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Steelheart by Brandon Sanderson Quiz

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1 Steelheart by Brandon Sanderson Quiz
Adam M.

2 Who was steelheart? A Santa helper An epic The greatest of all epics
A comedian

3 C C) He was the greatest of all epics. He controlled the world.

4 Why did David want to kill steelheart?
Because he killed his father Because he took away his cookies Because he was terrorizing everyone Because he wanted to steal his powers

5 A A) David’s dad had tried to protect Steelheart from a double crossing epic and accidentally shot Steelheart. Then Steelheart got mad and killed him.

6 How did the epics receive their powers?
They ate a toxic pie They got struck by lightning They randomly received powers They got radioactive goo on them and it changed their DNA

7 B B) They were in the wrong place and got struck by lightning

8 Which epic was Meghan? Firefight Steelheart Curveball

9 a A) Firefight. She could shape-shift into anything.

10 WHICH nickname did Meghan give to DAVID?
Fuzzy Knees Speedy Big boy

11 B B) Knees: The first thing she said to him was “On your knees” because she thought he was a spy. Later she started calling him that.

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