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September 2013 Grant Brown Bag Session By: Tracy Morkunas, CPA September 17, 2013.

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1 September 2013 Grant Brown Bag Session By: Tracy Morkunas, CPA September 17, 2013

2  On July 31, 2013, a memo from the Dept. of Administration, Office of Management & Budget (Peter Marino) was sent to all State Agency Directors  State Agencies asked to enter information about all Federal awards including budget amounts  The information was to improve federal fund transparency and will assist both OMB & agencies in responding to federal policy changes & directives  Data to be entered into the SABRs system  Updated Quarterly – first submission due October 1, 2013 2

3  Due to Sequestration (Effective March 1, 2013)  RI Governor’s Office was requested to demonstrate the impact of the cuts  Found they did not have a good handle on Federally Funded Grants  New reporting intended to streamline any future information requests 3

4 CCRI Reports On:  EOC  ETS  ACCESS  ACCESS Newport  TAACCCT (PACE)  Electric Power  Geology Textbook May Receive Questions On:  EPSCoR  AST  RIECE  DLT Trade  Connect2College  STEM Plus  Career Pathways  GED to College  Transition to College  REACH 4

5  Must upload all Grant Award Notifications, Terms & Conditions, any subsequent changes  Identify each Direct Federal Grant & provide:  Award # / Amendment # (if applicable)  Federal Awarding Agency  Begin Date, End Date, Liquidation Date  Current Award Amount, Cumulative Award Amount  Amount of Award Budgeted for current State FY  Amount of Award Budgeted for next State FY 5

6  Program Purpose  Brief description of the program purpose (700 character max)  Match required (if applicable)  Administrative Set Aside Percent/Amount (if applicable)  Indirect cost rate assessed to the Award 6


8  Send Program Purpose to Chief Accountant (Tracy)  Brief description of the program (700 character max) simple enough to be understood by the taxpayer  CANNOT use any abbreviations, i.e. Dept. or CCRI  Write out Department and Community College of Rhode Island  Copy of the Terms & Conditions  Also send to Tracy  Anytime you receive a new Grant Award Notification or Amendment/modification  Send to Tracy 8

9  Help determine the Amount of Funds to be Budgeted in Current and Next STATE Fiscal Year  For this round, we (Controller’s and Business Office) are using the Budget Projections that were prepared in August 2013  Communicate any major changes within the grant to the Chief Accountant (Tracy)  Be ready to answer any questions that may arise from this reporting 9

10  We’re not entirely sure yet!  Only 1 example was given:  If spending is far from the budget provided, they may ask why  They might ask questions if:  Budgeted spend is much higher/lower than the current year’s grant award  If a cut/increase in grant funding, may want to know the employment & participant’s impact 10

11  SABRs reporting is updated quarterly  First report is due October 1, 2013  After the initial report, maintenance should be minimal  Primary changes will be at the close of the State’s Fiscal Year (June 30) and when Amendments, Modifications, and new grant years are initiated 11

12  Dept. of Administration (OMB) is requesting information on Direct Federal Grants  First reporting due 10/1/13 & quarterly updates  Grant Directors need to prepare:  Brief Program Purpose statements  Forward Copies of Terms & Conditions  Send all new materials to Chief Accountant  Help with current & future grant budget (State’s FY)  Be ready to answer OMB’s questions 12

13 13

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