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 March 3, 1991  Had been drinking at a friend’s house  Driving in car with two friends  Blood alcohol level was probably around.19  (2 ½ x the legal.

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2  March 3, 1991  Had been drinking at a friend’s house  Driving in car with two friends  Blood alcohol level was probably around.19  (2 ½ x the legal limit in California)

3  12:30 a.m. Officers Tim and Melanie Singer (husband and wife team of California Highway Patrol)  High speed chase- up to around 117 mph (some though feel it was much lower than this)

4  King was on parole for a previous robbery conviction  He said that he did not pull over because he was scared about what would happen about violating parole

5  King initially stayed in the car, while other two people in car got out to lie face down on the ground  Giggling, waving to police helicopter overhead

6  Singer approached King with her gun drawn- but she was told by Sergeant Koon to put away the weapon  They are taught to approach suspect without gun drawn so it is more difficult for suspect to gain control

7  Plan was to subdue and handcuff King in a “swarm” technique  Multiple officers grab suspect with empty hands  King physically resisted

8  King tossed Powell off of his back, struck Briseno in his chest  They testified they thought King was potentially on PCP (he was not though)  Koon fired a Taser at King, he fell for a moment, stood back up and yelled

9  Bystander George Holliday filmed the even- King was on the ground when it started  King keeps trying to rise up on his knees, officers keep hitting him with batons


11  Koon ordered officers to “hit his joints, hit the wrists, hit his elbows, hit his knees, hit his ankles”  56 baton blows, 6 kicks  King placed in handcuffs and cordcuffs (restraining arms and legs)

12  Dragged then on his stomach to the side of the road until rescue crew can get there  Holliday was in his apartment near the intersection where the incident was  He contacted the police about it, and they dismissed him

13  He contacted the news, they broadcast it on air  Media sensation

14  King was taken to the hospital  Fractured facial bone, broken right ankle, bruises, lacerations, skull fractures, brain damage, broken teeth

15  Officers openly joked and bragged about the number of times King had been hit

16  Koon, Powell, Briseno, Wind: charged with using excessive force  Koon was supervisory officer at scene and charged for “willfully permitting and failing to take action to stop the unlawful assault”

17  Judge changed venue- went to courthouse in Simi Valley  Jury consisted of ten white, one Latino, one Asian  April 29, 1992 jury acquitted three of the officers, could not agree about one of the charges for Powell

18  LA Mayor Tom Bradley: “the jury’s verdict will not blind us to what we saw on that videotape. The men who beat Rodney King do not deserve to wear the uniform of the LAPD”

19  President George HW Bush: “viewed from outside the trial, it was hard to understand how the verdict could possibly square with the video. Those civil rights leaders with whom I met were stunned. And so was I and so was Barbara and so were my kids.”

20  -king-profile/index.html -king-profile/index.html  King was awarded $3.8 million in a civil case and used the proceeds to start a hip hop music label (Straight Alta-Pazz Recording Company)

21  King had various run ins with the law since (involving alcohol)  Virtually broke- used his money on lawyers, giving to people, or just wasted  Died recently in drowning


23  News of acquittal triggered the Los Angeles riots of 1992  Police, U.S. Army, Marines, National Guard restored order  53 deaths, 2,393 injuries  More than 7000 fires  Damages to 3100 businesses

24  $1 billion in damages  Widespread looting  Stores owned by Korean and other Asian immigrants were widely targeted

25  White truck driver  Stopped at a traffic light  Dragged from his vehicle and severely beaten by a mob of local black residents as a TV news helicopter hovered above

26  The reporter broadcast live pictures of the attack  Concrete brick that was thrown by a guy and struck Denny in the temple- caused a near-fatal seizure

27  It was clear the police had deserted the city  Unarmed African American civilian Bobby Green Jr saw it on live TV and came to the scene and rescued him

28  At the same intersection, just minutes after Denny was rescued- another beating was caught on video  Fidel Lopez- construction worker  Pulled from his truck and robbed of nearly $2000

29  Smashed his forehead open with a car stereo, another rioter tried to slice his ear off  Lost consciousness, crowd spray painted his chest, torso, genitals  A reverend placed himself between Lopez and attackers

30  February 29, 1993  51 days later it ended on April 19  United States Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms  Tried to get a search warrant at Branch Davidian ranch

31  An intense gun battle erupted for two hours  Four agents, six Branch Davidians were killed  Fire destroyed the compound fifty days later

32  75 people died in the fire (including more than 20 children, 2 pregnant women)

33  Protestant sect that originated in 1955  1959: it was announced that the Second Coming of Jesus Christ was about to take place, members were told to gather at the center to await the event

34  Built houses, stayed in tents, trucks or buses, sold their possessions  David Koresh was the chosen leader  Koresh said he had been told by God to procreate with women in the group to establish a “House of David”

35  It involved married couples in the group dissolving their marriages and agreeing that only David Koresh could have sexual relations with the wives

36  Allegations of sexual abuse and misconduct  Koresh and followers were accused of stockpiling weapons  Koresh said he was entitled to at least 140 wives  Fathered at least a dozen children, some of these mothers became brides at 12 or 13

37  ATF planned raid, Davidians were tipped off because of a reporter asking for direction in town- Koresh has men in compound prepare for the raid  ATF continued with raid plans even though they knew the Davidians had been tipped off

38 Communication between those inside and 25 FBI negotiators was by telephone for 51 days Trying to negotiate Davidians coming out of the building Managed to release 19 children

39  23 children were still in the compound  2 of the 3 water storage tanks had been shot  FBI cut power and water to the compound, forced people to survive on rain water and stockpiled Ready to Eat rations

40  Used sleep and peace disrupting sound against Davidians  FBI started thinking the Davidians might commit mass suicide (remembering Jonestown)

41  April 19, 1993  Pumped tear gas into buildings  Tried to flush out the Davidians  Fires broke out (government maintains fires were started by Davidians) (Davidians say they were started by government)

42  75 died (50 adults, 25 children under the age of 15)  9 survived the fire on April 19

43  Northern Idaho  1992  Randy Weaver, his family, Weaver’s friend Kevin Harris, agents of the US Marshals Service and FBI


45  Weaver and family moved to Idaho during 1980’s to “home- school his children and escape what he and his wife Vicki saw as a corrupted world.”

46  Weaver and his neighbor Terry Kinnison had a dispute over a land deal  Kinnison contacted FBI, Secret Service, sheriff saying Weaver stated he was going to kill the Pope, the President, and the Governor

47  FBI and Secret Service started to investigate  Secret Service had been told Weaver was a member of Aryan Nations

48  ATF: Weaver was introduced to an ATF informant at a meeting of Aryan Nations  Investigated for possession of illegal weapons

49  Weaver didn’t show up for court, and a warrant was out for his arrest  He stayed at his remote home, saying he would resist any attempt to take him by force

50  Weaver and his family would take up armed positions around the cabin every time there were vehicles around  April 18, 1992 for Geraldo Rivera’s TV show- speculation about whether or not Weaver fired at helicopter

51  August 21, 1992  Firefight between US Marshalls and Weaver family  Son Sammy (14) was killed  August 26, stand off ended through civilian negotiators

52  Tuesday, April 20, 1999  Littleton, Colorado  Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold  Killed 12 students, 1 teacher  Injured 21 students directly  Pair committed suicide


54  Brought up issues of gun control, high school cliques, bullying, violence in video games and music

55  Harris and Klebold very involved with Doom.  The two felt they were at war against society and needed to take action toward those they hated

56  Both boys kept journals of their progress and planning  Documented their arsenal  Pair had an elaborate plan for a major bomb rivaling Oklahoma City

57  They wanted to set off bombs in the cafeteria at the busiest time of the day, killing many hundreds of students  They would use guns to shoot survivors as they fled

58  Had film footage of them sharing the plans, doing target practice, and finally on April 20 the pair said goodbye and apologized to friends and family members

59  In the months prior to the attacks- Harris and Klebold got 2 9mm firearms, 2 12 gauge shotguns  Guns were from a gun show  Instructions from Internet showed how to make a bomb

60  April 20, 1999  They set a small fire bomb in a field a half mile away to explode at 11:14 (it would be a diversion for emergency personel)

61  Went into the cafeteria, placed duffel bags carrying bombs inside  Bombs were supposed to go off at 11:17  Returned to cars to wait for the bombs to explode

62  Old friend Brooks Brown showed up at school, saw them outside  Harris told him to go home  Cafeteria bombs failed, Harris and Klebold armed themselves to go into the building

63  Went on rampage all over the school- stairwells, library  Library had 52 students, 2 teachers, 2 librarians hiding

64  Harris started screaming for anyone who was a jock to stand up (no one stood up)  Went around library shooting

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