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Richland High School 9th Grade Registration 2013-14.

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2 Richland High School 9th Grade Registration 2013-14

3 Graduation Requirements on the 4X4 4 years of English 4 years of Math 4 years of Science 4 years of Social Studies ½ Health and ½ Speech 1 Technology 1 Fine Art 1 of P.E. 2 Foreign Language (Same Language) Enough Electives to Equal 26 credits

4 English 9 th Grade-English 1 or Pre AP English 1 10 th Grade- English 2 or Pre AP English 2 11 th Grade- English 3 or AP English 3 12 th Grade- English 4 or AP English 4

5 Math 9 th Grade-Algebra 1 unless taken in Middle School for High School Credit. 10 th Grade- Geometry or Pre AP Geom. 11 th Grade- Algebra 2, Math Models, or Pre AP Algebra 2 (make an informed decision) 12 th Grade- Algebra 2, Pre Calculus or Pre AP Pre Calculus or AQR

6 Science 9 th Grade- Biology or Pre AP Biology 10 th Grade-Chemistry or Pre AP Chemistry 11 th Grade- Physics or Pre AP Physics 12 th Grade- one of many electives available CTE classes

7 Social Studies 9 th Grade-World Geography or Pre AP World Geography 10 th Grade-World History, Pre AP World History, or AP World History 11 th Grade- U.S. History or AP U.S. History 12 th Grade- Government/Economics or AP Government/AP Economics

8 Choices Health/Speech Fine Arts Foreign Language P.E. Technology

9 What counts as P.E.? Athletics PE Fall band, ROTC, can count as PE Cheerleading (first year) Dance (first year)

10 RHS Counselors Susan Rankin Lead Counselor N-R Eva Trevino A-C Margaret Jackson D-I David Arthurs J-M Beverly Morgan S-Z (E-Mails) First Name.Last

11 Registration Counselors visit classrooms-Jan. 7 Jan. 7- Students may go online and request courses electronically. Jan. 14- Counselors come back to visit individually with students. Students turn in hard copy of requests and 4 year Plans.

12 4 year Plans Counselors will assist students in completing the 4 year plan. 4 year plans are a work in progress and do not have to be completed when turned in. Course requests do need to be completed when turned in on Jan 14th.

13 STAAR TEST In High School, the STAAR test consists of End-of-Course Exams To graduate and receive a Texas diploma a student must pass all required courses and pass the EOC where applicable To graduate on the Recommended Plan, students must pass 15 EOC’s

14 Courses with an EOC English 1,2,3 (Each English test has a Writing and Reading test Algebra 1,2 and Geometry Biology, Chemistry, and Physics W. Geography, W. History, U.S. History EOC results will impact Graduation Program (i.e. Recommended, DAP

15 Exiting High School All EOC test results count toward the ultimate goal of graduating; therefore, unlike TAKS which was given as an exit test in 11 th grade, the EOC’s begin counting as exit tests in 9 th and continue all the way through. EOC’s can be retaken.

16 ???????????? Since this is the first year of administering the EOC’s- Many of the state guidelines are still in the works and many questions remain unanswered. As we learn the guidelines set forth by the state, we will continue to keep you informed.

17 Scores Scores will be phased in by subject area Math score typically for next year’s 9 th graders-11,250 (each test must be at least 3750) There are exceptions! English score for 9 th grade-11,700(each test must be at least 1950) Science score-11,250 Social Studeies-11.250

18 Example Johnny Smart- took Alg. 1 in middle school. His required math score is phase 1. His total required points needed in math to graduate will be 10,500. His other scores in the other subjects will be in phase 2. His sister, Susie Smart won’t take Alg.1 until 9 th grade. Her score requirements for all subjects will be phase 2. She must have 11, 250 pts in math.

19 Thank you For Coming!

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