 ASTM Standards Use the word templates provided by ASTM to help you follow the required format (Form and Style for ASTM Intl. Standards) Register a work item via the ASTM website Complete the draft Submit for Executive Editorial Task Group review Submit to ASTM for Form and Style review

17 Leaders in Asset Management 17 General Overview of Different Levels of Balloting The Committee on Standards (COS) (9 Member Oversight Committee) Main Committee Ballot / Society Review (Committee E53 on Property Management / All other ASTM members) Subcommittee Ballot (Subcommittee E53.03 – Financial Management)

18 Leaders in Asset Management 18 Subcommittee Ballot Focused group of technical experts Ballot Authorized by a Subcommittee Chair E-Mail notification sent when subcommittee ballot is posted to the website Open for minimum of 30 days Requires 60% return of all voting members

19 Leaders in Asset Management 19 Ballot Results When the ballot closes, ASTM posts a ballot summary to the member’s only portion of the ASTM website Summary includes voting tally and the text of any negative votes and comments received

20 Leaders in Asset Management 20 Main Committee Ballots Following successful subcommittee ballot or resolution of subcommittee negative votes E-Mail notification sent when main committee ballot is posted to the website Ballot open for minimum of 30 days Simultaneous with Society Review Ballot Summary posted to the website

21 Leaders in Asset Management 21 Consideration of Ballot Results ONE negative vote stops the process All negative votes must be resolved in accordance with ASTM Regulations If any technical changes are made to the ballot item due to a negative vote, the item must be re-balloted to the entire committee

22 Leaders in Asset Management 22 Resolving Negative Votes Persuasive- The negative voter has a valid technical point, the document is revised and must be reballoted Withdrawn- The voter can withdraw at any time for any reason without any changes to the document as balloted Withdrawn with Edit Changes- The voter can suggest alternate wording that does NOT change the meaning of the sentence (Clarification only)

23 Leaders in Asset Management 23 Overriding Negative Votes Not related –Requires 2/3 approval by the committee –Consider as first item of new business at next meeting of the committee Not persuasive –Requires a technical explanation of why the point raised is not persuasive –Requires 2/3 approval by the committee to override the negative

24 Leaders in Asset Management 24 Participation Made Easy Made easy through use of the World Wide Web No travel restrictions No time delays Access to information 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year For just $75 YOU can participate! –(and receive a complimentary copy of all Property Management standards for your personal use)

25 Leaders in Asset Management 25 E53 Current Standards E2131-09 Standard Practice for Assessing Loss, Damage, or Destruction of Property E2132-01(2007) Standard Practice for Physical Inventory of Durable, Moveable Property E2135-10a Standard Terminology for Property and Asset Management E2279-09 Standard Practice for Establishing the Guiding Principles of Property Management E2306-03 Standard Practice for Utilization and Disposal of Personal Property E2378-05 Standard Practice for the Recognition of Impaired or Retired Personal Property

26 Leaders in Asset Management 26 E53 Current Standards E2379-04 Standard Practice for Property Management for Career Development and Training E2452-10 Standard Practice for Equipment Management Process Maturity (EMPM) Model E2453-05 Standard Practice for Determining the Life-Cycle Cost of Ownership of Personal Property E2495-07 Standard Practice for Prioritizing Asset Resources in Acquisition, Utilization, and Disposition E2497-06 Standard Practice for Calculation of Equipment Movement Velocity (EMV) E2499-06 Standard Practice for Classification of Equipment Physical Location Information E2604-09 Standard Practice for Data Characteristics of Equipment Records E2605-08 Standard Practice for Receiving Property

27 Leaders in Asset Management 27 E53 Current Standards E2606-08 Standard Practice for Receipt Notification as a Result of Tangible Property Movement E2607-08 Standard Practice for Cannibalization/Reclamation of Serviceable Equipment Components to Support Demand Requirements E2608-08 Standard Practice for Equipment Control Matrix (ECM) E2631-09 Standard Practice for Physical Placement of an Entity-Controlled Supplemental Identification Label E2671-10 Standard Practice for Defining Movements, Shipments, and Transfers of Tangible Property E2672-09 Standard Practice for Identification and Categorization of Tooling E2674-09 Standard Practice for Assessment of Impact of Mobile Data Storage Device (MDSD) Loss

28 Leaders in Asset Management 28 E53 Current Standards E2675-09 Standard Practice for Property Management System Outcomes E2676-09 Standard Practice for Tangible Property Mobility Index (MI) E2715-09 Standard Practice for Moveable Property Storage

29 Leaders in Asset Management 29 E53 Work Items WK17679 Defining Movements, Shipments, and Transfers of Assets WK25451 Management of Low Risk Property (LRP) WK27486 Data Characteristics for Asset Catalogs WK29521 New Classification for Property Types WK32431 New Practice for Sales of Personal Property

30 Leaders in Asset Management 30 ASTM Standards Thank You! Questions? (202) 501-3828

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