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Expository Writing “26-liner” STAAR “The difference between the right word and the almost right word is the difference between lightning and a lightning.

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1 Expository Writing “26-liner” STAAR “The difference between the right word and the almost right word is the difference between lightning and a lightning bug.” - Mark Twain (a genius)

2 Expository Essay  Expository  explains with examples  not an argument, it is a very clear explanation about what you think about a particular subject or idea. WHAT?  You may use 1 st or 3 rd person. Why now?  The essay will reflect your thinking about your life and your world, so first person is allowed, but do not overuse it.  Ex: “I think cats are beneficial to a person’s health.” –Ms.C “Cats are beneficial to a person’s health.” –Ms. C

3 Expository Essay Prompts  Contain a stimulus and require students to do four tasks:  Read – A 2-3 sentence story / summary to get the student thinking about an idea. Or it may be a quotation of some sort to get students thinking. IGNORE.  Think – They give you a one sentence statement that they ask you to think about. This helps you to get closer to understanding your topic. It helps you to construct an idea of what you will be talking about.  Write – What you will write about.***  Be sure to… (lists important reminders that students will need to do to pass the essay)

4 Attacking the Expository Prompt  DO NOT WRITE ABOUT THE STIMULUS (THE READ) OR THE STATEMENT YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO THINK ABOUT.  Write only about the sentence where it says “Write an essay …”  If it helps you just ignore the top part and just read the prompt.  The top part should stimulate your thinking and help you to better understand what they are asking, but it should ABSOLUTLEY NOT appear anywhere in your essay AT ALL.

5 Introductions  Short but effective. 2-3 sentences long.  State your thesis (answer to the question) very clearly.  Thesis – answers the question and explains why  Get to the point and take a side.  Really explain what you think.

6 Body Paragraphs What are my concrete details (pieces of evidence)?  Examples from the real-world, news, politics, literature, or from your life. How many do I need to have?  Four concrete details. Only use really good examples. Really explain how it relates to thesis, and what it reveals about it. Why do you believe what you do? Be really clear in explaining what you believe and why. What should I not do?  Don’t get off topic.  Do not be vague. Give SPECIFIC examples and explain CLEARLY.  Need to have a game plan ( a pre-write) for order of examples. Should have body paragraphs to show organization. Think about why you are putting examples in that order or in that paragraph.

7 Conclusions  Have to have one.  Wrap up argument…don’t leave reader hanging on an undeveloped idea.  Don’t repeat yourself. Graders hate repeated words because it is wasting space.  Make it an effective and meaningful way to wrap up your essay. Tie it to bigger ideas. The bigger meaning behind what you think.  3-4 sentences. Really explain yourself here. Delve deeper into why you believe this…and the impact of believing what you do.

8 Be Sure to…  State a clear thesis.  THINK: What are you going to prove with examples?  Organize your writing.  Develop your writing.  In your CMs  Choose words carefully. ( Xnice, Xgood, Xbad, Xfun)  Proofread.  Circle words you believe are misspelled, and come back when you are finished to look them up in the dictionary! Thesis: Ms. Cordell is an enthusiastic teacher who tries to engage her students. CD - __Specific example #1___ CD - ______________________ CD - _Specific example #2 ____ CD - ______________________ Must connect to THESIS

9 Length  One page – MAXIMUM!  26 lines (includes bottom “heavy border line”)  No “double-lining” allowed  15 – 20 sentences  Get to the point. Make each word count. Choose examples and words wisely.  Must pre-write because every word counts.  Develop your answer but no wasted words or space.

10 Dictionaries  Can use a dictionary on any part of test.  Revision / editing – check misspelled words or make sure right word used (i.e. correct spelling with correct meaning).  Essays – check words that you may have misspelled or look up good words to use.  Multiple-choice questions – make sure you know the correct answer when it asks you about a definition.

11 Examples of Evidence  Everything from a quotation -- Most people believe that "birds of a feather flock together”  …to a personal anecdote -- "When I became friends with Sharla, a sunny cheerleader, my popularity increased for a few days; when I befriended Aaron, a shaggy-haired introvert, my reputation plummeted”  …to a modern or historical example -- "political candidates like Mitt Romney are often judged for the lobbyist friends they keep" or "During the Red Scare, it became dangerous for people to be friends with a known Communist”

12 Partner Pre-Write  READ the following quotation.  A famous businessman once said, “Players win games; teams win championships.”  THINK carefully about the following statement.  Sometimes you can accomplish good things by yourself but better things with other people.  WRITE an essay explaining the benefits or disadvantages of working in a group.

13 Individual Essay Practice  READ the following quote.  “Even if you’re on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there.” -- Will Rogers  THINK carefully about the following statement.  Success comes from hard work. If you are not willing to work for what you want, then you will probably never achieve it.  WRITE an essay explaining how hard work contributes to success.

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