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Calandra Jones-Howard February 2014. SCS Testing Calendar.

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1 Calandra Jones-Howard February 2014

2 SCS Testing Calendar


4 Traditionally Testing required for 11 th graders only Paper and Pen Test Single Prompt Question Present Required for 11 th, 10 th, and 9 th graders Online Test (MIST) Consist of two primary source articles/documents that must be read and analyzed THEN the prompt question is related to the articles/documents

5 Traditionally Was not a Required Test by the State Present Required for Algebra I, Algebra II, and Geometry Paper-test Requires teacher to score the tests and upload results Window overlaps with TCAP Writing and


7 Traditionally Testing required by District as a Formative Assessment (originally was optional) Present Required for Algebra I, Biology, English II Online Test (Discovery Ed.) Allows for Comparative data Test A, Test B, and Test C

8 Traditionally Testing required for 11 th graders only Paper and Pencil Test Present Same But district required an ACT Prep – Action Plan


10 Traditionally Held once a year in January by Northside using State provided materials Present NHS required for all EOC classes Paper test but will use All In Learning for grading Combination of State Provided Test and Test- made Assessment Data has more accuracy that DEA

11 Traditionally Not Tested Present Will replace EOC next year Select groups/schools are required to do the PARCC Pilot (Yes, we are one!) Online Test

12 1 Tennesseans are helping to build PARCC. Tennessee is a Governing State 13 Item Reviewers Executive Committee Member 2 State Leadership Members 16 Committee Members 24 Educator Leader Cadre Members Together with other PARCC states, we are building the PARCC Assessments

13 2 The Tennessee Comprehensive Assessment Program (TCAP) will include PARCC. Grades 3-11 Math (PARCC) Grades 3-11 ELA (PARCC) Science (Achievement and EOC) Social Studies (Achievement and EOC) Achievement, End of Course and PARCC will all be part of TCAP.

14 3 Participating in PARCC will allow Tennesseans to see how students perform and grow as compared to students in other PARCC states. Annual results reported for achievement Annual growth reported at the state level Common cut scores for performance categories

15 4 The PARCC assessments will be given in two windows during the year. Performance Based Assessment (PBA) in February/March End of Year/End of Course in April Block administration option will be available in HS with PBA in November, End of Course Component in December Unlike previous tests, not all testing will happen at the end of the course or end of the year.

16 5 Students’ final scores will reflect their performance on the PBA and the EOY/EOC. PBA: 3 parts ELA/literacy, 2 parts math EOY/EOC: 2 parts ELA/literacy, 2 parts math Students will get one score based on all math parts and one score based on all ELA/literacy parts. Weighting still TBD.

17 Traditionally Foreign Language Test Tested in past two years; however, data was more for informational purposes Present Online Test Requires student to write and speak the foreign language Individuals are selected (not all test) May impact TVAAS scores for foreign language teachers

18 Non-testing Weeks (Focus on Instruction) Two After Spring Break March 17 – March 28 Two Weeks before EOC April 21-April 30


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