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3 WHO WILL YOU BECOME AT DHS? HIGH SCHOOL IS NOT JUST ABOUT COURSES, BUT ABOUT DEVELOPING SKILLS NECESSARY TO BE A PRODUCTIVE CITIZEN IN THE COMMUNITY PORTRAIT OF A DICKINSON ISD GRADUATE Effective Communicator Self Directed Individual Effective Thinker and Problem Solver Effective Contributor Participant in the Arts Involved Community Member Pages 1


5 CREDITS ARE EVERYTHING Must be a 70 or higher No more than 4 absences Earn 7 credits per year Need 6 credits to go to 10 th grade Pages 8-10

6 GRADE LEVEL CLASSIFICATION 6.0 Credits = 10 th Grade 12.0 Credits = 11 th Grade 19.0 Credits = 12 th Grade 26.0 Specific Credits + EOC Exams = Graduation Pages 8

7 GPA- GRADE POINT AVERAGE Refer to Page 9 in Academic Handbook to view the grading scale. GPA=3.83 4.0 3.5 4.0 Based on final semester grades Determines rank in class (1-713) Updated each semester Used for college and scholarships

8 GRADUATION PLANS Foundation High School Program (FHSP) (22 Credits) FHSP with Endorsements (26 Credits) Distinguished Level of Achievement (DLA) (26 Credits; including Algebra 2)

9 GOALS FOR COURSE SELECTION What do we need from parents and students? Understand requirements for high school graduation Explore elective opportunities Explore student’s career interests and skill; match those to the student’s endorsement Utilize the Academic Handbook to gain valuable information – Follow Link: Communicate through Skyward Both parent and student need an email address updated in Skyward to receive information from the high school. Call your school for log in information.

10 Foundation High School Program 22 Credits S.T.E.M. Algebra II Required Business & Industry Public Services Arts & Humanities Multi- d isciplinary Studies Endorsements – 26 Credits 1 Math and 1 ScienceEndorsement Requirements Distinguished Level of Achievement – 26 Credits Algebra II Required for DLA as well as Eligibility for Top 10% Automatic Admissions NEW TEXAS HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA

11 GRADUATION ACCOMPLISHMENTS Foundation Endorsements Distinguished Achievements Performance Acknowledgement Arts & Humanities Business & Industry Public Services STEM Multi – Disciplinary

12 Pages 18 Distinguished Level of Achievement** 26 Credits English — 4 credits English 1, 2, 3 Additional English credit* Math — 4 credits Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II Additional Math credit Science — 4 credits Biology Three additional Science credits Social Studies — 3 credits World Geography or World History U.S. History, Gov., Econ. Languages other than English — 2 credits Fine Arts — 1 credit Physical Education — 1 credit Electives — 7 credits Specific to endorsement

13 HB5 PARENT VIDEO English- Spanish- Do you need help with career exploration?  Naviance-  All 8 th graders received their log in and completed a career interest inventory  Continued exploration can be done at home

14 DHS PLANS OF STUDY BY ENDORSEMENTS Arts & Humanities Business & IndustryPublic ServicesS.T.E.M. Multidisciplinary Studies Fine ArtsAgriculture, Food & Natural Resources Education & TrainingEngineeringStudent selects courses from each endorsement area and earns credits in a variety of advanced courses from multiple content - sufficient to complete distinguished level of achievement under the foundation high school program Foreign Languages & Cultural Studies Advanced Math Architecture & Construction AdministrationAdvanced Science Social Sciences Arts, Audio/Video Technology & Communications Health Science Human Services Business Management & Administration Law, Public Safety, Corrections & Security English & Communication Aerospace Science (JROTC) Finance Information Technology Manufacturing Marketing, Sales, & Service Transportation,Distribution, & Logistics Pages 18 &20

15 PERFORMANCE ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Outstanding Performance(s) in: Dual Credit Bilingualism and Biliteracy Advanced Placement Exams PSAT, ACT-PLAN, SAT or ACT Business or Industry Certificate or License Pages 19

16 ALGEBRA 1 ( credit) SPANISH 1 (1 credit) COMMUNICATION APPLICATIONS (SPEECH) (1/2 credit) Teen Leadership *No 7 th grade courses earn high school credit.


18 9 th Grade English 1 Algebra I World Geography or Human Geography Biology Foreign Language 1 PE Principles of Arts, A/V Technology and Communications or Principles of Information Technology Business & Industry Endorsement Career Pathway for Arts, A/V Technology & Communications EXAMPLE

19 GRADUATION REQUIREMENTS Complete Endorsement Pass ALL EOC Exams: English 1 (9 th grade) Algebra 1 (9 th grade) Biology (9 th grade) English 2 (10 th grade) U.S. History (11 th grade)

20 ADVANCED COURSES ADMISSION CRITERIA WHAT YOU ARE DOING NOW IN 8 TH GRADE AFFECTS YOUR READINESS FOR HIGH SCHOOL!!!! Pages 4-7 2014 AssessmentGrade of 85-100 in previous course Grade of 75-84 in previous course Entry Into Course Grade 8 Reading16621700PreAP English I PreAP W. Geography PreAP Biology Grade 8 Reading1783 AP Human Geography Grade 8 Math16651700PreAP Algebra I Grade 8 Science38504000PreAP Biology Grade 8 Social Studies38504000PreAP W. Geography Grade 8 Social Studies4268 AP Human Geography Algebra I EOC38504000PreAP Geometry PreAP Algebra II PreAP Pre-Calculus AP Calculus AP Statistics PreAP Chemistry AP Chemistry PreAP Physics AP Physics

21 NCAA ELIGIBILITY Division 1 – 16 Core Courses  4 English, 3 Math, 2 Science, 1 English/Math/Science, 2 Social Studies, 4 English/Math/Science/Social Studies/LOTE Division 2 – 16 Core Courses  3 English, 2 Math, 2 Science, 3 English/Math/Science, 2 Social Studies, 4 English/Math/Science/Social Studies/LOTE New eligibility requirements 2016 (current sophomores)  Minimum GPA raised  Ten core courses by the end of the junior year (7 of which must be from English, Math, and Science  Multi-Year Scholarships Pages 13-16

22 PARENTS – HOW YOU CAN HELP YOUR STUDENT? Review Academic Handbook Discuss skills and career interests Choose Endorsement/Plan of Study Use Skyward Make sure contact information is correct Check your student’s course requests

23 GET INVOLVED Parents Join PTO Students Programs/courses Extra-curricular Clubs and Organizations SMART lunch is a excellent opportunity to attend tutorials for your courses and participate in various organizations and clubs.

24 UPCOMING DATES February 18-20- Online registration at McAdams through History classes March 3 – 6pm-7pm- Schedule Verification Sheets available at McAdams Open House; All Verifications sheets not received will be mailed home March 31 –Written changes and parent approvals to Schedule Verification Sheets due to 8 th grade counselor, Mrs. Wright. No changes will be accepted after this date. May 11-12 &18- PRE-AP /AP Mandatory student and parents meeting @ DHS – choose one below: May 11 @ 6 pm May 11 @ 7 pm May 12 @ 6 pm May 12 @ 7 pm May 18 @ 12 pm August – New Student Registration – Information will be on the district website by June.

25 EXHAUSTED??? General questions: Individual parent meetings: August


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