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The difference is not trivial!

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1 The difference is not trivial!
CLP “Wet” Lubricant vs. MILITEC-1 “Dry” Lubricant The difference is not trivial! It is like comparing apples to oranges

2 Agenda CLP “Wet” Lubricant vs. MILITEC-1 “Dry” Lubricant The Problem
The Reasons Lab Testing Real World Testing Soldier Feedback Real World Soldier Test Summary

3 CLP “Wet” Lubricant vs. MILITEC-1 “Dry” Lubricant
CLP is applied “wet” and remains “wet” on the weapon. It is this wetting that prevents metal to metal friction MILITEC-1 is applied “wet” to the weapon and when heated, bonds to the metal and provides constant lubrication even though it feels dry to the touch CLP represents 1960’s technology and MILITEC-1 represents “state of the art” 21st century technology Since CLP is a “wet” lubricant, it will always attract sand and dirt, especially in a desert environment. This sand and dirt attraction to wetness will act like a dust magnet on convoys causing weapons to jam when needed most Since MILITEC-1 is a dry lubricant, it will not attract sand and dirt. Your weapon works right the first time, every time, and will not jam in combat

4 CLP “Wet” Lubricant vs. MILITEC-1 “Dry” Lubricant
To properly clean a weapon with CLP takes about 1 ½ - 2 hrs and it is tough. You have to use toothbrushes and I have seen people use dental tools to get off carbon After the initial application of MILITEC-1, cleaning takes half the time of CLP because the dry lube creates a molecular bond with the metal which prevents carbon and brass from sticking to the metal. Cleaning becomes a simple wipe down CLP guidance “if you’ve got time, clean it four times a day, if you’ve got more time, clean it eight times a day because the one time you didn’t clean it may be the time it jams.” MG Nadeau, RDECOM Cdr May 19, 2006 MILITEC-1. “I used your product during my previous rotation to Iraq (OIF III) and experienced zero problems with either my M9 or M16A2 in conjunction with regular cleanings. Additionally, my weapons took half the time to clean as compared to my comrades who were not using MILITEC.” CW2 xxx, sent to Militec: Thursday, January 25, :57 PM

5 CLP “Wet” Lubricant vs. MILITEC-1 “Dry” Lubricant
CLP is classified as HAZMAT. You can not clean a weapon in an enclosed space without inhaling TOXIC fumes. In the desert, you have to clean weapons in an enclosed space or it defeats the purpose. MILITEC-1 is classified as NON-HAZMAT. In 1989, the Navy approved MILITEC-1 for use in Submarines because MILITEC-1 had no dangerous off gassing like CLP therefore, MILITEC-1 is safe to use in any enclosed environment CLP contaminated cleaning rags and patches must be disposed of as HAZMAT MILITEC-1 cleaning rags and patches are NON-HAZMAT.

6 CLP “Wet” Lubricant vs. MILITEC-1 “Dry” Lubricant
Maintenance with CLP treated weapons is a high catch 22. Since CLP is a “wet” lubricant, it attracts sand, dirt, and grit. This sand, dirt, and grit in turn damages the firing mechanisms. If troops don’t lube or under lube the weapon, then there is metal to metal friction which damages firing mechanisms. It is a lose-lose situation Maintenance with MILITEC-1 decreases the need for maintenance. Since MILITEC-1 creates a molecular bond with the metal, there is constant lubrication that does not attract sand, dirt, and grit. CLP treated weapons in a desert environment causes more down time for weapons and has a higher cost associated with its use. MILITEC-1 treated weapons in all environments have less down time and lower maintenance costs associated with its use.

7 CLP “Wet” Lubricant vs. MILITEC-1 “Dry” Lubricant
CLP requires shaking before use because its mixture separate. In extreme heat or cold, the mixture does not always become consistent. MILITEC-1 is ready to use when needed at all times as it does not require mixing before use as it is a consistent formula. MILITEC-1 works in extreme heat and cold When in a firefight, time is of the essence. Spending 5-10 seconds shaking CLP before use may be the difference between life and death MILITEC-1 is ready when you need it, first time, every time

8 CLP “Wet” Lubricant vs. MILITEC-1 “Dry” Lubricant
Putting it all together, the difference is not trivial, The MILITEC-1 difference is: 1) Weapons don’t jam in combat 2) More time for other Soldierly tasks 3) Less maintenance and lower maintenance costs

9 The Problem Contrary to repeated previous Congressional Guidance/inquiries Contrary to previous Under Secretary of Defense Guidance Troops can not get combat proven, MILITEC-1 “dry” lubricant in the supply system 19 Representatives send joint letter to SECDEF Perry in March 1995 to ensure MILITEC-1 is available “to protect our Soldiers, Sailors, and Airmen.” Representative Jones call on SECDEF Rumsfeld June 2004 Representative Jones call on SECDEF Rumsfeld Aug 2005 Representative Jones and Weldon call on GEN Hagee Aug 2006 Honorable Michael Wynn responds to June 2004 guidance in Jul 2004 “In October 2003, the Army approved MILITEC-1 for general use in combat. Since that approval, demand for MILITEC-1 exceeded what DLA anticipated…DLA has begun building an inventory of the product to satisfy future requests. I trust this response addresses your concerns.”

10 The Reasons Troops can not get combat proven, MILITEC-1 “dry” lubricant in the supply system Reasons: Pattern of Misconduct. RDECOM/ TACOM / ARDEC s and verbal guidance contrary to Congressional and SECDEF guidance Faulty tests, Standards, and uncalibrated machines. RDECOM biased and simulated test. Outdated “wet” lubricant MILSPEC. Uncalibrated machines, other tests RDECOM Ignorance of troops in field. Anecdotal evidences (AARs and thousands of troop s) support MILITEC-1 and condemns CLP Substitution of NSNs for unlike products. Troops get a CLP substitute when trying to use MILITEC-1 NSN numbers Cancellation of NSNs for MILITEC-1. MILITEC-1 built the demand for its NSNs and now CLP gets the thousands of orders

11 CLP vs. MILITEC-1 RDECOM Controlled Test, 2003-2005
Lab Testing CLP vs. MILITEC-1 RDECOM Controlled Test, * Militec and other competitors barred from observing test ** “The facts are that the Army has conducted a study of lubrication of weapons in a desert environment. The fact is that various weapons were tested with minimal-, moderate- and heavy-lubricated weapons. The facts are that the minimal lubrication had the highest amount of failure and jamming, while the heavy lubricated weapon had the least amount of failure.” Bill Jensen, Weapon System Manager, Small Arms Support Center, LSA Anaconda, Iraq Stars and Stripes April 12, 2006

12 CLP vs. MILITEC-1 Real World Conditions, 2007
Real World Testing CLP vs. MILITEC-1 Real World Conditions, 2007

13 Real World Troop Feedback
I am very proud to write this letter an to thank you for support of the troops. I was in Afghanistan and i wrote to you concerning a sample of Militec-1. You happily sent it and it saved our lives. While i was watching other weapon systems such as a .50 cal, 2 MK-19's, and a M240-B go down from overheating and jamming up due to the LSA and GMD and Breakfree and CLP that the Army issued us, and this was while we were in the middle of a firefight. However, I had continued to fire over 500 rounds from my .50 cal because it was lubed up with Militec-1. I never had a jam or miss fire and it never gummed up or slowed in firing. It was amazing and to this day i will still tell everyone about Militec-1… Thank you for your help and thanks again for developing a product that will help save the lives of the soldiers. Sgt Paul xxx Sent: Sunday, November 26, :16 PM First off just let me thank you on making a product that works. I ordered several thousand dollars of militec close to a month ago and still haven't recieved it. I just this afternoon used my last few  drops of militec on crew served weapons. I am the armorer for my unit and it worries me that I can't get any militec in, only CLP and LSAT which is complete garbage as it turns into a glue when it gets dirt on it. Would it be possible to get some militec sent to my address as the supply system is obvisouly a complete joke. Any help would be greatly appreciated as i NEED to keep these heavy weapons up and running. Thanks again and Semper Fi. Cpl Johnson xxx Sent: Wednesday, January 24, :46 AM

14 Real World Troop Feedback
I used Millitec-1 during OIF 4-5 and I loved it. I never had one weapons malfunction with my M-16, M249, and M2. I love it!!! SGT Jeremy xxx, Sent: Tuesday, October 31, :29 AM I served in Kuwait/ Iraq over the last year and I am currently preparing to deploy again next year, I have raved on and on about the perfection of your product for the M16!!! SGT xxx Sent: Sunday, November 12, :03 AM I have used militec before, as this is my third deployment to iraq, and if I ever have a choice, I will never use anything else for my weapons. SGT Casey J xxx Sent: Wednesday, November 15, :33 AM My name is Spc Huerta.  I am in the U.S. Army and will be deployed to Iraq for a year to 18 months.  I previously used a sample that was sent to another soldier on my .50 cal and the performance of the weapon was 100 times better then the other stuff that they give us to use… Thank You For your time and for your free offer it is the difference between Life and Death. Spc xxx Sent: Sunday, December 10, :23 AM

15 Real World Troop Feedback
I am a Drill Sergeant with Delta Company 795th MP Battalion. I am trying to get my Battalion supply to order Militec-1 in place of CLP. I get 220 new Soldiers every 19 weeks and in Basic training we use a lot of lube on our weapons. I used your product in Iraq and never had a weapon go down as long as I was using you stuff but others had there weapons mess up with CLP and LSA or L-SAT. SSG xxx Sent: Tuesday, December 12, :20 PM My unit just returned from a year of hard fighting in eastern Ramadi.  While in Iraq, we had an endless supply of militec and it proved to be the best lubricant any of us had ever used.  Now that we’re back in the states, our arms room is limited to CLP and none of us are looking forward to going back to that.  SPC David xxx Sent: Saturday, December 16, :10 PM I used your product in my tour in Ramadi and I swear by your product, it is the best oil for all weapon systems. It doesn't jam and keeps the sand out. I now train troops going to Iraq and want to get a free supply for them. LT xxx Sent: Wednesday, December 20, :53 AM

16 Real World Independent Troop Test
Dear Militec, Last year at my request you mailed me a couple of cases of your product for use by my infantry platoon in the Army National Guard. At that time I told a representative from your company that I would provide feedback on the product when I felt my soldiers had enough time to use the product and observe the results. Today, after a year of observation on multiple ranges involving multiple individual and crew-served weapons organic to an infantry platoon, I now feel sufficiently suited to provide you with an honest assessment of your firearms lubricant. Overwhelmingly the response from my soldiers has been positive and even grateful. I witnessed and personally helped to expend thousands of 5.56mm and 7.62mm rounds in Militec lubricated weapons and am still amazed at the results. Even in desert climates I observed a drastic reduction in the number of weapon malfunctions on my ranges. For example, while serving as OIC for a battalion level advanced marksmanship range I personally observed some 100, rounds fired in a twenty-four hour period. One of my soldiers fired 3,800 rounds through his weapon in this time after having used your product and he had only three missfeeds/jams, all due to worn magazines. My soldiers continue to tell me that they prefer Militec over regular CLP. Thank you for your superior product! Rick xxx 1LT, ARNG

17 Summary CLP “Wet” lubricant and MILITEC-1 “Dry” lubricant are not substitutes MILITEC-1 saves lives, time, and money and CLP does not MILITEC-1 is battle proven and Soldier preferred; CLP is test proven and RDECOM preferred Troops can not get MILITEC-1 due to a pattern of misconduct of DoD agencies and cancellation of MILITEC-1’s NSNs MILITEC-1 and troops need your help

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