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2 DECISION FACING MEMBERS The Welsh Government are proposing cuts to the Agenda for Change terms and conditions. Change will take effect from 1 st May 2014 if accepted. All Unite members will have the opportunity to vote in a members ballot The outcome of the ballot will be Unite’s national (Welsh) position

3 WHAT ARE THE PROPOSED CHANGES 1.Sickness will be paid at the basic rate of pay as opposed to the enhanced rate. 2.All incremental progression will be dependent on successfully passing an appraisal. 3.Preceptorship – the accelerated incremental progression for new starters on band 5 will end. 4.Mileage will change from its current rate (67 pence per mile in most cases, 34 pence per mile for on-call) for the first 3500 miles to 45 pence per mile for the first 10000 miles.

4 THESE PROPOSALS ARE FOR THREE YEARS – WHAT HAPPENS THEN? Negotiations will reopen in April 2016 with Welsh Government There may be a new government in Westminster by 2015 – what government and what policies? May result in a change may not – Welsh government may still require same savings

5 WHY IS THIS HAPPENING? Funding from Central Government to the Welsh Government has been cut in real terms; it is 11.7% lower in real terms than in was in 2010/11 There will be no increase in funding but the costs experienced by the NHS will go up around 4 to 5 % each year. This equates to 240 to 300 million per year that needs to be found

6 COULD THE SITUATION HAVE BEEN WORSE? Potentially Pay freezes, reduction in holidays, cuts to weekend enhancements were all originally on the table Thanks to union negotiations worst has been held off No guarantee that these issues will not resurface later Remember there have been pay freezes / below inflation pay rises in the NHS in Wales since 2006

7 IS THERE MORE TO COME? Very likely Not all the savings required have been achieved through the proposals No decision on the 2014 pay increase LHB’s have to save 180 – 240 million in consultation with local trade unions

8 IS THERE AN ALTERNATIVE? Unite believes there is: Sickness costs – 0.25% improvement in sickness would result in a saving of £2 million Fully utilise the skills of AfC staff rather than employ locum doctors Unite presented list of 19 cost saving measures to the Welsh Government Place more of the burden on those who have the “broadest shoulders” (Doctors, VSM etc)

9 THE OTHER UNIONS Only Unite, GMB and SCP are recommending rejection RCM are recommending acceptance All the others are not recommending Only Unite, Unison and GMB are conducting a OMOV ballot in the traditional sense The BMA are subject to different terms and condition and therefore different negotiations. They have decided to withdraw from any negotiations and therefore will have changes imposed on their members The joint unions will analyse their results on April 28 th and come to a joint position

10 BALLOT DETAILS Ballot will open March 26 th 2014 Ballot will close April 25 th 2014 Every Unite member working in the NHS prior to April 18 th 2014 is eligible to vote The ballot result will be determined by a simple majority If you do not receive a ballot paper after March 31 st please contact 02920 394 521

11 WHAT HAPPENS IF UNITE REJECT THE PROPOSALS AND VOTE YES TO ACTION Request a reopening of negotiations Plan local protests, demonstrations, media opportunities etc. Consult with branch officials and regional committee on strategy for action Factors to consider are size of turn out, margin of ballot result and other unions stance

12 WHAT WILL WELSH GOVERNMENT’S RESPONSE BE? Welsh government have stated if a resolution cannot be reached then the whole responsibility for the savings will be devolved to the LHBs to make the savings This will need to be done through negotiations on a local basis This will need to happen regardless due to the savings required from the LHBs

13 WHAT CAN YOU DO? Vote to reject as soon as you get your ballot paper Organise a local meeting Distribute Unite literature to colleagues Encourage colleagues not in Unite to join Unite so they can vote Encourage colleagues who are in Unite to vote to reject the cuts

14 ANY QUESTIONS? Local rep contact details: Regional Contact: Richard Munn ( or 02920 394 521)


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