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Assessment Implications of HB 5 William Kelly Coordinator of Assessment and Evaluation.

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1 Assessment Implications of HB 5 William Kelly Coordinator of Assessment and Evaluation

2 Grades 3-8 Testing will generally continue as is.

3 Previously 15 EOC tests –English I, II, III – Reading –English I, II, III - Writing –Algebra, Geometry, Algebra II –World Geography, World History, US History –Biology, Chemistry, Physics Cumulative Score Requirement 15% of grade in course

4 Now Effective Immediately –5 required EOC exams English I & English II –Reading and Writing combined starting in Spring 2014 –5 hour time limit, one day Algebra I U.S. History Biology 4

5 Continued... Spring 2016 –2 optional EOC exams administered Algebra II English III Applies to students who enter grade 9 in 2011- 2012 and thereafter TAKS still graduation requirement for students who entered 9 th grade prior to 2011-2012

6 Transition rule –Transition rule for English I, II Reading/Writing retesters Pass one assessment (either Reading or Writing); Meet at least the minimum score on the other; and Achieve a combined scale score of 3750. Applied to Summer and December 2013 only

7 EOC Scores Effective 2013-2014 Eliminates: –Cumulative score –Minimum score –15% rule Disallows use of EOC scores in determining class rank

8 EOCs as a Graduation Requirement Effective 2013-2014 For a student who receives special education services, and is graduating on Minimum Plan, the ARD Committee must determine whether satisfactory performance is required for graduation.

9 Test Release Effective 2013-2014 TEA each year must release the questions and answer keys to each assessment instrument administered (does not apply to retests) State must turn-around scores 21 days after the date the assessment was administered. Teachers must be notified of the results of the students they taught.

10 Student Population/ Group: STAAR Alternate Must be redeveloped during 2013- 2014 and the redevelopment cannot require the teacher to prepare tasks or materials STAAR Alternate will stay as is 2013- 14; and New STAAR Alternate must be administered no later than 2014-2015

11 Student Population/ Group: STAAR Modified Note: Not part of HB 5 –TEA News Release August 2, 2013 2013-2014 will be the last year that STAAR Modified will be administered. More information to be forthcoming from TEA…

12 Accelerated Instruction Effective Immediately Accelerated instruction: –Must be provided each time any student fails a state assessment; –May require participation of the student at times outside of normal school hours/days; –Must provide transportation if outside the school day; –Must be free; and –Must be administered prior to the next scheduled assessment.

13 Benchmarks Effective 2013-2014 No more than 2 benchmarks can be administered per corresponding state test. –A district benchmark is a district required benchmark assessment instrument designed to prepare students for a corresponding state- administered assessment instrument. –The statue specifically excludes College Prep exams and classrooms teacher exams. –Students with special needs: In accordance with Commissioners Rule, a parent may request additional benchmarks be administered for their child.


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