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Pulaski Tunnel Trail.. The trailhead for the Pulaski Tunnel trail is located one mile south of Wallace.

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1 Pulaski Tunnel Trail.

2 The trailhead for the Pulaski Tunnel trail is located one mile south of Wallace.

3 The trailhead sign orientates the hiker to the characteristics of the trail.

4 From the trail description, the hiker can determine the distance, time and effort he or she is willing to commit to the experience.

5 The paved section proceeds from the parking lot past two historic displays and three interpretative sign recognizing Pulaski and past firefighters.

6 The trail crosses Moon Pass Road and leads to an impressive bridge that traverses the main fork of Placer Creek.

7 This bridge and twelve interpretive signs are decorated with pulaskis, the firefighting tool attributed to Ed Pulaski.

8 The Great Fire of 1910 and the heroism of Ed Pulaski is interpreted by the signs distributed along the trail.

9 The Pulaski Tunnel Trail is located in the Coeur d’Alene Mountains in the Bitterroot Range of the Rocky Mountains.

10 The hike penetrates a wooded canyon surrounded by the Idaho Panhandle National Forest.

11 The trail follows the West Fork of Placer Creek for two miles in this beautiful canyon.

12 The trail has some uphill sections with a total gain of 800 feet in elevation. However, most of the trail is relatively flat.

13 High quality, impregnated porcelain signs inform the hiker of the Great Fire stories.

14 The West Fork of Placer Creek provides many views of waterfalls, cascades and pools.

15 Cedar snags, stumps and logs left after the 1910 Fire litter the creek and forest.

16 The War Eagle Mine, Pulaski’s initial destination during the fire, is located about half-way to the Pulaski Tunnel.

17 This northwest forest includes: Western Red Cedar, Douglas Fir, Grand Fir, Engleman Spruce, Mountain Hemlock, Western Larch, Black Cottonwood, Pacific Yew, Quaking Aspen, Western White Pine and Lodgepole Pine

18 Signs at the Pulaski Tunnel overlook describe the ordeal endured by fire fighters during the Great Fire of 1910.

19 The Pulaski Tunnel is not accessible, but can be viewed from an overlook just over the rock wall.

20 The adit re-creation was based on the historic photographs taken shortly after the 1910 fire.


22 Guest Register Comments Samples from 2010 The Gold Standard of Trails This is a firefighter’s Pilgrimage! Incredible history lesson Thanks Hidden treasure! Great! Awesome trail! Thanks! I am so thankful that my taxes have gone to this wonderful history After reading t. Egan’s “The Big Burn,” it’s really nice to see you keeping “Big Ed” Pulaski’s legacy alive. Keep up the great work! Kudos to the Forest Service! Well Done My grandpa was in the tunnel – Thanx. Wonderful – Profound, I am in awe... Super trail & signage. A great tribute! Great piece of forestry history Also read Big Burn – Fitting tribute to Pulaski & all forest fire fighters

23 Guest Register Comments. Samples from 2011 AMAZING SITE! NICE PRESERVATION OF HISTORY Best interpretive story around Excellent way to experience history! Thanks for keeping this story alive A pilgrimage - TRULY “HISTORY FROM THE ASHES” Excellent trail work! Great bridges: signs! A lot of work – loved it Beautiful trail & tribute to the firefighters of the Big Burn – read Timothy Egan’s book! Someone did this right Thank you for a memorable hike! A REFLECTION OF HEAVEN! Best Historic Trail we’ve seen HAD TO PAY RESPECTS TO ED AND HIS CREW. THEY FOUGHT A GOOD FIRE FIGHT

24 The End

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