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SFA Debrief EOC Review Post test

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1 SFA Debrief EOC Review Post test

2 1 Plants absorb solar energy during photosynthesis. The graph below represents how this energy is distributed in some plants. Which of the following statements describes what happens to the energy represented by the section labeled X? It is recycled to the Sun. It is consumed by decomposers. It is lost to the soil and the atmosphere. It is used for cellular respiration and maintenance. Answer: D

3 2 Viruses are made up of either DNA or RNA surrounded by a protein coat. When the two main substances that make up a virus are broken into smaller units, these units are fatty acids and amino acids amino acids and simple sugars amino acids and nucleotides fatty acids and glycerol Answer: C

4 3 The number in each circle below represents the chromosome number of a cell. Which diagram represents the production of offspring by an asexually reproducing organism? A B C D Answer: C

5 4 Lung cancer cells do not respond to the signals that regulate the growth of normal lung cells. Which of the following processes is not appropriately regulated in the cancerous cells? Fertilization Meiosis Diffusion mitosis Answer: D

6 5 Loriciferans are microscopic multicellular animals that live in various marine sediments. Scientists have discovered genera of Loriciferans in a deepsea habitat that lacks oxygen. Before this discovery, some prokaryotes and some unicellular eukaryotes were known to inhabit anaerobic environments. Among the newly discovered Loriciferans is Spinoloricus sp. nov., which is pictured below. Scientists determined that organisms of the genus Spinoloricus were eukaryotes and not prokaryotes because Spinoloricus cells have — Flagella hereditary material cell walls nuclear membranes Answer: D

7 6 The diagram below represents a process that occurs during normal human development. Which statement is correct regarding cell differentiation? All the cells have identical DNA, but express different genes. B. All the cells have identical DNA and express all of the same genes. The DNA of the fertilized egg differs from the DNA of all the other cells. The DNA of the fertilized egg differs from some, but not all, of the other cells. Answer: A

8 7 Some steps involved in DNA replication and protein synthesis are summarized in the table below. In which step might a mutation lead to an altered phenotype? A. Step A B. Step B C. Step C D. Step D Answer: A

9 8 The p53 gene codes for the p53 protein that locates DNA errors for cellular repair. The diagram below shows the relationships among possible environmental influences, the p53 gene, and cancer. Which of the following statements best describes the relationships among possible environmental influences, the p53 gene, and cancer? A. Environmental influences can lead to mutations in the p53 gene, which can cause certain cancers. B. Increased levels of p53 protein, rather than environmental influences, can cause certain cancers. C. Mutations in the p53 gene increase environmental influences that can cause certain cancers. D. Genes such as p53 are less causal than environmental influences in stimulating certain cancers. Answer: A

10 9 A scientist is studying the results of a DNA gel electrophoresis from four different species. What kind of information can the scientist determine from this data? A. how closely related the species are B. which species are carnivores C. how the different species live D. what is the common ancestor for the species Answer: A

11 10 Two chromosome pairs from a diploid organism are shown below. Assuming meiosis and fertilization occur normally, which of the following pairs of alleles can an offspring receive from this parent? A. A and A B. a and F C. A and f D. F and F Answer: C

12 11 Genes for medically important proteins can be cloned and inserted into bacteria, as shown in the diagram below. Why can bacteria recognize a human gene and then produce a human protein? A. Bacterial cells and human cells contain the same kind of chromosomes. B. The basic components of DNA are the same in humans and bacteria. C. Bacterial cells contain the same organelles as human cells. D. DNA replication in bacteria and humans is the same. Answer: B

13 12 Which evolutionary tree best represents the information in the chart? A C B D Answer: C

14 13 Antibiotic resistance can vary within a population of bacteria. The diagram below represents the changes in a population of bacteria as a result of exposure to an antibiotic over time. The changes in the population are most likely the result of which of the following? A. exponential growth B. genetic crosses C. immigration D. natural selection Answer: D

15 14 Which of the following examples best illustrates the process of evolution by natural selection? A person with asthma has trouble breathing. A group of species has the same DNA sequence. A man and a woman have 10 children over the course of their lifetime. A population becomes immune to a lethal disease over many generations. Answer: D

16 15 According to the table and dichotomous key shown above, which of the following conclusions can be drawn about the organisms? Organism 2 is a millipede. Organism 1 is an arachnid. Organism 2 is a crustacean. Organism 1 is an insect. Answer: B

17 16 In which kingdom would an organism with the following characteristics be classified? A. Plantae B. Fungi C. Eubacteria D. Protista Answer: B

18 17 Which of the following statements gives the most likely explanation for the presence of two very similar species of squirrels living on opposite sides of the Grand Canyon? One squirrel traveled across the canyon and started a new population on the other side. One squirrel traveled across the canyon and interbred with a different population on the other side. Members of a single squirrel species were geographically separated by the formation of the canyon. Members of two different squirrel species migrated from two different places to opposite sides of the canyon. Answer: C

19 18 A student wants to determine whether plant growth is influenced more by gravity or light. Which experimental setup should the student use to obtain the best results? A B C D Answer: D

20 19 Which of the following statements correctly describes the processes of photosynthesis and cellular respiration? Photosynthesis and cellular respiration occur in the same organelle. Photosynthesis and cellular respiration are performed by all organisms. Photosynthesis produces carbon dioxide, and cellular respiration uses carbon dioxide. Photosynthesis stores energy for cells, and cellular respiration releases energy for cells. Answer: D

21 20 A lichen is composed of two organisms, a fungus and a cyanobacterium. The fungus provides a growing surface, moisture, and nutrients to the cyanobacterium. The cyanobacterium provides food to the fungus. This relationship is considered to be an example of which of the following? A. Commensalism B. Mutualism C. Neutralism D. Parasitism Answer: B

22 21 Some interactions in a desert community are shown in the diagram below. Which statement is a valid inference based on the diagram? Certain organisms may compete for vital resources. All these organisms rely on energy from decomposers. Organisms synthesize energy. All organisms occupy the same niche. Answer: A

23 22 The process illustrated in the sequence below occurs constantly in the biosphere. Which type of organism is most likely represented by X? A. Decomposer B. Producer C. Herbivore D. Carnivore Answer: A

24 23 A marine food web is shown below. Which of the following diagram correctly represents an energy pyramid from this web? A B C D Answer: C

25 24 A manatee is a water dwelling herbivore on the list of endangered species. If manatees were to become extinct, what would be the most likely result in the areas where they had lived? The biodiversity of these areas would not be affected. Certain producer organisms would become more abundant in these areas. Other manatees would move into these areas and restore the population. Predators in these areas would occupy higher levels on the energy pyramid. Answer: B

26 25 A diagram of the carbon cycle is shown below. Which of these could cause the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere to decrease? A. increased burning of fossil fuels B. increased numbers of decomposers C. increased numbers of producers D. increased respiration in animals Answer: C

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