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Section Battle Drills.

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1 Section Battle Drills

2 What is a Section Battle Drill ?
It is the movement of a section of troops in to a position to enable them to attack the enemy successfully

3 To help us remember the process to initiate a Section Battle Drill,
The mnemonic PREWAR Is used

4 P. R. E. W. A. R.

5 P Preparation For Battle

6 The mnemonic PAWPERSO is used
Preparation Battle  The mnemonic PAWPERSO is used P Protection, Sentries, Cover, Camouflage, Alarms. A Ammunition Supply, Reserves. W Weapons Distribution, Checking, Preparation. P Personal Camouflage, Hygiene, Food and Water. E Equipment, Scales required, Distribution. R Radios, Communications, Rehearsals. S Specialist equipment, Ropes, Night vision. O Orders, O’ group Timings.

7 Reaction to effective Enemy Fire

8 Effective Enemy fire is considered to be rounds falling in or around your location that could or have caused injuries. The reaction is: -

9 On the Command TAKE COVER
DASH DOWN CRAWL OBSERVE SIGHTS FIRE  At this time a sit rep is sent informing higher command of the location of the contact. A typical sit rep would be “zero, alpha 1, contact grid wait out”.

10 E Enemy Location

11 As part of the reaction to effective enemy fire the section will all be observing the ground in an attempt locate the enemy position. There are three methods used to locate the enemy position, these are: -

12 i. Observation: - All members of the section are to observe and if they see the enemy they must let the other section members know. This would be done using a Fire Control order.

13 ii. Fire into likely cover: -
The Section commander will indicate, using fire control orders, individuals or groups to fire into likely enemy locations.

14 iii. Draw the enemy fire: -
Two men will be sent forward by the section commander in an attempt to entice the enemy to fire upon them. All other members of the section are to observe likely cover attempting to observe muzzle flashes or smoke. If none of these methods work then the patrol continues as normal to its objective.

15 Winning the Firefight/Suppressing the Enemy

16 Once the enemy have been located the section commander instructs the section 2i/c to carry on whilst he asses the situation. The 2i/c will instruct the section using fire control orders to fire upon the enemy position. The idea is to stop the enemy firing whilst the assault is carried out.

17 There are three rates of fire that can be used. They are: -
Deliberate Rounds per minute. Rapid 30 Rounds per minute. Snap 3 – 5 Rounds per minute.

18 Assault/fight Through

19 The section commander will have made his appreciation of the situation whilst the section is suppressing the enemy. The assault can take the form of a frontal assault or left/right flanking.

20 A typical assault is carried out in the following manner: -
Charlie fire team is the assault group and Delta fire team provides covering fire. Charlie fire team will move forward towards the enemy position dropping off the LSW gunner and one rifleman to give further covering fire.

21 All movement by any fire team must be covered by fire from the other.
As the Assault is made the fire support team must fire across the objective for as long as possible, It then switches its fire to prevent any friendly casualties. Watch out for any Enemy interference from the flanks.

22 The section commander and the one remaining rifleman (known as the grenadier) move forward towards the enemy position. The grenadier throws in a grenade and as it goes off he is up and on top of the position firing in a full magazine of ammunition.

23 At the moment the grenade explodes all other members off the section are up and moving towards the enemy position. They all move along the route taken by the assault group. This is known as the proven route.



26 R Reorganisation

27 The mnemonic GASCARD is used.
G Groups must travel in using the proven route. A All round defence S Sit rep/ search team C Casualties A Ammunition states (recharge magazines) R Redistribute (specialist equipment off casualties) D Dig/Deploy (dig if remaining in the position Deploy if directed to carry on with task)

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